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Now the City takes her temper from the Once, we well remember for a fact, "Adseason, and is hospitable. She spreads her mittance, twenty-five cents” was chalked broad board with cakes and ale, has up on the White House door. It was some her players and dancers, bangs out her four or five administrations ago. There lanterns and parti-colored flags, says to had been a levee the night before ; for the her musicians “strike up,” and bids the first time, no "refreshments” were served ; strangers to her fairing. Autolycus is and when two grave and potential senahere, and Crummles, and Jarley, and Dr tors would have saved the country between Faustas and Mr. Merryman, that our coun them in a retiring room, the President try cousins may have a good time.“ Here brought them. with his own hands, a fossil we are, ladies and gentlemen; the show is in a brass candlestick, which the democrajust a-going to begin, and all for twenty- tic Solon—who, having just stumped New five cente."

Jersey, knew something about that kind Who is it-Dickens !-- who says the of lights,-pronounced a “dip.” greatest of American institutions is “Ad As in this, so in everything he sees, your mittance, twenty-five cents." You do not country cousin finds solemn political import, see the point of that! Perbaps not; the ever since the three imposing advertise wisdom of the saying is by no means so ments overcame him like a summer cloud cheap as the proud national privilege it at the corner of Bond street, proclaiming celebrates. But take its philosophy fairly the Sbadrach, Mesbach and Abednego in hand, and beginning with Barnum and the three Jews set over the affairs of the the Baby Show, you shall not stop short province of Babylon—who would pass of Jefferson and the Declaration of Inde- through the furnace of a Presidential elecpendence. Your country cousin will help tion, heated seven times more than it was along your first blind motions in search of wont to be heated, to save the country ; the true significance of a maxim so pro- since, in the print-shop windows, he hath found, by showing you that “twenty-five looked on the parted locks that shall not cents” means-photographs warranted to be singed, and the American coat that please, with morocco case complete ; a shall not be changed, and the white neckBodleian library of startling romances--the cloth, whereonto the smell of the fire shall most beart-rending, soul-harrowing of two not pass; since he finds back hair and shilling bistories; the Ethiopian min crinoline in the field, and bath beheld Our trelsy of Buckley and Christy ; the Crys- Jessie address ber fellow-citizens from tal Palace; the Düsseldorf gallery ; Neu a gilt frame at Williams and Stevens'. mann's statue; the Musical Automaton ; a The town makes much of the country living skeleton and two lively anacondas; cousin just now. He is everybody, and he the Intelligent Ape; the Green Monster, is everywhere, mistaking the Bowery for and the Red Gnome; that Blessed Baby; Broadway, and Bond-street for the FifthMr. Hackett's Falstaff; the Horticulturai avenue. You will know his wife by her Exhibition ; an evening at the Opera, with futters and her panics; whenever you " the best place to hear ;' the Fall races ; sball find her, policeman Higginbottom Henry Ward Beecher; young Heuyler ; the will have just borne her bodily through Fairy Star; Horace G. eeley; the American the din and crash of much omnibus-colliInstitute's fair ; Mrs. Lucy Stone Black sion. You will know his “young ladies," well, and the ben with three legs. If, by their excessive overdoneness, and by the starting from these, you cannot reach the bouquets they toss to La Grange or Robert Constitution of the United States, to tind always alighting with a thump on the the same principle uppermost in the spirit portly waistcoat of Amodio, or the natty of our government, you will never be a jacket of Paul Brillant. And then you are statesman. Should you happen to be a safe to recognize the juveniles of the foreigner, coming hither to adopt us, you country cousin, by their nut-brown legs, will as clearly perceive the political appli sure to be fashionably exposed, and by the cation as though the cheap welcome annoyance they inflict on the “ greeted you from every outer ligtit-bouse dies," whose side-walk addiction to chocoalong the coast.

late drops they imitate with six-pence

young la

worth of ice-cream done up in brown sbade: thirty-six stones of purest water, paper.

the largest alone worth $7,000, the whole Especially, will you find the family at glittering string $14,000. So costly a toy the jewelry palaces of Broadway ; oftenest

possesses very little interest except for the peering eagerly into the windows thereof, cold eye of speculation, so long as it recatching provoking glimpses of afar-off mains inert and harmless in its bed of beauty, yet not daring to pass over the velvet and satin ; but let its wealth of light threshold which separates them from en form the glory of a snowy neck; let its chanted ground; but, sometimes in the very prismatic glancings depend upon the quick midst of Tiffany's itself.

motions of an eager, a restless, or a proud Did ever two hours pass so quickly ? heart, fretting with its hidden pain ; let it Everything so magical, so bewildering to create passions-pride, envy, malice, downall save the little lame boy, fresh from his dragging vanity—itself staring right on, Arabian Nights and Hans Andersen. First: remorseless, cold, sharp, dazzling, the same watches, watches, watches ! from the big- to every beholder-and at once it comes ness of grandpa's silver repeater, to that of within the pale of human interest. the shilling in their uneasy fingers; of all Diamonds are intrinsically too valuable sorts, and prices, and colors; enameled in to possess any poetic sentiment; of all pink and blue, black and green ; set with gems, they most need association to give diamonds and pearls, and turquoise and them a claim to our sympathy. What garnets; and of a perfection and profu- does one care, to know that King Joseph I. sion to have crazed poor Peter Hele, who, of Portugal buttoned his coat with £100,000 with the slow heat of his German pertina

--that a Persian monarch had a hole bored city, batched the "Nuremburg Eggs,” so through £3,000,000, in order to wear it called from their oval form—the worthy about his royal neck on grand court-days, ancestors of this resplendent brood. The or that Runjeet Sing sported a still larger shilling-size are cunningly hidden away in amount in his armlet? And, on the other tiny lockets, under bracelet clasps, in hand, what can be fuller of the romantic opera glasses; and there is a prettiness chivalry of the days of Charles I.--of the too fine-ladyish to be half appreciated by spirit of the luxurious amours of the court country lassies—a golden pocket-pistol, of Louis XV.—than the Duke of Buckingstudded brilliantly with diamonds, baving ham’s diamond tags, or the mysterious diaa tiny watch in the butt end of it; the pis- mond necklace of Count Cagliostro? tol, by touching a spring, becomes a bou This is by no means true of other prequet-holder, and under the watch, which cious stones. Emeralds, for instance, are raises like a lid, is a vinaigrette.

essentially poetical ; who is so unfortunate These Swis marvels of minuteness in as to doubt the long-cherished belief, that watches are usually considered a “mod

when given as love-pledges, they fade or ern improvement;" but it is known that grow brighter, as the absent one proves inthose in general use in the olden time constant or faithful? And the opal, with were much smaller than these of to. its ever-changing hues, with all the roday. There is a will, still in existence,

mantic superstition that attaches to the dated 1576, in which Archbishop Parker,

emerald, and none of its glassinees, appeals bequeaths “to his frende and faythful to our sentimental appreciation entirely on brother in the church," the Right Rev. its own merits, as a thing of exquisite Bishop Ely, his staff of Indian cane, hav beauty and delicacy. ing a watch in the top; and in an account Pearls belong to the bride all the world of “ Jewells and other furnishings sould over ; happy she who can adorn herself for and delivered to the Queene's most excel. the altar with the identical set-yellowed lent majestie, (Anne of Denmark) from the by age, their antique setting full of a Xth of April, 1607, to the February fol priceless quaintness—which graced the lowing, by George Heriott, her Highness' wedding-day of her great grandmother. jewellor,” there is the following Item. A These were deservedly the favorite jewlittle watch set all over with diamonds, els of the sumptuous Elizabeth. The 1701."

dress in which her majesty went to St. But the crowning glory of the diamond Paul's, to return thanks for the defeat of the necklace throws even these wonders in the Spanish Armada, was entirely covered with

a superb lattice-work of pearls, ber bair in line of my lady herself! There are others at terlaced with the same, and a costly neck half the price, but much more beautiful, of lace of them about her throat. By-the-by, the finest Sèvres, the flowers on them. by a the London Observer, of 1683, advertised a curious art, painted to appear as if actually list of jewels, owned " by the late Prince within the vase ; and there are Chinese jars Rupert,” to be disposed of by lottery, the with their odd chow-chow of irresistible chief prize being a magnificent pearl neck- designs. lace, valued at £8,000; and a pursery Step further back to the ladies' special maid of the royal household of Queen province: Fans of every shape, material, Anne was tried and imprisoned for steal. and price—from fifty cents to one hundred ing a single pearl belonging to her majes- and fifty dollars--of papier-maché, sandalty, worth £110.

wood, and ivory—the last exquisitely carvBut to return to our country cousins, to ed, and reminding one of those much-prized answer their impatient eyes. Where now? dainties of our grandmother's ball-costume. Ab! the bracelets. How barbaric, yet how With us, bowever, the fan is the veriest gewe simply elegant, those broad bands of gold, gaw, and will continue to be, until it means 80 pure, so virgin ; how much more tasteful more in the hands of our belles than a toy than the elaborate gewgaws whose rubies to be pulled to pieces between the endless and diamonds frown down their uopretend figures of “the German.” It is not till one ingness !

sees a fan in the hand of a Spanish woman, And there the green-jointed length of a that he can understand the perfection to snake lies coiled in successive rings, while which refined coquetry can cultivate this, to high in air, darting its golden fangs, it us, useless trifle. How like a thing of life rears a be diamonded crest and flashes it flutters and chatters, and pleads and ruby eyes--the serpent still asserting its scolds ! how the quick glancing of its jew. dominion over the fancy, at least, of eled wings carries a message of hope or womankind. And, indeed, this long-en- despair from its capricious mistress! how during partiality, among the “ once beguil- intimately it becomes associated with her ed," for su unflattering a conceit, is quite dearest secrets, till either is pitifully incomdifficult to account for; surely, if other plete without the other ! how at mass, in proof were wanting for the literalness of the ball-room, on the plaza, or at a bullthe Eve-and-apple story, this trait would fight, they are equally one and inseparago far to substantiate it. Of this sort was ble! Fans studded with jewels formed a the depraved, or rather morbid taste conspicuous article in Queen Elizabeth's which, after the Reign of Terror, made trin famous New Year's gifts, and mention is ket guillotines the rage in Paris—a taste made of her gracious acceptance, from her that would be equally unaccountable if lord-keeper, when on a visit to him at Kew, one ever wondered at anything in the of “a fine fan garnished with diamonds, French character or its manifestations. valued at £400 at least." In the account, before-mentioned. of Up stairs is a bewildering variety of “George Heriott, her Highness' jeweler,clocks for mantel ornaments; and here we we find two other items apropos : "Aryng feel compelled to add one more laurel to with a beart and a serpent, all sett about the already cumbrous wreath crowning the with diamondis ;” and, “A pair of pen memory of the magnificent Harûn Aldentis of two handis, and two serpentis Rashid, by reminding our readers that hanging at them.”

the first clock seen in Europe was a present Perhaps the most manifestly-extravagant from that worthy caliph to Charlemagne. luxuries in this Palace of All-delight, are The stern graybeard, with his bald the vases which, in choice rarity, are dis crown, and scythe, and hour-glass, severe posed among its various wonders. That and uncompromising, is banished hence, tallest pair-yes, as tall as sunburned Jim and in his stead, bands of the rosy hours, my yonder, who was turned of twelve last attendant upon the gay goddess, chime, Christmas-ere—of brilliant lapis-lazuli- with ravishing sweetness, the scarce percolored glass, set upon gold, with bandles ceptible flapping of time's love-clipt exquisitely turned, are worth $1,000. One wings. Many of these fanciful time-pieces thousand dollars at the mercy of a ser are of white marble, profusely gilded, or vant's broom-handle, or the stubborn crino inlaid with fine miniatures of the Louis

XV. beauties, with powdered locks and bro- angle with her favorite dimple ; no one but caded farthin gales.

herself can attain the curve best adapted to In elegant contrast to this rather mere define the broad wbiteness of her Grecian tricious style, are those fine French bronz brow; and, since this gift of Venus has es, latterly become so popular for mantel fallen to her handmaidens, let us see ornaments. Some of these are classical what rare beauties can be eliminated by figures of great elegance, such as KSss's the last touches of loving fingers on the Amazon, knights in armor, or in tourna- professional aspect of the back hair. ment, curious mythological groups, and The cheap enjoyment of the picturegame pieces of wonderful perfectness. One shops detaias our country cousins in demantel-clock-an allegorical desigo-re- ligbted knots. At Williams & Stevens, it presents the earth supported by griffins, is Mrs. Spencer's dogs-a new pair—which and surmounted by a star-crowned spirit, especially engage their unschooled sympawith cherubic attendants. Two bronze thies—the “ Favorite and the Forsaken :' figures from Faust-the witch and Mephis the one, a pampered Prince Charles, retopheles—are replete with the German galed with the dainty bones of birds, esque grotesqueness, the fantastic diablerie, couched on silken ottomans, or velvet characteristic of the wildest conceptions Brussels carpet, or in the warm folds of a of Retzsch.

crimson damask curtain, washed, and combA novelty for the dressing-room, certain ed, and tenderly stroked, by the softest of to receive immediate approval and adop- white fingers, and decked with blue ribbon tion, is the miroir face et nuque. Have you and silver bell--a heartless, insolent pet seen it-tbat bappiest consummation of the of fortune; the other, the outcast mother appliances of the toilet? No more twist of four cold and bunger-clamorous pups, ing off of the head to get the merest idea with frost-nipped noses and watery eyes, of one's back bair ; no more blind faith in climbing over each other's backs in their the mecbanical accuracy of one's fingers in selfish misery, the weakest always under, arranging its massive rolls and braids; but, crying with all their four impatient stomby this magic-mirror, the gift is given us achs for the food which the drained nipto see, at least a part of, ourselves " as ith.

ples of their forsaken nurse have not to ers see us."

bestow; the north end of a pile of boards And all this conjuration, and this their only house, a frozen brick their mighty magic, is obtained by the sim threshold, and icicles, bright, hard and dry, plest contrivance imaginable—so simple, downbanging from their eaves ; on the that you wonder why it was not stumbled

ground, the segment of a great shin bone, upon long ago, by the stupidest of snatched from under some busy butcher's coiffeurs-an oval mirror, attached by a stall, at peril of the poor mother's life, and jointed rod to any good toilet glass. now quite hollow, empty, clean, licked to This rod, projecting from the top of the the last hope long ago. glass, bolds suspended, over and behind If, say our country cousins, Mrs. Spencer the head, the oval mirror, which reflects painted that piteous wretch from the life, the back hair upon the toilet glass, just we commiserate her no less than her model above the face.

-a sbivering, empty, shrunken thing ; one Hitherto, this portion of the fairest orna frost-bitten foot held up trembling; her ment of woman, with all its suggestiveness, once pure, white, sleek, silken coat--for it all its individuality, as one of the strong is plain she is of good family, and has seen points, has remained a well-nigh undiscove better days—now all smutched and rough; ered bourne, its expanse but dimly sur her nose sbarp and blue ; her tail hopelessmised, its landmarks a subject of conjec- ly between her legs ; her ears agued deture—the imperfect glimpses obtained, with spite their pricked-up eagerness ; her eyes much painful effort, through the agency of wits-endy and worried out; the forlornest a hand-glass, only making confusion a little thing alive. Our country cousins can unworse confounded.

derstand this picture well enough to be sorNo true coquette would ever consent to ry they bave seen it, although that elethe touch of strange fingers in her front ment in it, which we who are sophisticated hair ; none but her own cau twine, effective and sensitive, call coarseness, they say is ly, that beguiling tendril to just such an pature.

At Goupil's it is Rosa Bonheur's cattle way at farthest, have been, ever since their pieces which charm them most, and they last trip to town-ten years since, perhaps are particularly arrested by that certain —the ne plus ultra of high art in that line, simplicity, easy to feel, which makes the In the Academy of Music, they are not foreignness of the Chalk Wagon” famil- easily made comfortable; they perceive a iar. Some home-pictures, too, take their coldness; they are not at home. “A fine hearts at once, such as the “Christmas house, sir, but too far from the Astor.'' Dream” and the “Christmas Reality;" “At the Academy,” they say, “ you bad and an odd classical conceit, by Levasseur, your Fat Knight; wby could you not leave after Hamon, called “My Sister is not at us Jem Bags. We did not cry for your Home, Sir.” Then there is • Fidelity”-the Trovatore; could you not spare us our noble sorrow of a hound who watches by a Toodles? If we were content with Sleek. grave--by Castan, after Dedreux; and Eu why should you force Shylock upon us. gene Lepoittevin's “ History of a French We were joined to that Blessed Baby; why Fishing Boat'—the Launch, the Depar- could you not let us alone ?" ture, the Return, and the Wreck-full of But, after all, our friends are docile, and the vigor, the venture, the changeful ele easily persuaded to fall in with the Unionments of coast life. Vernet's " Arab Wo. Squareward march of the drama. We reman Surprised by a Lion," flutters the mind them retrospectively of the Hippoyoung ladies fresh from Cumming and Ge drome and the Crystal Palace; prospectrard ; and his “Mass in Kabyle,”—a splen ively of the Central Park. We bid them did spectacle of picturesque array---altar mark what their Castle Garden bas come and cross and banner and censer, priest

to. We ask what fate threatens the late and soldier, scimitar and sword, spear and

“ Burton's." We point them to the Broadbayonet, burnous and turban and fatigue way, in the very act to take up its cap-brightens the eyes, and elates the scenery and walk, even with that ghastly heart, and lifts up the martial spirit of the wound in its side, made by the envious boys.

Casca of adjacent improvement. We force But it is the art which comes nearest them to acknowledge that not even anhome-the daguerreotype-that appeals other Baby Show can long uphold the most successfully to the curiosity or the American Museum. vanity of our friends from the provinces. So they would compound for Niblo's, Fredricks' new rooms have been filled with English Opera and the tight rope. with them daily ; surprised, delighted, tit But we drag them to the Academy, and tering sitters for ambrotype, Hallotype, show them an audience which takes its prophotograph, or plain daguerreotype; portions from the largeness of the indomitgroups and single sitters, lovers and sweet able impressario. “ La Grange is great," hearts, the old folks and the toddling they cry, “and Maretzek is her prophet." weans ; some refreshing shape of harmless Beyond the teens, even into the forties, will vanity evident in each, and not one in ten they follow her. They take no connt of thousand above the beauty of those paint blocks, and are careless of “the last stage cd weaknesses which were made to be down." “hushed up among one's friends." And And so of Burton's, they grant us. By as yet, of all the city's wonders, there is none much as the Tempest is above the Toodles, of so many days as this ; of all the city's and the Midsummer Night's Dream, higher pretty gifts, none which so comes home to art than the Mummy, by so much is the the country's grateful bosom.

“above Bleecker” of stage proprieties Of course, our cousins must have their superior to the loose idea of the same faopera, and ballet, and their legitimate miliar to the low latitude of the Park; by drama. And, first of all, it is the uptown so much is the Burton of the Lafarge ward tendency of the theatres, as of hotels, above the Burton of Rabineau's. Animam which those deplore to whom Castle Gar as well as cælum mutant, qui up Broadway den, or Barnum's Museum, or the Broad currunt.

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