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833, 831, 8 IS; engraving of his election,
Harrington, sir J., election expenses, Ac. of,

1659, 1660.
Harris, a sleep-walker, 1899.
Hartsyde, Margaret, notice of, 750.
Harvest-home, engraving of, 1153, 1158;
harvesting on a Sunday, notice of, 1156;
notice of harvest in France, 877.
Hastings, Mr., an old English gentleman,

Hatherleigh, Devonshire, customs in, 149.
Hawkesbury in Cotswold, harvest-home in,

engraving of, 1153.
Hawthorn, Glastonbury, 1642.
Hazlitt, Mr., notice of. 1257. of preserving, 195 1615; drink-
ing health in harvest. 1168, 1171.
Heat, great degrees of, safely borne, and

how, 771.
Hedgehogs, wandering about Oldham by

day, in 939.
Hell,' a pageant representation of. 872.
Helston, Cornwall, notice of " Furry" at,

Henry VII.,chapel of, bnilt by fir Reginald

Bray, 1072.

Herefordshire, "crying the mare" in, 1163;

grigglmg, and making of cider in, 1269.

Ileriot's hospital, Edinburgh, engraving

and notice of, and also of the founder,

746, 747; his arms and autograph, 913.

Herod and Herodias, 1140.

Ilighgate, swearing on the horns at, 79,

Hinge, the, Carna goddess of, 727.
Hitchin, in Hertfordshire, custom at, 1174.
Hoare.sir R. C, 1022.
lloh.(old.) custom of in Cheshire, 1371.
Hogg. Thomas, (cheap Tommy,) 942.
Hogmany, a new year's usage in Scotland,

13; similar in England, 73.
Holland, Ann duchess of Exeter, her will,

Charies, actor, anecdote of, 1461.

Holy Thursday, custom on, 636.
Home, the poor man's described, 561.
Honey, to take without killing the bees,

Honeycomb, Will, 432.
Hoo, in Kent, mortality of wives in, 921.
Hood, Mr. T., notices of his Progress of
Cant, 130; and his Whims and Oddities,
Homchurch, custom of. 1649.
Home, W. A. esq., notice of, 1192.
Horns, swearing on, at Highgate, 79, 378;

horns prohibited to newsmen, 1276.
Hornsey, new river at, engraving of, 1311.
Horse-racing, early notice of. 539; with
women-riders, at Ripon, 1061 ; at Sad-
ler's Wells, 1561.
Homes, an extraordinary one for age and
excellence, 1291.

Hosier, admiral, 1392.

Hot cross-buns, 410.

Hours, the three, of Christ's crucifixion,

celebration of, 421
House, Sam., the Westminster publican,

Houses, hot or forcing, bow guarded

against hail, 1237; of old English gen-
tlemen, 1620.
Howard, Mr. Luke, his treatise on the cli

mate of London recommended, 3.
Howel Sele, notice of, 1027.
Hug, Cornish, 1010.
Humphrey, duke, dining with, 625.
Hungerford, Wiltshire, revel at, 1399.
Hunting, of elephants, 338, Ac.; in Epping

forest at Easter, 459, 460.
Hurling, description of, 1008.
Hurricanes, see Storms.
Husbands, a wife's sale of her dead one,

Hutton Corners, whimsical custom in, 21.

Idiots, curious account of one. 241.
Illusions, 1557, 1559; see Apparitions.
Images, common Italian, engravings of

some of them, SI I, 312, 315; colloquy

on images in churches, 1367; account

of digging up a gold image, 1606.
Imposture, extraordinary. See Price,

Incest, penance performed for, in 1826,989.
India, lottery for women in, 1518.
Indifferents, the, order of merit so named,

Infants, jocular account of night-nursing

them, 1541.
Ink, writing, 265.
"Inkle and Yarico," curious criticism on,

Inscriptions, a curious one with a key to

it, 732; singular colloquy touching

images and inscriptions in churches,

Insurance, on marriages, births, &c 14S6;

for lottery tickets, 1436, 1461, 1496;

curious trial about lottery insurance,

Interment, provision in a will against.

lnverary, astonishing rain at, 1215.
Invitations, curious one to dinner. 508.
Ireland, festival in honour of Baal in, 66,

866; travelling in, represented, 839;

singular devotion in, relative to Christ's

passion, 411; superstitions touching

death in, 1012; lottery job in, 1457.
Irish linen, remarkably fine piece of, 1616.
lion mask, man with the, 1559.
Isaure, Clemence, of Toulouse, 600.
Islington,(St. Mary,)old church, engraving

Italy, lotteries in, 15*1 155 4.
Iv\ lane, 1135.

Jack Ketch and Newgale, notice of, 694.

Jackson, Thomas, inscription on, 390.

Jacobin club, origin of, 971.

Jam, blackberry, receipt for, 1116.

James I. and Ann of Denmark, marriage
of, 1100.

II., notice of, 1320; ansedote touch-
ing a statue of, 487.

January f 0, remarkable sermon preached
on, 149.

Java, curious and dreadful case of electri-
cal cloud in, 1082.

JavasQ, pretended birth-place of an im-
postor, 1633.

Jekvll, sir J., obnoxious through the gin
act, 1263.

Jenkins, Henry, older than Old Parr, engra-
ving and notice of, 1602.

Jersey, earl of, 1S76.

"Jesus, Maria, Joseph," &c, extract from
a curious book so titled, 1089.

Jewels, of queen Ann of Denmark, notice
of, 749; lottery for disposing of prince
Rupert's, 1445.

Jews, two procured to be baptized the
day before Easter at Rome, 4S7; custom
of eating bacon at Easter in abhorrence
of them, 43J; prejudice against, and in-
teresting account of one, 538; trial
touching the validity of a Jewish mar-
riage, 1611; their hatred of Mamre fair,

Johnson, Dr. S., remarks on, 271,

Jones, John, of Wandsworth, notice and
engraving of. 820, 821, &c.

Joseph of Arimathea, and the Glast nbury
thorn, 164/.

Joshua, I lie inventor of lotteries, 1529.

Judas the traitor, 425.

Judircs, dancing round the coal Ore, custom
of. 171; coll.trs worn by,538.

Juggling, outdone by science, 780.

Justice, II., esq., transported for stealing
books, 652.

Keats, John, died, 250.

Kensington palace, supposed long subter-
ranean passage to, 1607; notice of
Kensington gardens, 781.

Kent, customs in, 1162, 1612; IVeald of
Kent, origin of, 450; fens of, morta-
lity of wives in, 923.

Keppel, A. J. V., first earl of Albemarle,

Ketch. (Jack) and Newgate, 694.

Keys, Mr., melancholy case of, 1459.

Kidlingten, Oxfordshire, festival called
Lady of the Lamb in, 669.

Kilburn, John,cheap travelling of, T3I.

Kilmarnock, earl of, executed, 1096.

Kindness, natural to women, 1614.

Kings* speeches, notice of one of James I.,
12X9 Rochfort, Essex, lawless court
at, 1286.

Kirklees, Yorkshire, 1638.

Kissing-crust, 1563.

Kitchen-maid, engraving of one in a lottery
puff, 1503.

Kitchener, Dr., 1550.

Knill, John,esq., patron of athletic exer-
cises in Cornwall, 1010.

Ladies, wedding preparations of one in

1550, 797.
Lady, the old, character of, 189.
Lambs, anecdote of the sale of, 895.
Lammas towers, in Mid-Lothian, 1051
Lamp-black, receipt for, 266.
Lancashire, custom in,660.
Lance, holy, account and engraving of, 426,

427, 4c.
Mi/-lady, fright of one, 1549.
Lands, local custom of laying out, 917.
Lanterns, Chinese festival of, 90.
l-argess, a harvest cry, 1158, 1166, 1173.
I .arks, taken by glasses at Dunstable, 118.
Laughing boy, engraving of, 543.
Laundon, (now Threekingham,) 1246.
Law, whimsical account of, 939; curious

action at, 1389. See Trials.
Lawrence, Mrs., her seat of Stud lev Ho, a I

described, 1061.
Ledyard, his interesting character of

women, 1614.
Leeches, unhurt by frost, 56; form a good

weather-guide, 491.
Legat, Bartholomew, an Arian, burnt, 371.
Leheup,Peter, fined for lottery fraud, 1158
Leicester house, Leicester-square, 997.
f-eigh and Sotheby, booksellers, notice of,

Lent, curious penance for transgressing, 116
Lenthall, W., speaker, original letter of

Oliver Cromwell to, 911.
Leonidas of Taientum, 510.
Lever, sir Ashton, notices and engravings

of his museum, 985—991.
Levy, J., a Jew, interesting account of, 533
Lewes, Mr. Sheriff, petition in 1775 against

lotteries, 1462.
Licenses, application forone to kill thieves

Lichfield, customs of, 667.
Lifting, a custom called, 1569.
Lightning, observations on, and fatal effect

upon a theatre at Venice, 1130, 1132.
Lincoln college, Oxford, the devil looking

over, 1236.
Lincoln's inn, great fire in, 880.
Lincolnshire, custom in, 394.
Lindians soliciting public subscriptions

notice of, 1111.
Lindsay, sir D., curious political drama by

Line, custom of sailors on crossing (he,

139 J. .

Linen, Irish, remarkably One pieces of,


Linton, Kent, custom of "doleing" at, 1627.

Literature, dramatic, instance of fertility
in, 1131.

Little John, and Robin Hoo 1, 1634, &c.

Liltlecotes-house, Buckinghamshire, de-
scribed, and adventure at, 1617.

Living, reasons for, 1591.

Lockslev, in Ivanhoe, representative of
Robin Hood, 1638.

London, Howard's treatise on its climate
recommended, S; season of winter in,
48; engravings of city seals, 357, 881;
spring in the city, 512; notice and en-
graving touching old watch of, 619, 369;
gymnastic society in, 653; the season
in, 781; materials of old city gates sold
in 1760,104S; Ivy-lane in, 1185; Ctesar's
camp near, 1315, 1566; lord mayor's
day, 1386; old sights in 1751, 1605;
election for city officers, 1626.

Gazette, 1384.

Journal in 17SI on lotteries, 1451.

Long, Edward, his ludicrous "Trial of a
dog for murder," 198; died, 310.

Longforgan, in Scotland, custom at, 1175.

Lopez de Vega, died, notice of. 1132.

Lord-mayor, celebration of his day, 1132;
singular robbery of, nearTurnham-green,

Loscoe, Derbyshire, the miser of, 1192.

Loslwithiel, Cornwall, custom at, 411.

Lothian, (Mid) Lammas towers in, 1051.

Lotteries, engravings and very numerous
notices of, 1335, 1405, &c. &c.

Love, satire on the popular representation
of, 1515.

lane, Camberwell, 1101.

tokens, formerly given, 1100.

, David, engraving and notice of, 225,


Lovelace, col. R., notice of, 561.

Lovers, dream of one, 1589.

Luck in lotteries, curious instance of, 1461.

Lucky numbers in lotteries, notices of,

Ludgate-hill, engraving rela'ive to old
watch tower on city wall near, 629.

Lully, J. B., notice of, 403.

I .it in If y. lord, 1376.

Lunar halo.extraordinary, 1537.

Lunn, Sally, buns of. 1561.

Lusus naturae, accounts of, 444, 445.

Lyings in, cus'.om at, 1381.

Lynn, custom at, 223.

Macdonald, Flora, 1 U8.

Magdaleneide, a curious poem so called,


Maids, (the two Biddenden.) account and

engraving of, 412, 413.
Maidstone, custom at, 1627.
Mamre, Abraham's oak at, 1033.

Man wiin the iron mask, 1559.

Mansfield, earl of, his autograph, 896.

Mantle-pieces, use of, 1350.

Manuscripts, accidental loss of valuable-
ones, 1617.

March, J. C, epitaph on, 478.

Mare, crying the, custom of, 1163.

Margarets, William, a rogue in grain. 799.

Marl, ninepenny, game called, 983, 1661.

Marlborough, duke of, 794

Marriages, a singularly disproportioned
one, 651 ; custom of flitch of bacon re-
lating to, 799; of Jews, trial about one
1611; insurance on. I486.

Martins. 1562.

Marseilles, thunny fishing at, 647; festival
at, 1R4S.

Martyr's sione at Hadleigh, Suffolk, 319.

Marvel, Andrew, died, notice of, 1095.

Mary,(ihe Virgin,) Romish titles of, 1610

Mask, iron, the man with the, 1559.

Mason, col., concentrates Norfolk fes-
tivities in Necion. 669.

Mass, (Cow,) at Dunkirk, description of,

Massacre of St. Bartholomew, notice of,

Massey, Mr. \V., his account of election of
mayor of Garrett, 826.

Matches, burlesque company for making

Matthews at home, engraving and notice
of, 465.

Maundy Thursday, celebration of, at
Seville and Home, 405, 403.

May,Conr-lius, 614.

-dew, notice and engraving abuut

gathering of, 610.

fly, 770.

Mayo, Ben, " the old general" of Notting-
ham, 1569.

Mayors, of Bartlemass, 1045; of Garrett,
819, &c.

May-pole, njravings and notices of, 571,
■575, 579,591, 610, C60.

Measures and weights, 126.

M>jt, over-fed,satire on, 1547.

Medley of human faces, 1537.

Me chants, emblem for, 1337.

Mercury,engraving of, ih.

Merit, curious order of, at Paris, 696.

Merlin's cave in Richmond gardens, 1108.

Merriman, Mr., at faiis, 1391.

Mid-Lothian, Lammas towers in, 105J.

Middleton Monday, 1571.

Milk-maids, engraving of one in a lottery
puff, 1520 j garland of, l'>63.

Minden, battle of, 1638.

Minerva, engraving and notice of, 468.

Miser of Loscoe, 1193.

Mists, 1395.

Model lottery, 1583.

Money, turning of, on new moon of new
year, 11.


Montague, Mrs., her annual dinner to chim-
ney-sweepers, 623.

Montgolfler, Messrs., 1567.

Months, Woolley's curious representation
of the, 515 ; ancient Cornish names of,970.

Moody, Joe, 683.

Moon, accounts of lunar rainbows, 1229,
1230; extraordinary lunar halo, 1537;
discoveries in the moon, 1595.

More, sirT., credulity of, 425.

Morecroft, Mr. T, (the Spectator's Will
Wimble,) died, 89*

Morris, nine men's, game called, 983,1661.

dancing. 792.

, captain T., ditd, 221.

Mosely. Dr., a curious criticism of, 143.

Mother of God, curious address to, 1089.

Mountebanks at White Conduit-house in
1826, 1291.

Mountgoddard-street, London, 1137.

Mulberries, numerous kinds of, 1069,&c.

Mummers, 1615,&c.

Munden, the actor, notice of, 891.

Murder, ludicrous trial of a dog for, 198.

Murphy, Arthur, author, notice of, 797.

Museum, Leveiian, engraving and notice
of, 986, &c.

Music, of a harvest cry, 1171; Canada and
America in general, deficient in vocal
music, 713; notice of the death song of
the swan, 965, 966; lottery for a fine
organ, 1453.

"My son,sir," ludicrous engraving, 1542.

Mysteries, old dramas, notice of, 500.

Nanneu, the haunted oak of, in Wales, 1022.
Napoli, in Greece, celebration of Easter in,

4 VI.
Naseby, battle of, original letter of Oliver

CrumM.'ll about, 911.
Nassau,William,(flrst earl ofRochfort,)!S7e.
Naturalists' calendar proposed, 25.
Nature and art, 310.
Navy, pressi-g men in church for, 419.
Necton, in Norfolk, Whitsuntide festivals

established in, 6£ 9 ; engraving, 671.
Nelson, lord, 1343, 1356.
Neptune, personified by sailors, custom of,

Nests, attachment of birds to them, 238.
New-year's day, 5, &c. River, impu ity of water ef, 1203 ; at

Hornsey, engraving of, 1311; New River

eclogue, notice of, 155).
Newark, customs at, 161, 367.
Newbury, Berkshire, customs at, 367, 1045.
Newcastle, extract from common council

book of, 487; house of God, charily at,

Newscriers, London, 1275; a remarkable

one, ib
Newspapers, an oH one for 1T3P, de-
scribed, 1301 ; an apology for not giving

tht newt ir. one, 1362.

Niblet, Mr., died 1095.

Nichols, Mr., John, Dr. S. Parr's letter

to, on king Richards well, 1107; respect

ful notice of him, 1641.
Nicot, Mr., said to have first brought to

bacco to Europe, 398.
Nine men's morris, game called, 983,1661.
Noah, S., lottery fraud of, 1466.
Nonsuch lottery, 1446.
Norfolk, customs in, 1666.
Northampton May garland, engraving of

Northumberland, death tokens in, 1019.
Norwich, hoax at, 1139.
Notes, forged, in shop windows, notice of,

"Nothing half so sweet in life," illustrated,

Nottingham, old general Ben of, 1569.
Nowell, dean of St. Paul's, and queen Eli-
zabeth, colloquy between, 1867.
Numbers, lucky, in lotteries, notices of


0'IIarafamily,lhe,ataleof, 1018.

Oaks, the haunted oak of Nanneu, 1022;
sir Philip Sidney's oak, 1032; Abra-
ham's oak at Mamre, 1033; name nf
Berkshire derived from one, I OSS; lot-
tery called the Royal Oak, 142S, &c.

Oaths, form of the Dunmow oath, 80S, 807 ,
at election of mayor of Garrett, 813.

Oddities. Whims and, Mr. Hood's book
called, notice of, and cuts from, 1537,&c.

Ody, Joe, 1371, 1581.

Oil used for stilling waves, 191, 254.

Old English squires or gentlemen, then
houses and mode of living, 1620,1621,&c.

general Ben, of Nottingham, 1569.

Lady, the, picture of, 189.

Whig, the, newspaper described,


Oldham, Lancashire,hedgehogs abounding
in 1826,939.

Opera arm-chairs, 630.

Optical illusions, 1559.

Orders, female order of merit at Paris,
696; order of Tools, 1287, &c.

Orford, lord, his account of archbishop
Chichcley, 1141; and of a curious or
gan, 1451.

Organ, disposal of a very curious one by
lottery, 1451.

Orsedew, explanation of, 1263.

Osnaburg, lottery in, 1381.

Oven, heat of, resisted by Monsieur Cha
berl, 772,&c.

Owen, Glendower, 1026.

Owl and duck, cruel amusement with, 1403

Ox, Durham, complaint of, 1347.

Oxfor1, gazette first published at, 1884.

Paddington, customs at, 449,577; notice of
the old church at, 1369

Paisley. Ilallow-eve tires, 18J9.

PalameJe, a Ash highly valued, 648

I'\im Sunday, pageants on, 390, 392.

Palmer worm, notice of. 1128.

Pancakes, 1561.

Pancras, Roman station at, 1315, 1566.

I'andolfo Attonito, or lord Galloway's la-
mentation, CM.

Pantomimes, 500.

Panyer Alley, engraving of an effigy on a
stone in, 11*5.

Papegwajt French amusement of shooting
at, 889, 875.

Paris, festival of cobblers at, 1054.

Parish beadle, 1558.

Parker, John, curious caligraphy by, 1815.

Parkinson, Mr., obtains Ihe Levenan mu-
seum by lottery. 997, &c.

Parkyns, sir T., notice of, 874.

Parliaments, the only one within memory,
expiring by efflux of time, 819.

Parr, Dr. 8., letter from, on king Rich-
ard's well, 1107.

Parrots, engraving of a street image of
one, Sll ; amusement of shooting at a
stuffed one, called papeajuay, 889, S75.

Passing Bell, origin of, 185.

Passion Wednesday, celebration of, at
Seville, 401.

Patch, alia* Price, Charles, lottery office-
keeper, curious memoirs of, 1170.

Paths, field, 903.

Paul Pry, letter from, 49.

Puul's Cathedral,notice of ball ami cross on,
1096; dialogue between queen Elizabeth
and the dean, 1367; lottery drawn in the
church-yard, 1410.

Cross, history of, 414.

Pauntley, agricultural custom in, 98.

Peak of Derbyshire, custom of, 451 ; pecu-
liar rights of marriage claimed in, 637.

Peerages, now existing, prior to Henry
VII., 1109.

Peers, king William's, notices of, 1874.

Penderill family, anecdote of, 857.

Penny lottery, 1481.

Pentonville, Roman remains at, 1197,1566.

Peppard revel, advertisement of, 678.

Pepya', Mr., notice of gathering May-dew,

Peru, harvest customs in, 1162.

Peter, the Lombard, immaculate conception
suggested by, 1609

penny, 1819.

Peter's, St., at Rome, celehration of Easter
in, 451.

Petrarch, his notice of the cavern of Sainte
Beaume, 1006.

Phillip*, sir It., his description of Garrett,

Phrenological illustrations by Cruikshank,
notice of, H8l,&c.

Physicians, the wonderful one, 477.

Piccadilly, origin of, 381.

Pictures in churches, curious collouut un

Pigs, lire first in Scotland, humorous no

lice of, 1118.
I'ilate, tradition concerning, 431.
Piper, John, notice of, 935.
Plants, machine for determining their daily

increase, 185.
Plate, lotteries for, 1 109, &c.
Play-bills, one announcing Garrick's first

appearance in London, 1336; apparatus

for printing, 72.
Plays, first attendance at one described,

Ploughing, a miser's plan for, 1194.
Plumtree, Miss, her account of supersti-
tions of Brittany, 972, \c.
Poetry, establishment at Toulouse for en-
couraging, 602.
Poisons, singular case of experimenting on,

635; taken, or pretended to be so, in

large quantities, with impunity, 771.
Pol de Leon, St., account of, 971.
Polkinhorne, the Cornish champion in

wrestling, 109.
Pollard's land, in Durham, tenure of, 1044
Pomfret, earl of, IS76.
Pony, remarkable feat of one, 689.
Poor man's borne, 563, So 1-
Porters, fellowship, notice of, 876.
Portland, duke of, 1874.
Porto Bello, capture of, 1398.
Ports and Havens, first lottery for repairing,

Pope, Morris, a champion at single-stick

Posset at bed-time, notice of, 1623.
Post, the walking, 1593.
Pottage, Christmas, 1613.
Potteries, the, a summer scene in, 991.
Pounteney, Mrs., accomplice of Price, the

forger, 1178, &c.
Poverty, reflections on, 563, 564.
Powder Plot, November 5, celebrations

of, 1S78, &c.
Prayers desired in a church for luck in

a lottery, 1461.
Presents, hiding of, in shoes and slippers,

Pressing for the navy in church, in reign of

queen Elizabeth, 419
Preston, Lancashire, singular collision of

flocks of birds near, 1139.
Pretorium, supposed, of Suetonius, at Pen-
tonville, 1198, 1566.
Price alias Patch, lottery-office keeper, no

tice and engravings of, 1470.
Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood the, 1687
Printers, their Mav festival, 687; printers

devils, 1839.
Printing, mystery of, picture of. 18 lu

calicoes, a chemical black for, 869. press at St. James's, notices cun

cerning, 931.

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