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On Two-Thirds and Three-Fifths Bills. Mr. Salisbury,

Mr. Sage, Mr. Mills,

Mr. W. B. Jones. Mr. Delaney,

On Colleges, Academies and Common Schools. Mr. Chanler,

Mr. Edgerton, Mr. Bleecker,

Mr. Hutchinson. Mr. Strong,

On Grievances. Mr. Jeremiah,

Mr. Esty, Mr. Bacheller,

Mr. Russell. Mr. Voorhees,

On Privileges and Elections. Mr. Crain,

Mr. Austin, Mr. W. Baldwin,

Mr. Mather, Mr. Watson,

On Petitions of Aliens. Mr. Lynch,

Mr. Lewis, Mr. Wheelock,

Mr. Green. Mr. Osgood,

On Erection and Division of Towns and Counties. Mr. Law,

Mr. Rawson, Mr. J. H. Jones,

Mr. Robertson. Mr. Seeley,

On Claims. Mr. Horton,

Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Engs,

Mr. D. Fish. Mr. Stevenson,

On Internal Affairs of Towns and Counties. Mr. Lawrence,

Mr. Babbitt, Mr. Gage,

Mr. Staples. Mr. Strong,

On Medical Societies and Colleges. Mr. Reynolds,

Mr. Van Aernam, Mr. Hubbard,

Mr. Estes. Mr. H. Fish,

On State Charitable Institutions. Mr. Engs,

Mr. Gile, Mr. Hart,

Mr. Briggs. Mr. Woodworth,

On Incorporation of Cities and Villages. Mr. Weir,

Mr. F. Palmer, Mr. Laning,

Mr. Church. Mr. Reynolds,

On Manufacture of Salt. Mr. Lord,

Mr. Holbrook, Mr. Hendrickson,

Mr. D. B. Baldwin. Mr. D. Miller,

On Trade and Manufactures. Mr. Laflin,

Mr. Adams, Mr. Parsons,

Mr. Stewart. Mr. Jeremiah,

On State Prisons. Mr. Sutherland,

Mr. Abbott, Mr. Platt,

Mr. Walker. Mr. Moore,

On Engrossed Bills. Mr. Winne,

Mr. J. S. Palmer, Mr. Beach,

Mr. Kingman. Mr. Weiant,

On Militia and Public Defence. Mr. M. Miller,

Mr. Duryea, Mr. Dyckman,

Mr. Raymond. Mr. Lawrence,


On Roads and Bridges. Mr. Childs,

Mr. Bliss, Mr. Tappen,

Mr. Lamb.
Mr. Holmes,

On Public Lands,
Mr. Hart,
Mr. Haggerty,

Mr. Hall,
Mr. Becker,

Mr. N. Bouton. On Indian Affairs. Mr. Parsons,

Mr. Buffington, * Mr. T. Jones,

Mr. Coppernoll. Mr. Mills,

On Charitable and Religious Societies. Mr. Delaney,

Mr. Bell, Mr. Bleecker,

Mr. Case. Mr. Fitzgerald,

On Agriculture. Mr. Emans,

Mr. Labar, Mr. Voorhees,

Mr. Knight. Mr. Hodge,

On Public Printing. Mr. McLean,

Mr. McKown, Mr. Howell,

Mr. Avery. Mr. Moore,

On Expenditures in Executive Department. Mr. Smith,

Mr. Van Horn,

Mr. McIntosh. Mr. Garrison, Mr. Dayton,

On Expenditures of the House, Mr. Chauncey,

Mr. Peck, Mr. Woodworth,

Mr. Hard. Mr. Armstrong,

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1. The Presentation of Petitions. 2. Reports of Standing Committees. 3. Reports of Select Committees. 4. Messages from the Governor. 5. Communications from the State Officers. 6. Messages from the Senate. 7. Notices. 8. Third Reading of Bills. 9. Introduction of Bills. 10. Motions and Resolutions. 11. Unfinished Business of the General Orders, 12. Special Orders of the Day. 13. General Orders of the Day; but Messages from the

Governor, Communications from State Officers, Mesesages from the Senate, and Reports from the Committee on Engrossed Bills, may be received under any order of business.

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