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graved and colored plates; and the tional Institute with its nine hundred, work is yet going on. The topographi- the government normal schools and cal surveys by M. Pissis, from which schools for teaching the mechanic arts, the maps in this Report are in great agriculture, painting and music, need part compiled, the Santiago Museum of only to be mentioned, to show how Natural History, and the mineralogical honorable a position, in comparison cabinet arranged by Prof. Domeyko, with states of far greater population, are equally honorable to the government wealth and age, is maintained by the of Chili. "The Military Academy, with yet young republic of the Pacific its hundred and twenty pupils, the Na coast.


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dose of hasheesh, and laid the foun- sions, and others have so mingled todations of that habit which, through gether with time, that I cannot now the earlier years of my manhood, im trace their individual outlines. As the prisoned me like an enchanted palace. habit grew upon me, too, my memory It was surely a worthy spot on which to gradually failed, and a stupor crept over build up such an edifice of hallucina me which dulled the edges of all events, tions as I did there erect and cement whether dreams or realities. A dull around my soul by the daily use of confusion surrounded me at all times, this weed of insanity. Certainly no and I dropped down its hateful current, other spot could be so worthy, unless stupid, indifferent, unobserving, and it were Bagdad, the marvelous city of never thoroughly awake except when the marvelous Sultan, Haroun al Rash a fresh dose of the plant stimulated my id. I need not tell the reasons : every mind into a brief consciousness of itself one can imagine them ; every one, at and its surroundings. The habit and least, who knows what Damascus is; its consequences naturally deepened much more every one who has been there. my morbid unsociability of temper, and It was among shadowy gardens, filled sunk me still more fixedly in the herwith oriental loungers, and in Saracenic mit-like existence which I had chosen. houses, gay as kaleidoscopes with gild- For some years I made no acquaintance ing and bright tintings, that I made with the many European travelers who myself the slave of the hasheesh. It pass through Syria; and I even, at last, was surrounded by objects so suitable got to avoid the presence of my listless for dream-work, that, by the aid of this oriental companions-keeping, up no wizard of plants, I fabricated that pal- intimacy except with those who, like ace of alternating pleasure and torture myself, daily wandered through the sawhich was for years my abiding place. haras and oases of hasheesh dreamland. In this palace I sometimes reveled with Never before did I so completely give a joy so immense that I may well call it myself up to my besetting sin; for multitudinous; or I ran and shrieked it a sin I now consider it to cast off one's through its changeful spaces with an moorings to humanity ; to fly from one's agony which the pen of a demon could fellow-beings and despise, at once, their not describe suitably; surrounded, good will and their censure. chased, overclouded by all the phan A terrible fever at last came to my tasms of mythology or the Arabian relief and saved me by dragging me, Nights; by every strange, ludicrous, as it were, through the waters of death. or horrible shape that ever stole into my While the sickness continued, I could fancy, from books of romance or tales not take the hasheesh; and when I reof spectredom.

covered, I had so far gained my selfIt is useless to think of relating, or control, that I resolved to fling the habit even mentioning, the visions which, aside forever. I am ashamed to conduring four or five years passed through fess that it was partly the urgings of my drugged brain. A library would an old friend which supported me to not suffice to describe them all : many, this pitch of real heroism. He was a

young physician from my own city, many leagues in extents and population, and we had been companions and often

whose multitudes obstructed my pasroom-mates through school and college, sage. But these illusions, whether although it was by the merest accident sleeping or waking, were faint and mild that he inet me in Beirut a few days compared with my old hasheesh paroxbefore iny seizure. Two months he ysms, and they grew rapidly weaker watched by me, and then perfected his as time passed onward. The only work by getting me on board the steamer thing which seriously and persistfor Marseilles, and starting me well ently annoyed me was an idea that my homeward. I shall have to speak of mind was slightly shaken. I vexed myhim again; but I cannot give his name, self with minute self-examinations on further than to call him Doctor Harry, this point, and actually consulted a phythe pet title by which he was known in sician as to whether some of my menhis own family

tal processes did not indicate incipient I reached Marseilles, hurried through insanity. He replied in the best man. France, without passing more than a ner possible : he laughed at me, and night even at Paris, and sailed for New forbade my pursuing those speculaYork in a Havre steamer. In less than tions. a month after I stepped from the bro All this time I amused myself in soken columns which lie about the land- ciety, and even worked pretty faithfuling place of Beirut, I was strolling un ly at my legal profession. I shall say der the elms of my native city in Con- nothing of my cases, however, for, necticut. The spell was broken by this like most young Jawyers, I had very time, and its shackles fallen altogether few of them; all the fewer, doubtless, both froin mind and body. I felt no long, because long residence abroad had put ing after the husheesh; and the dreary me back in my studies But I inust languor which once seemed to demand speak at some length of my socialities, its restorative energy had disappeared ; inasmuch as they soon flung, very for my constitution was vigorous, and deep roots into my heart, and mingled I was still several years under thirty, themselves there with the poisonous But such chains as I had worn, could decay of my former babit.. not be carried so long without leaving The first fumiiy whose acquaintance some scars behind them. The old des I renewed, on reaching home, was that potism asserted itself yet in horrible of my dear friend, Doctor Harry. His dreams, or in painful reveries which father, the white-headed old doctor, were almost as vivid, and as difficult to and his dignified, kindly mother, greeted break as dreams. These temporary il me with a heartiness that was like enlusions generally made use of two sub thusiasm. I had been a school-fellow jects, as the scaffolds on which to erect of their absent son; and more than that their troublesome cloud-castles: first, I had very lately seen him; and more the scenery and personages of my old still, I spoke of him with warm praise hasheesh visions; second, the incidents and gratitude. They treated me with of my journey homeward. I was not as much affection as if it were I who at all surprised to find myself haunted bad saved Harry's life, and not Harry by sultans, Moors, elephants, afreets, who had saved mine. A reception rocs, and other monstrosities of the equally cordial was granted me by the Arabian Nights; but it did seem un doctor's two daughters : Ellen and Ida. reasonable that I should be plagued, in Ellen, whom I knew well, was twentythe least degree, by the reminiscences three years old, and engaged to be marof that wholesome, and, on the whole, ried. She was the same lively, nervous, pleasant flight from the land of my cap sentimental thing as of old ; wore the tivity. The rapidity and picturesque same long black ringlets, and tossed her ness of the transit had impressed them head in the same fighty style. Ida, selves on my imagination; and I now four years younger than her sister, was journeyed in spirit, night after night, and almost a stranger to me; for she was a sometimes day after day, without rest mere child wlien I first became a beau, and without goal; hurried on by an end and had been transferred from the nursless succession of steainers, diligences ery to the boarding-school without atand railroud trains, all driven at their tracting my student observation. She utmost speed; beholding oceans of foam, was quite a novelty, therefore, a most immeasurable snow mountains, cities of attractive novelty also—the prettiest, un

obtrusive style of woman that ever made ed as if I were imposing upon an unan unsought conquest. I was the con- suspecting ignorance, which could not quest, not the only conquest that she ever and would not be enlightened. Nor made, indeed; but the only one that she did Ida say no any more than the others, ever deigned to accept. I could not re although she made up a piteous little sist the mild blue eyes, the sunny brown face when I took her hand, and looked hair, the sweet blonde face, and the as if she thought I had no right to ask dear little coral mouth. She had the her for so much as her whole self. So dearest little expression in her mouth I was engaged to Ida, and was happier when she was moved ; a pleading, pite than all the hasheesh eaters from Cairo ous expression that seemed to beg and to Stamboul. entreat without a spoken word ; an ex It was about a month after our enpression that was really infantine, not gagement, and two months before the in silliness, but in an unutterable pa time fixed for our marriage, that a box thetic innocence. Well, she quite en reached us from Smyrna. It contained slaved me, so that in three months I a quantity of Turkish silks, and other was more her captive than I had ever presents from Harry to his sisters, bebeen to the hasheesh, even in the time sides the usual variety of nargeelehs, of my deepest enthrallinent.

chibouks, tarbooshes, scimitars, and so I would not, however, offer myself to forth, such as young travelers usually her until I had written to Doctor Harry, pick up in the East. The doctor and I and asked himn if he could permit his opened the packages, while Ellen, Ida, little sister to become the wife of the and their mother skipped about in dehasheesh eater. His reply was not light from wonder to wonder. Among kinder than I expected, but it was more the last things came a small wooden cordial, and fuller of confidence. He box, which Ellen eagerly seized upon, knew little, in comparison with myself, declaring that it contained attar of roses. of the strength of that old habit; no She tore off the cover, and displayed to thing at all of the energy with which

my eyes a mass of that well-remember. it can return upon one of its escaped ed drug, the terrible hasheesh. * What victiins. He was sure that I had broken is it?" she exclaimed, Is this attar its bonds ; sure that I never would be of roses ? No it isn't. What is it, exposed to its spares again ; sure that I Edward ?. Here, you ought to know." would resist the temptation, were it to " It is hasheesh." I said, looking at come ever so powerful. Yes, he was it as if I saw an afreet or a ghoul. quite willing that I should marry Ida ; “ Well, what is hasheesh ? Is it he would rejoice to meet me at his home good to eat ? Why, what are you staras his brother. I might, if I chose, ing at it so for ? Do you want some ? tell my history to his father, and leave Here, eat a piece. I will if you will." the matter to him: but that was all Bless me!"' exclaimed the doctor, that honor could demand of me, and dropping a Persian dagger and coming even that was not sternly necessary. hastily forward. ls that the real

I did as Harry directed, and related basheesh? Bless me, so that is hashto the old physician all my dealings eesh, is it? Dear me, I must have a with the demon of hasheesh. Like a specimen. What is the ordinary dose true ductor, he was immensely inter for an adult. Edward ?" ested in the symptoms, and plunged I took out a bit as large as a hazelinto speculations as to whether the dia nut, and held it up before his eyes. He bolical plant could not be introduced received it reverently from my hands, with advantage into the materia medi and surveyed it with a prodigious scica. No astonishment at my rashness; entific interest. • Wife," said he, no horror at my dunger; no grave dis • Ellen, Ida, this is hasheesh. This is approval of iny weak wickedness ; no an ordinary dose for an adult.” particular rejoicing at what I considered " Well, what is hasheesh ?" repeated my wonderful escape.

And when, a Ellen, tossing her ringlets as a colt does few days after, I asked him if he could bis mane. "Father! what it ? Did surrender his child to such a man as I, you ever take any, Edward ?" he laughed heartily, and shook both my “Yes," mumbled the doctor, examhands with an air of the warmest en- ining the lump with microscopic micouragement. I felt guilty at that nuteness ; " Edward is perfectly acmoment, as well as happy; for it seem quainted with the nature of the drug;


he has made some very interesting ex hasheesh is not immediate ; half an periments with it."

hour or even an hour must elapse be. “Oh, take some, Edward,” cried fore the mind can fully feel its inEllen. • Come, that's a good fellow. fluence. I told them so, and I went on Here, take this other bit. Let's take a talking in my ordinary style until they dose all round.”

thought that I had been jesting with “No, no," said Ida, catching her sis- them, and had taken nothing. But ter's hand.

• Why, you imprudent forty minutes had not passed before I child ! Better learn a little about it began to feel the usual symptoms, the before you make its acquaintance. sudden nervous thrill, followed by the Tell us, Edward, what does it do to whirl and prodigious apparent enlargepeople ?"

ment of the brain. My head expanded I told them in part what it had done wider and wider, revolving with inconto me; that is, I told them what ceivable rapidity, and enlarging in mighty dreams and illusions it had space with every revolution. It filled wrapped around me; but I could not the room—the house—the city; it bebring myself to narrate before Ida how came a world, peopled with the shapes shamefully I had been its slave. When of men and monsters. I spun away I had finished my story, Ellen broke into its great vortex, and wandered forth again : “Oh, Edward, take a about its expanses as about a universe. piece, I beg of you. I want to see I lost all perception of time and space, you crazy once. Come, you are sane and knew no distinction between the enough in a general way; and we realities around me, and the phantasshould all enjoy it so to see you make a mata which sprung in endless succesfool of yourself for an hour or two." sion from my brain. Ida and the others

She put the morsel to my lips and ccasionally spoke to me; and once I held it there until Ida pushed her hand thought that they kneeled around and away, almost indignantly. I looked at worshiped me; while I, from behind a my little girl, and although she said marble altar, responded like a Jupiter. nothing, I saw on her mouth that pite. Then night descended, and I heard a ous, pleading expression which appear voice saying: “Christ is come, and ed to me enough to move angels or thou art no more a divinity.” demons. It moved me, but not suffi The altar disappeared at that instant, ciently ; the smell of the hasheesh and I came back to this present centuseemed to sink into my brain; the ry, and to my proper human form. I thought of the old visions came up like was in the doctor's house, standing by a wave of intoxication. Still I refused; a window, and gazing out upon a moontwo or three times that afternoon I re lit street filled with promenading citifused ; but in the evening, Ellen hand

Beside me

a sofa upon ed me the drug again. It is the last which Ida lay and slept, with her head time," I said to myself; and taking it thrown back, and her throat bared to from her hand I began to prepare it. the faint silvery brilliance which stole The doctor stood by, nervous with curi- through the gauze curtains. I stooped osity, and urged caution; nothing more and kissed it passionately; for I had than caution; that was the whole of his never before seen her asleep, nor warning. Ida looked at me in her im- beautiful; and I loved her as dearly in ploring way, but said nothing; for she that moment as I had ever done when only suspected, and did not at all com in full possession of my sanity. As I prehend the danger.

raised my head, her father opened a I swallowed the drug while they all door and looked into the room. He stood silent around me; and I laughed started forward when he saw me; then loudly, with a feeling of crazed triumph, he drew back, and I heard him whisper as I perceived the well-remembered to himself: “She is safe enough, he

My little girl caught my sleeve will not hurt her." with a look of extremest terror; the The moment he closed the door a doctor quite as eagerly seized my pulse window opened, and a voice muttered: and drew out his repeater. " Oh, what “ Kill her, kill her, and the altar and fun!" said Ellen. " Do you see any

the adoration shall be yours again ;" to thing now, Edward ?''

which innumerable voices from the floor, Of course I saw nothing as yet; for, and the ceiling and the four walls rebe it known, that the effect of the sponded : “Glory, glory in the highest



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to him who can put himself above man, to the foot of my altar. It was not and to him who fears not the censure of Christ the risen and glorified; but the man!"

human and crucified Jesus of Nazareth. I drew a knife from my pocket, and I knew him by his grave sweetness of opened it instantly; for a mighty per countenance; I knew him still better suasion was wrought in me by those by his wounded hands and bloody vestpromises. “I will kill her,” I said to ments. He beckoned me to descend myself, “ dearly as I love her; for the and kneel before him; and when I gift of Divinity outweighs the love would have called on my worshipers of woman or the wrath of man."

for aid, I found that they had all vanI bent over her and placed the knife ished; so that I was forced to come to her throat without the least pity or down and fall at his pierced feet in hesitation, so completely had all love, helpless condemnation. Then he passall nobleness, all humanity, been ex ed judgment upon me, saying: "Fortinguished in me by the abominable asmuch as thou hast sought to put thydemon of hasheesh. But suddenly she self above man, all men shall abhor and awoke, and fixed on me that sweet,

shun thee." piteous, startled look which was He disappeared, and when I rose the characteristic of her. It made me for- temple had disappeared also, with every get my purpose for one moment, so trace of that mighty worship by which that, with a lunatic inconsistency, I I had been for a moment surrounded. bent my head and kissed her hand as Then did my punishment commence; gently as I had ever done. Then the nor did it cease throughout a seeming demoniac whisper, as if to recall my eternity; for, in order to complete it, wandering resolution, swept again time was reversed, and I could live in through the eglantines of the window: bygone ages ; so that I ran through the “ Kill her, kill her, and the altar and whole history of the world, and was the adoration shall be yours again." avoided with loathing by every genera

She did not seem to hear it ; for she tion. First I stood near the garden of stretched out her hands to give me a Eden, and saw a hideous man hurrying playful push backwards, while, closing by it, alone, with a bloody mark on his her eyes again, she sank back to re forehead. 6. This is Cain," I said to newed slumber. Then, in the height myself ;

Then, in the height myself; “this is a wicked murderer, of my drugged insanity, in the cold also, and he will be my comrade.” fury of my possession, I struck the I ran toward him confidently, eagerly, sharp slender blade into her white throat and with an intense longing for comonce, and once more, with quick repeti- panionship; but when he saw me he tion, into her heart. “Oh, Edward, covered his face and fled away from me, you have killed me!" she said, and with incomparable swiftness, shriekseemed to die with a low moan, not ing : “ Save me, O God, from this once stirring from her position on the abominable wretch!" sofa.

After that, I hastened wildly over I took no further notice of her; I earth,

many countries, and did not see her in fact after the blow; through many successive ages, alone for the smoke of sacrifices rose around always, avoided always, an object of me, obscuring the room ; and once more fear, of horror, of incredible detestation. I stood in divine elevation above a Every one that saw me, knew me, and marble altar. There were giant colon fled from my presence, even to certain nades on either side, sweeping forward death, if that were necessary, to evade to a monstrous portal, through which I my contact. I saw men of Gomorrah beheld countless sphinxes facing each rush back into the flames of their perishother adown an interminable avenue of ing city, when they beheld me coming granite. Before me, in the mighty humbly to meet them. Egyptians, who space between the columns, was a mul- had barely escaped from the Red Sea, titude of men, all bowing with their leaped again into the foaming waters as faces to the earth, while priests chanted I ran toward them along the shore. anthems to my praise as the great Everywhere that I went, populations, Osiris. But suddenly, before I could even of mighty cities, scattered from shake the temple with my nod, I saw my track, like locusts rising in hurried one in the image of Christ enter the fight before the feet of a camel. The portal and advance through the crowd loneliest shipwrecked sailor, on the most


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