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Winne, Richard,
Wolcott, John J., .
Wolford, George,
Woodworth, Augustus,


Fulton, .

Delavan House.
Delavan House.
157 Washington-avenue.
American Hotel.

[blocks in formation]

David Wilson, Clerk,


75 Hawk-street.
Edwin O. Perrin, Assistant Clerk,

Delavan House,

J. B. Cushman, Journal Clerk,..

Oneida, Utica,

140 State-street.
R. C. Bentley, Engrossing Clerk,..


90 Grand-street.
George M. Van Nort, Sen., Deputy Clerk,-


Newburgh, 132 Hamilton-street.
J. Moreau Smith, Junior Deputy Clerk,

Delavan House.

George B. Sherrill, Librarian,

Washington, Sandy Hill, Beardsley's Hotel.
Henry C. Wright, Assistant Librarian, Essex, Whallonsburgh,-- Commercial Hotel.
P. H. Lasher, Sergeant-at-Arms,

American Hotel.

Dutchess, Tivoli,
Geo. 0. Jones, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms,-- Onondaga, Syracuse,

Dunlop House.
John J. Rielly, Postmaster,

New York, New York, 76 N. Pearl-street.
John Nugent, Assistant Postmaster,


Franklin House.
Peter Van Olinda, Janitor,-

Rensselaer, Greenbush, Greenbush.
Jonas H. Bixby, Keeper of Ass. Chamber,-- Delaware, Deposit,

29 S. Pearl-street.
Peter J. Cooke, Doorkeeper,

Saratoga, Schuylerville, 119 Beaver-street.
John Davis, 1st Assistant Doorkeeper,


266 Broadway.
James Swarthout, 2d do


Farmers' Hotel.

William P. Hackett,

Albany,- Albany,

43 Elm-street. John H. Anderson,

Albany, Albany,-

201 S. Pearl-street.
Ephraim Stewart,


130 Orange-street.
A. V. V. Dodge,

Albany, Albany,

53 James-street. Peter Sickles,


Saugerties, Foland's Hotel
C. D. Easton,


Green Island, - Albany Hotel. Jacob Snyder,

Columbia, ---- Livingston, Foland's Hotel. George W. Chadsey,

do Albany, Albany,

73 Hawk-street.

[blocks in formation]

C. Comstock, Atlas and Argus,

Albany, Albany,

Congress Hall.
George Dawson, Evening Journal,

Albany,- Albany, 29 Grand-street.
D. A. Levein,-- Assoc'd Press and Statesman, Albany,- Albany,- 97 Eagle-street.
D. M. Barnes,-- Times ----



J. C. Cuyler, Express, -


128 Green-street.

H. J. Hastings,-- Knickerbocker,


Albany, 178 State-street.
J. B. Swain, New-York Times,

New-York, New York,

Congress Hall.
M. H. Rooker, New-York Tribune,

Albany, Albany, 150 Eagle-street.
D. K. Seaman, N. Y. Journal of Commerce, - Kings, Brooklyn,--

11 Beaver-street.
John Sharts, -- New-York Herald,-


Albany, 115 Green-street.
C. M. Scholefield, Utica Herald,

Oneida, Whitesboro',-- Stanwix Hall.
A. H. Gale, - Brooklyn Star,


Brooklyn, Union Hotel.
F. A. Knapp, New-York Reformer,

Jefferson, Smithville, --- 13 Lancaster-st.
A. Everett, New-York Day Book,- New York, New-York.
J. M. Hatch, Rochester Union,

Monroe, Rochester, - Stanwix Hall.
C. D. Brigham, New-York Express, --

Albany,-- Albany, 799 Broadway.
H. C. Page,
New-York News,--

Livingston, Dansville.
D. B. Cole -------
Salem Free Press,

Washington,- Salem, Eagle-st. Hotel,
H. M. Herman, ---- Utica Observer,--

Albany, Albany, 7 Washington-av.
Wilson Miller, Syracuse Journal,--

Ontario, Canandaigua, - Commercial Hotl. D. Willis, Geneva Gazette, Seneca,

165 Hudson-street. Fayette,





TO THE LIBRARY. SECTION 1.* The Regents of the University of the State of New York are hereby constituted, and shall continue, the Trustees of the State Library. (Laws of 1844, chap. 255. sec. 1.)

§ 2. The Trustees hereby appointed shall have power, from time to time, to appoint a Librarian to superintend and take care of said library, and to prescribe such rules and regulations for the government of the library as they shall think proper, and to remove the Librarian at any time when they shall deem it expedient ; but for the purpose of removing or appointing a Librarian, twelve of the said Trustees shall be required to form a quorum. (Same chap., sec. 3.)

§ 3. The Assistant Librarian and Messenger shall be appointed by the Trustees of the library. (Laws of 1848, chap: 262, sec. 2.)

For Second Assistant, see Laws of 1855, chap. 538, sec. 1, and chap. 539, Hec. 1.

$ 4. The State Library shall be kept open every day in the year, Sundays excepted, during such hours in each day as the Trustees of the said library may direct. (Laws of 1844, chap. 255, sec. 5.)

$5. The Librarian shall be constant in his personal attendance upon the library during the hours it shall be directed to be kept open, and shall perform such other duties as may be imposed by law or by the rules and regulations which may be prescribed by the said Trustees. Same chap., sec, 6.)

$ 6. The acting Trustees will, from time to time, give directions to the Librarian in relation to the proper and safe keeping of the books, maps, charts and other property belonging to the said library; and may, by way of amercement for every violation or neglect of duty, suspend or deduct from his salary or emolument any part thereof, not exceeding half of it in any one year. (Laws of 1840, chap. 381, sec 3.)

$7. The Trustees of the State Library may, from time to time, sell or exchange duplicate or imperfect books belonging to the library, not necessary for the use thereof. (Laws of 1845, chap. 85, sec. 3.)

$ 8. It shall be the duty of the Trustees of the State Library annually to report to the Legislature the manner in which the moneys by them received during the year preceding have been expended; together with a true and perfect catalogue of all the books, maps and charts which have been added to the library since the date of the last preceding annual report, and whether any, and, if so, what books, maps and charts have been lost ; and, also, at the end of every five years, to report in like manner a full and perfect catalogue of all the books, maps and charts then remaining in the library. (Laws of 1844, chap. 255, sec. 7.)

* The sections are, for convenience, numbered without reference to their original numbers.

$ 9. It shall be the duty of the Trustees to provide, in their regulations, that any member of the Senate or Assembly, during the session of the Legislature, or during the sitting of the Court for the Correction of Errors,* or of the Senate only, shall be permitted, under proper restrictions, forfeitures and penalties, to take to his boarding-house or private room any book belonging to the library, except such books as the Trustees shall determine are necessary always to be kept in the library as books of reference; but no member of the Legislature shall be permitted to take or detain from the library more than two volumes at any one time. (R. S., Part 1, chap 8, title 8, sec. 6.)

§ 10. Before the President of the Senate, or the Speaker of the Assembly, shall grant to any member a certificate of the time of his attendance, he shall be satisfied that such member has returned all books taken out of the library by him, and has settled all accounts for fines for injuring such books or otherwise. (Same title, sec. 7.)

$ 11. It shall also be the duty of the Trustees to provide in their regulations that no book, map or other publication shall be at any time taken out of the library by any other person than a member of the Legislature, for any purpose whatever. (Same title, sec 8.)

$ 12. The heads of the several departments, and the Trustees of the State Library, shall have the same right to take books from the library as is now enjoyed by members of the Legislature. (Laws of 1845, chap. 85, sec. 1.)

13. The Judges of the Court of Appeals, and Justices of the Supreme Court, shall be allowed to take books from the library and under the same regulations as the members of the Legislature. (Laws of 1848, chap. 262, sec. 3.)

Concurrent Resolution of the Senate and Assembly, April 9, 1856. (Laws of

1856, p. 364.) Resolved, That the Trustees of the State Library be authorized and re. quired to close the said library for the period of fifteen days in each year, to wit, from the fifth to the twentieth day of August, for the purpose of cleaning and dusting the books of the said Library, and for making such internal arrangements as the Trustees may think proper.


THE LIBRARY, PRESCRIBED BY THE TRUSTEES. I. The library shall be open to the public daily, as required by law (Sun. days, and fifteen days from the fifth to the twentieth of August, excepted), from the hour of nine in the morning till five in the afternoon; and, during the sessions of the Legislature, till eight in the afternoon, except on Saturdays, when it will be closed at five. While the Court of Appeals, or any general term of the Supreme Court, is in session in the Capitol during the recess of the Legislature, the Law Library will also be open till eight o'clock in the afternoon, except on Saturdays as aforesaid.

* This court was abolished under the State Constitution of 18-46.

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