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2. It shall be the duty of the Librarian and the Assistant Librarians carefully to preserve the books, maps, charts, engravings, manuscripts, medals, furniture and other property belonging to the library. They will be severally held accountable for the full value of every article missing from the respective departmente, and for every injury, except from ordinary use, unless it can be shown that some other person is responsible for such loss or injury ; the amount of such loss or injury to be deducted from the salary of such otticer, pursuant to section 3 of chapter 381 of the Laws of 1840.

3. Whenever the Library is open, the Librarian and Assistant Librarians shall be in attendance: they shall preserve order, and exclude, if necessary, any disorderly person; they shall prevent smoking, lo talking, noise inappropriate to the quietness of a place of study.

4. Any person who wishes to obtain any book for perusal in the General Library, will be furnished at the desk of either of the Librarians in attend. ance with a card, on which he will inscribe from the Catalogue the title of the book described, and his own name. The book thus received must not be taken from the library hall; on returning it to the Librarian's desk, the card will be given up; otherwise the party will remain responsible for the book. The Librarians will exercise a proper discrimination as to the delivery of such books as they may judge liable to be injured. Manuscripts, rare and valuable books, and plates are excluded from this rule ; they will be shown only on special application to the Librarian in charge, and under such regulations as the circumstances of each case may in his judgment require.

5. In compliance with the provisions of the statute above set forth, any member of the Senate or Assembly, during the session of the Legislature or of the Senate only, is permitted, under the restrictions, forfeitures and penalties hereinafter mentioned, to take to his boarding house or private room any book belonging to the library, except such as are herein determined to be necessary to be kept in the library as books of reference. The Judges of the Court of Appeals, the Justices of the Supreme Court, the heads of the several departments, and the Trustees of the library, have by statute the same right to take books from the library, and under the same regulations, as the members of the Legislature. No book, map, manuscript or other article belonging to the library shall be at any time taken out of the library by any other person, for any purpose whatever. The restrictions and terms above referred to are contained in the next three rules.

6. No book can be taken from the library until its title, and the name of the person taking it, have been registered by the Librarian. A card must also be given for it, in the manner required by the fourth rule.

7. No person can take or detain from the library more than two volumes at any one time, or for a longer period than two weeks.

8. If, on reasonable notice from the Librarian, or either of the Assistant Librarians, that the time for which any book or books taken or detained has expired, any person shall omit to return to the library any such book or books for more than three days after such notice shall have been given; or if any book, map, chart, engraving, medal or other article belonging to the library be lost or destroyed, or so far injured as to be equivalent, in the judgment of the Librarian or Assistant Librarian in charge, to a total loss for the purposes of the library : the person by whom such loss, destruction or injury has been occasioned, or who shall fail to make such return, shall be charged the full value of the book or article so lost, destroyed, injured or not returned ; and in case of the loss of a book, or its not being returned, if it belong to a set of two or more volumes, he shall be charged the value of the whole set, or as much as it may cost to perfect it, at the election of the Library Committee. For any injury not amounting to destruction to any book, map, chart, engraving, medal or other article as aforesaid, the person causing the same shall pay a sum sufficient to compensate for such injury. This rule shall be of general application.

9. The Trustees hereby declare, agreeably to the provisions of the Revised Statutes, that the following books are always to be kept in the library as books of reference, to wit: All the books in the Law Library ; and, in the General Library, all dictionaries, encyclopaedias, registers, directories, newspapers, maps and engravings, and books which are valuable for their rarity or antiquity.

10. Books of reference, referred to in the preceding article, cannot be taken from the library; except that, during the sessions of the Legislature or of the Courts, any member thereof may take to any room in the Capitol any such book, on leaving a card for the same, as required by the fourth rule, after being duly registered. The book must be returned on the same day on which it is taken.

11. No books belonging to the Law Library can be taken to the General Library for perusal ; nor are books, maps, engravings, or any other article belonging to the General Library, to be taken to the Law Library for perusal or examination.

12. For the better preservation from injury of the more costly collections of engravings, and the rare works and maps belonging to the library, neither the Librarian nor the Assistant Librarians shall exhibit them to any person other than those authorized to take books from the Library, except on a written request from a member of the Joint Library Committee of the Senate and Assembly, the Speaker of the Assembly, or one of the Trustees or the Secretary of the Library.

13. Three days before the day fixed for the adjournment of any session of the Legislature, or of the Senate only, the Librarian shall address a note to each member of the Legislature or of the Senate, as the case may be, having any book belonging to the library, requesting the return thereof within twenty-four hours.

14. After the expiration of the said twenty-four hours, the Librarian shall immediately make out a list of the members of each House who have omitted to return any books belonging to the library, specifying the volumes retained by each ; and a list of those against whom any charges for injury to or loss

; of books exist, stating the amount of them ; which list shall be alphabetically arranged according to the names of the respective members, and shall be certified to be correct. To the President of the Senate, the Librarian shall forth with deliver the list relating to that body; and the list containing the names of the members of the Assembly, he shall forth with deliver to the

Speaker; and upon each list shall be written a copy of the section of the Revised Statutes in regard to this matter above set forth.

15. Twenty days before the opening of any annual session of the Legislature, the Librarian shall report in writing to the Trustees the title of every book, map, chart, print, engraving or other article missing from the library since the Catalogue of the previous year was made out, or, if no such Catalogue has been made, then since the date of the said Librarian's last annual report to the Trustees; together with the name or names of the persons who appear, from the entries of the Librarian, to have borrowed or detained the same, to the end that such list may be submitted to the Legislature by the Trustees.

16. All penalties imposed under any of these rules may be remitted by the Library Committee, either wholly, or on such terms as they may deem proper.

[Title 6, Chap. 2, Part 1st, Revised Statutes.) General Provisions concerning the Erection and Alteration of Coun.

ties, Cities, Villages and Towns. Sec. 1. All persons intending to apply to the Legislature for the erection of a new county, or for the incorporation of a city or village, or for any alteration of the bounds of any county, city or village, shall cause notice to be published of such intended application, as required by law' and shall also procure an accurate survey and map of the territory described in such application.

0 2. Such survey and map shall be duly verified by the oath of the surveyor making the same, and shall be laid before the Legislature before any such application shall be acted on.

0 3. In case any law shall be passed by the Legislature pursuant to such application, the aforesaid survey and map shall be filed in the office of the [State Engineer and Surveyor) of this state.

0 4. No town in this state shall be divided or altered in its bounds, nor shall any new town be erected, without an application to the Legislature by the inhabitants of such town so to be divided or altered, or of the several towns out of which such new town is to be erected, or some of them; and notice in writing of such intended application, subscribed by at least five persons resident and freeholders in such town or towns, shall be affixed on the outer door of the house where the next town meeting is to be held, in each of the towns to be affected thereby, at least ten days previous to the town meeting in each of those towns.

D 5. A copy of such notice shall also be read at the town meeting of every town to be affected thereby, to the electors there assembled, by the clerk of the town, immediately before proceeding to the election of town officers.

06. The persons applying for the division or alteration of the bounds of any town, or for the erection of a new town, shall also procure such survey and map as is required in the first section of this title, which shall be laid before the Legislature, and filed with the [State Engineer and Surveyor) as above provided.

1 See chap. 7, first part R. 8., titie 3, sec. 1.

[Title 3, Chap. 7, Part 1st, Revised Statutes.]


Sec. 1. All persons applying to divide or alter the bounds of any county, city or village, or to erect any new county, or to incorporate a new city or village, and all persons applying for the removal of any court-house, or the imposing of a tax for making or improving a road, or for any other local purpose in any county, where all or any of the inhabitants of such county are prepared to be taxed, shall give notice of such intended application by advertisement, to be published for at least six weeks successively immediately before such application, or before the first day of the session at which the same is to be made, in a newspaper printed in the county or in each of the counties where the objects of said application are intended to be carried into effect; and also, in case of intended application for the imposition of any tax, as aforesaid, in the state paper.

0 2. Every association intending to apply to the Legislature for an act of incorporation, and every corporation intending to apply for an alteration, amendment or extension of its charter, shall cause the like notice of such application to be published in the state paper, and also in a newspaper printed in the county in which such corporation is intended to be or shall have been established.

03. Every person hereafter applying to the Legislature for a release of lands escheated to the State, shall give the like notice of such application in the county where such lands may be situate, and in the state paper, as is required by the third title of the seventh chapter of the first part of the Revised Statutes.

D 4. In all cases of applications to the Legislature for the passage of laws authorizing the construction of dams in or across the streams and waters of this state which are by law public highways, like notices shall be given and published as are re

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