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Enumeration of inhabitants—when taken,..
Engineer-(see State Engineer and Surveyor.]
Errors, Court for the Correction of--business to be transferred,.
Erie Canal-enlargement to be completed,

not to be sold, leased, &c.,..
Escheat to the people,
Executive power vested in Governor,.
Examiner in Chancery--office abolished,
Fees-Secretary of State not to receive, to his use,

Comptroller, Treasurer, and Attorney-General, do.
no judicial officer to receive fees, except justice of the peace,

certain judicial officers may receive, till July, 1847,..
Feudal tenures--abolished,
Freedom of speech and press secured,

debate in Legislature secured,.

religion,.. Fines-excessivé, not to be imposed,.

and quarter sales to be void, Fund, Sinking--[see Sinking Fund.]

(See Common School, Literature, United States Deposite.]
Funds--no money paid from, without appropriation,
General Sessions--courts of, business transferred,..
Genesee Valley Canal--to be completed,

not to be sold or leased. Government expenses--from canal revenues, $200,000,


672,500, Governor--execntive power vested in, and term of office,

who eligible,..
when and how elected,
Commander-in-Chief, &C...
to communicate by message,
to convene Legislature, or Senate only,
to execute laws, compensation,...
to grant reprieves, pardons, &C....
to suspend execution in cases of treason,
to report pardons and reprieves yearly,.
when out of State, at head of military force,
not to appoint Members of the Legislature to office,
to sign bills if he approve,
if disapproved, to be returned with objections.
to determine by lot the terms of inspectors of State Prison,
to fill vacancy in office,
may suspend Treasurer, &c...
may appoint another to perform duties,
to remove judicial officers, with consent of Senate,
to fill vacancy in office of judge of Court of Appeals.
to fill vacancy in office of justice of Supreme Court,
may remove sheriff, county clerk, district attorney, and

may appoint, with consent of Senate, Major-Generals and




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Governor-to nominate Chancellor and Justice of Supreme Court, .

first election of,..
Grants-certain, with rents reserved, void,

from King of Great Britain,
Guaging-office for, abolished,
Habeas Corpus-not to be suspended, except, &c.,.
Hamilton County--to elect members with Fulton,
Impeachment- Assembly has the power of,..

judgment on conviction,
persons convicted, liable to indictment,

See Court for the trial of.]
Indictment-not to be tried without,

persons convicted on impeachment, liable to,..... Indians-purchases of land froin, void,.. Infamous crime-not to answer for, unless on presentment, &C.,

persons guilty, may be deprived of right to vote,. Inspectors of State Prison-election and tenure of office,..

terms to be determined by lot,...
to have charge of State Prison, ........
to appoint all officers therein,..
vacancies to be filled by Governor,...........

when incumbents go out of office,
Inspections--all offices for, abolished, and not to be created,
Invasions, &c.,--debt may be created for,

money raised, how used,. Jeopardy-not to be twice put in, for same offence,.. Journals--of each house to be kept and published, except, &C.,

yeas and nays to be entered in,

objections of Governor to be entered on,
Judges of the Court of Appeals--who to be and tenure of office,..

election of four, and selection of four,...
compensation, ...,
election of,.......
to hold no other office or trust,
members of the Court for the Trial of Impeachments,..
votes given for, void,
not to appoint to office,
may be removed by joint resolution,
to be heard in defence,
vacancy in office to be filled by Governor,
election for residue of term,.
not to receive fees,

first election of .....
Judge of County Court-election and tenure of office,..

to hold county court and act as surrogate,
jurisdiction in cases arising in justices' courts,..
jurisdiction in special cases,
with two justices, to hold court of sessions,.
equity jurisdiction may be conferred on,
two officers may be created,
how removed,

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Judge of County Court-first election of,
Judge of the old County Court--office of, abolished,.
Judgments of inferior courts in cities--may be removed to Court of

Judicial officers--first election of,

when impeached not to act...
certain, may be removed by Governor and Senate,
may be removed by joint resolution,
to be heard in defence,
in cities and villages to be elected,
not to receive fees, ......

those now in office may receive fees, Judicial districts of Supreme Court,.

when reorganized,..
may be increased or diminished,
each to have four justices,

decreased, not to effect removal of justices, Jurisdiction of courts--when to be transferred,

of the Court for the Correction of Errors,

of law and equity, and proceedings, may be altered,. Jury--right of trial by, secured; when waived,..

to assess value of property,..

in libel cases to determine law and fact,
Justices of the Supreme Court--number and tenure of office,...

to be elected and classified,
how elected,..
one or more chief justices,
to hold no other office or trust,
votes given for, void,..
not to appoint to office,
removal by concurrent resolution,
vacancy to be filled by Governor,
election for residue of terni,
not to receive fees,....

first election of,...
Justices of the Old Supreme Court_office of, abolished,

to act till July, 1848,...

eligible at first election,.
Justices of the Peace-Members of Court of Sessions,

compensation as such,
election and tenure of office,..
election to fill vacancy,
number and classification regulated,
how removed,

to hold unexpired terms,.
King of Great Britain-grants of lands by,.
Land-ultimate property in,

all to be allodial,...
. certain leases over 12 years void,..
purchases from Indians void, unless, &C.,


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Land Office-Commissioners of,...
Laws to be enacted by bill only,...

to be enforced by Governor,
certain, to be submitted to the people,

mode of enacting-(see Bills.] Law and Equity-Supreme Court of,

jurisdiction and proceedings in, may be altered,.

who may practice,.
Lawyers--who may be,..
Life and Liberty-not to be deprived of, without, &c.,..
Liberty of conscience-not to justify acts of licentiousness, &c.,
Libel-truth to be given in evidence,..

law and fact to be determined by the jury, Literature Fund inviolate, and revenues how applied,. Liability of corporators and stockholders,

in banking business,
Lieutenant-Governor-election and tenure of office,

qualifications and eligibility,
President of the Senate, and casting vote,.
compensation of, .:
Commissioner of the Land Office,
Commissioner of the Canal Fund,..
member of the Canal Board,
member of the Court for the Trial of Impeachments,
not to sit on trial of Governor,.

first election of,
Legislature-what constitutes,......

compensation of inembers of,
members not to receive civil appointments,
when elected, :
majority constitutes a quorum,
each House to determine its own rules,
each House to choose its own officers,
each House to judge of elections, &C.g.....
each House to keep a journal, &C.,.....
each House to keep open doors,.......
each House not to adjourn without consent,
freedom of debate in, secured,..
may confer powers of local legislation,
to elect Governor and Lieutenant-Governor in certain cases,
extra session of, how called,..
may alter jurisdiction and proceedings in law and equity,...
to provide for publication of laws and decisions,..
to organize Court of Appeals,
to create corporations by general laws,
to provide for organization of cities and villages,.
to restrict the powers of cities and villages,.
to provide for filling vacancies in office.....
legislative term, when to commence,..
when to assemble,
to provide for removal of officers,
to declare what constitutes vacancy,

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Legislature-to fix time for electing militia officers,

may change mode of choosing officers,

to provide for delegates to convention,. Local Bills to embrace but one subject,

subject to be expressed in title,..
Local Legislation-nay be conferred on supervisors,
Lotteries prohibited,.
Majority of each House necessary to form a quorum,.

to pass bills,
Master in Chancery-office of, abolished,..

to act until July, 1848,..
Message--Governor to communicate by, to the Legislature,

objections to bill,.
Measures and weights-standard of, how supplied,
Measuring-office for abolished, and not to be created,.
Militia--Governor commander-in-chief of,

to be irmed and disciplined,
exemptions on religious scruples .......
officers of, how chosen,
major-generals and commissary-general of, how appointed,..
adjutant-general and chief's of staff departments, how up-

time of choosing militia officers,
officers, how commissioned,
officers, how removed,

legislature may change mode of choosing officers,.. Money-not to be paid without appropriation, in two years,

when borrowed, how used,.


do. Municipal corporations—may be created by special acts,

Legislature to provide for organization of,..

Legislature to restrict powers of taxation, debt, &c...
New-York City-Senate districis in,

Supreme Court judicial district,
may have more than four justices of Supreme Court,.
to have city courts, ..
courts in, to continue until altered..

Superior court continued until altered,..
Oath of office-form of, no other test required,..
Offices for weighing, inspec:ing, &c., abolished...

not to extend to office for protecting health, &c.,.. Officers-county, how to be elec:ed or appointed,....

city and town, how to be elected or appointeil,
other, elected or appointed as law shall direct,..
removal of other than judicial, local or legislative,..
militia, bow chosen,...
major-generals, &c.,
oath of,

tenure of, when not fixed by law or Constitution,
Oyer and Terminer--(see court of.]
Pardons and commutations, &C.,.

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