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[The following amendment to the Constitution was proposed by the Legislature in 1853, referred to the Legislature of 1854) agreed to by two-thirds of the members elected to each house of that Legislature, submitted to the people, and approved and ratified at an election held on the 14th day of February, 1854.]

Substitute for Section Three of Article Seven, the following:

After paying the said expenses of collection, super intendence and repairs of the canals, and the sums appropriated by the first and second sections of this article, there shall be appropriated and set apart in each fiscal year, out of the surplus revenues of the canals, as a sinking fund, a sum sufficient to pay the interest as it falls due, and extinguish the principal within eighteen years, of any loan made under this section; and if the said sinking fund shall not be sufficient to redeem any part of the principal at the stipulated times of payment, or to pay any part of the interest of such loans as stipulated, the means to satisfy any such deficiency shall be procured on the credit of the said sinking fund. After complying with the foregoing provisions, there shall be paid annually out of said revenues, into the treasury of the state, two hundred thousand dollars, to defray the necessary expenses of government. The remainder shall, in each“ fiscal year, be applied meet appropriations for the enlargement and completion of the canals mentioned in this section, until the said canals shall be completed. In each fiscal year thereafter the remainder shall be disposed of in such manner as the Legislature may direct; but shall at no time be anticipated or pledged for more than one year in advance. The Legislature shall annually, during the next four years, appropriate to the enlargement of the Erie, the Oswego, the Cayuga and Seneca canals, and to the completion of the Black River and Genesee Valley canals, and for the enlargement of the locks of the Champlain canal, whenever from dilapidation or decay it shall be necessary to rebuild them, a sum not exceeding two millions two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The remainder of the revenues of the canals, for the current fiscal year in which such appropriation is made, shall be applied to meet such appropriation; and if the same shall be deemed insufficient, the Legislature shall, at the same session, provide for the deficiency by loan. The Legislature shall also borrow one million and five hundred thousand dollars, to refund to the holders of the canal revenue certificates issued under the provisions of chapter four hundred and eighty-five of the Laws of the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, the amount received into the treasury thereon; but no interest, to accrue after July first, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, shall be paid on such certifi.

The provisions of section twelve of this article, requiring every law for borrowing money to be submitted to the people, shall not apply to the loans authorized by this section. No part of the revenues of the canals, or of the funds borrowed under this section, shall be paid or applied upon or in consequence of any alleged contract made under chapter four hun. dred and eighty-five of the Laws of the year one thou sand eight hundred and fifty-one, except to pay for work done or materials furnished prior to the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two The rates of toll on persons and property transported on the canals shall not be reduced beiow those for the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two except by the canal board with the concurrence of the Legislature. All contracts for work or materials on any canal shall be made with the person who shall offer to do or provide the same at the lowest price, with adoquate security for their performance.





[The references in the Index are to the Article and Section of the Constitution.]

Art. Sec.
9 1



Academies--support of,
Actions or suits-not to be affected,.

by or against corporations..
Adjournment-neither house to adjourn without consent of the other,
Adjutant-General-appointment and tenure of office,..
Agricultural Land--certain leases or grants to be void,.
Alienation of Lands-restraints upon, to be void,....
Amendments to Bills-inay be made in either house,.

to the Constitution-(see Constitution,]
Appeals, Court of-(see Court of Appeals,]
Appropriation Laws—to be passed within two years,

to specify distinctly sum appropriated,

bills, how to be passed,
Assembly-pumber of members,.

number when and how apportioned,.
districts, bow and when formed when reorganized,
compensation of members, .
members not to receive State civil appointments,
accepting U. S. office, vacates seat of member,.
election to be held in November,..
to judge of qualifications, elections, &c.,
to choose its own officers,..
to keep a journal and publish the same,
to sit with open doors, except, &c.,..





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