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.. 390

Clerks in Public Offices,..

349, 354 of Boards of Supervisors, List of,.

365 Commissioners of Land Office,

353 of Canal Fund,....

354, 496 Committees, Standing, of Senate,.

392 of Assembly,

415 of the Regents of the University,

356 Common School Fund,...

342 Congressional Districts...

306 Congress, Members of the 35th,.

299 Constitution of the United States,

17 Of the State of New York,

37 Index to State,.....

77 Coroners, List of,.....

373 Counties of the State, date of Erection of,..

533 General provision for erecting,.

459 County Clerks, List of,..

361 Judges, List of,....

386 Special, List of, Sheriffs,

359 Surrogates, List of,....

388 Special, List of,

390 Treasurers, List of,.. Deputies in the Departments,.

349, 354 Distances between places on Canals,..

498 General Summary of,...

511 District Attorneys, List of,..

357 Districts, Senate,.

311 Assembly,

313 Congressional,

Engineers of New York State Canals,..

351 Executive Department of New York,

349 of U. S.,...

299 Deputies in,...

349, 354 Funds of the State,..

338 General Fund,...

338 Provisions for erecting and altering Counties, Cities, Villages and Towns,..

489 Governors of New-York, Colony and State,.

308 Lieut.

309 House of Representatives, List of Members of,.

301 Speakers of,


.. 363

308 .. 535


Page. 396 435 445 359 493 536


... 392

Senate, Order of Business in

And Assembly, Joint Rules of,

Sheriffs, List of,......
Speakers of the New-York Assembly,..

Of the House of Representatives,.
Special County Judges and Surrogates,
Standing Committees of Senate,.

State Library, Laws and Regulations relative to,..
State Engineers and Surveyors, Duties of,.
Superintendents of the Poor, List of,
Supervisors, Clerks of,
Surrogates, List of,..

Special, List of,
Taxes, Statement of, in 1857,
Tolls collected on Canals,..

Rates of, on Canals,.
Towns and Counties, List of,

General Provision for Erecting,.

New, erected since 1854, Treasurers of Counties,.. Trustees of State Library,.


New State Hall,...
United States Deposit Fund,..

Judicial Districts,...
Valuation of Real and Personal Estate,.
Value of Total Movement on Canals,
Villages, General Provision for Erecting,

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