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Messages, to be received,

forms in receiving,...
errors in delivery may be corrected,

bills not acted on, the subject of,,
Minority, protected by adherence to Rules,.
Mistakes-see Errors.
Motion not to be put or debated until seconded,.

to be put in writing if desired,
to be read for information,
to adjourn, not in order when a member has the floor,.
privileged, what shall be,..
removed from before House by adjournment, &C.......

See Questions.
Newspaper publications, defamatory, breach of privilege,.
Officers, of either House, forms of nomination or election,..

of one House not amenable to the other,.. Onslow, Mr., his opinion of importance of rules,.. Order, violated by Speaker, by not putting question,

"instances make” order,
respecting papers-See Papers,
in debate-see Debate,....
questions of, may be adjourned,..
decision of the Speaker, on points of, may be controlled,
a member may insist on the execution of a subsisting,
committee of the whole cannot punish breach of,..
if points arise while question is putting, Speaker to decide

of business, property of,
for the Senate
of the day, how and when to be called up,
of the day, may be discharged at any time,
cannot be moved while member is speaking,.
take precedence of all questions, :
of the House, determined with the session,
question of, to supersede a question depending,..
and resolution, distinction between,.

special, rules upon subjects of,
Opposition to bills, proper time to make,
Papers and Journals, not to be removed from the clerk's table,

rules respecting their preservation,
reading of, how far they may be called for,.
referred, usually read by title,
to be left with conferees of the House, according to confer-

Parliament, each House may adjourn independently of the other,
Petition and Remonstrance, distinction,

to be presented by a member, its form, &c.,. to be subscribed or written by petitioner, must go to committee through the House,

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[blocks in formation]


Petition and Remonstrance, question as to receiving,..

118 Postpone Indefinitely, effect of a question to,...

181 beyond session, effect of,..

131, 132 Preamble, last considered,..

123 President of the Senate, provided by the Constitution,..

103 may appoint chairman,..

106 President of the Senate, pro tempore, to be chosen in the absence of the Vice-President,

103 at what time his office shall determine,.

104 of the United States, forms in presenting bills to,.

159 Previous Question, its intention and effect,

136 can an amendment be moved to M, Q.g.

186 cannot be put in committee,

136 effect of,..

131 discussed,

132, 133, 134 Precedencad } of motions, discussions of,


185 Privilege of Parliament has gradually increased,.

94 Privilege of members of Parliament,.

94, 96, 99 of Senators and Representatives,

95 of Senators, constructive extent,.

96 of the two Houses, cases of the alleged breach of,..

96 of members commence by virtue of election,

97 of members must be ascertained at the peril of the party violating,

98 of members, the privileges of the House,

98 a member cannot waive breach of,

98 is violated by Speaker not putting a question which is in order,..

98 of one House in relation to the other, or relation to a co-ordinate branch of the Government,

99 breach of, party summoned or sent for,..

98 breach of, by members, punishable by House only,.

98, 99 breach of, by the King or Executive,..

99 members of one House cannot be summoned by the other,

108 neither House can exercise authority over members or officers of the other,..

115 of a member where he is charged or interested, &c.,..

116 question of, takes precedence of all,.

185 Privileged Questions-See Questions. Qualification of Senators,

100 Quarrel, in committee, must be settled in House,

114 members must declare they will not prosecute,

114 question of privilege arising from, has precedence,.

185 Questions, general rule for putting,.

129, 130 the propriety of certain considered,..

180 removed from before House by adjournment,

148 may be debated between the count of affirmative and negative,....

145 manner of putting,..

147 M

[blocks in formation]

Questions, must speak or move about while putting,

must be decided promptly, if any difficulty arise,
one House cannot question the other, ..
privileged, what shall be,......

in filling blanks,......
in reference to committees,
in amending amendments, and agree or disagree,.
motion to amend has precedence over motion to strike

of order, (incidental,) how far it shall supersede any other,
division of, how made,..

what are divisible,
when divided, each point open to debate and amend-

(co-existing,) what suspends, and what removes from the House,

an existing question,... equivalent, what is considered,.................... determined by ayes and noes,. to be resumed in statu quo, when suspended by the want of a

previous-See Previous Questions.
Quorum, only shall do business,..

what number shall be a,..
how attendance of may be compelled,.
any member may desire a count for the purpose of ascertaining,

not present suspend the question...
Randall and Whitney, reference to case, breach of privilege,..
Reading of Papers, right to require,

question on, first put,. a speech, is not a right,

a report of one House not of right in the other House, Recede, question discussed,

[blocks in formation]

154 146

effect of a vote tog.... Rocommitment, effect of,. Reconsideration of bills, orders, instructions, &C.,

of questions requiring two-thirds, by whom may be moved,.. Remonstrance and Petition, distinction,... Report of Committee, how to proceed in House,..

of one House, not to be read in the other,. Representatives, apportionment of, since 1789,.

qualifications of..
House of, whom composed,

shall choose their Speaker and other officers,...
powers of, in relation to the rules and the conduct of its

members,.. Resolution, and Order, distinction,

to pay money, in order,
when to be presented for approval,.


154 134

152 151, 165

117 124 180 101 100 100 103


108 119 119 160

98 117 141 100 103 103




149 161 162 162 104 104

98 104 104 112 127 138


Riders, amend engrossed bills by,...
Rules, in adherence to, important,
Rules and Orders of each House, to what cases they shall apply,..
Sections, numbered by clerk,.
Senate, of whom composed and how classed,

the Vice-President to be the President,
shall choose their officers, &c.,....
power of, in relation to rules, and the conduct of members,.
equal division, to be determined by the vote of the Vice-Presi-

adjournment of.-See Adjournment,..

session of, what constitutes, Session, what constitutes, Speaker, manner of choosing,

absence of, from sickness, another chosen,
violates order by not putting question,.
Clerk puts question, before election of,
may be removed at will of the House,
not to speak unless to order,. ...
reads sitting, rises to pat question,
cannot refuse an amendment, inconsistent,
to decide point of order that arises in putting question, promptly,

and may ask advice of old members,
Special Orders-See Orders.
Speech, cannot be read of right,..
Strike out, paragraph may be perfected before question to,...
Strike out and insert, discussed,
Sum, largest first put,
Tellers, to count sides of questions,


their errors rectified, Time, longest first put.. Title, on the back,.

when to be made or amended,..
Transposing of sections, rule respecting,..
Treason, mode of proceeding on charge of,..
Treaties may be made by the President and Senate,

shall be kept secret until injunction removed...
are legislative acts,...
extent of power to make,
may be rescinded by an act of the Legislature,
paper to be communicated with..
ratified by nominal call,....
read for information the day received,.
read for consideration on subsequent day,..
proceedings upon,.
reconsideration of votes upon, may be moved by one of the side

Vote, cannot till sworn, ....

every member must,


139 140, 141

135 149 149 135 128 161 141

98 164 164 164 164 165 165 165 168 165 165

165 101 150


Vote, must not vote if not present,..

10 change of,

151 Warm words or quarrel, adjustment of,..

..... 106, 113, 135 Whitney and Randall, bribery case, reference to,

96 Withdraw, members cannot, when question is putting,.

150 motions, rule of Parliament,

186 Witnesses, how summoned, examined, &C.,

108 Yeas and Nays, may be required by one-fifth,

149 to be taken alphabetically,.....

149 all present shall vote unless excused,

150 when called and decision announced, no member allowed to vote,

150 how questions are determined by,.............

150 no member to vote unless present,



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