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PRICE SCHROEDER (Dr. KARL). A Manual of Midwifery, including the

Pathology of Pregnancy and the Puerperal State. By Dr. Karl
Schroeder, Professor of Midwifery, and Director of the Lying-in
Institution, in the University of Erlangen. Translated into English
from the third German edition, by Charles H. Carter, B. A., M. D.,
B. S., London; Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London,

eto. With 26 Engravings on Wood. 8vo... Cloth, $3.50*; Sheep, 84 50* SIMPSON (Sir JAMES Y.) Selected Works: Anästhesia, Diseases of

Women. 3 vols., 8vo. Per volume......... Cloth, $3.00*; Sheep, 4 00* SMITH (EDWARD, M. D., LL. B., F. R. S.) Foods. (International Scientific Series.)...

1 75 Health: a Hand-Book for Households and Schools. 12mo. Cloth, 1 00 STEINER. Compendium of Children's Diseases: a Hand-Book for

Practitioners and Students. By Dr. Johannes Steiner, Professor of Diseases of Children in the University of Prague, etc. Translated from the second German edition, by Lawson Tait, F. R. C. S., etc. 8vo...

Cloth, $3.50*; Sbeep, 4 50* SWETT'S Diseases of the Chest. 8vo..

..Cloth, 3 50* TYNDALL (JOHN). Essays on the Floating Matter of the Air; in

Relation to Putrefaction and Infection. 12mo.... ... Cloth, 1 50 VAN BUREN (W. H.) Lectures upon Diseases of the Rectum, and

the Surgery of the Lower Bowel, delivered at Bellevue Hospital Medical College; by W. H. Van Buren, M. D., LL. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College; one of the Consulting Surgeons of the New York Hospital ; of the Bellevue Hospital; Member of the New York Academy of Medicine; of the Pathological Society of New York, etc. New edition, enlarged and rewritten. 8vo....

..Cloth, 3 00* VAN BUREN AND KEYES. A Practical Treatise on the Surgical

Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs, including Syphilis. Designed as a Manual for Students and Practitioners. With Engravings and Cases. By W. H. Van Buren, M, D., LL. D., and Edward L. Keyes, A. M., M. D., Professor of Dermatology in Bellevue Hospital Medical College; Surgeon to the Charity Hospital, Venereal Division; Consulting Dermatologist to the Bureau of 'Out-Door

Relief, Bellevue Hospital, etc. 8vo. ....Cloth, $5.00*; Sheep, 600* VOGEL (A.) A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. By

Alfred Vogel, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Dorpat, Russia. Translated and edited by H. Raphael, M. D., late House Surgeon to Bellevue Hospital ; Attending Physician to the Eastern Dispensary for the Diseases of Children, etc. From the fourth German edition. Illustrated by six Lithographic Plates. 8vo.

Cloth, $4.50*; Sheep, 5 50* WAGNER (RUDOLF). Hand-Book of Chemical Technology. Trans

lated and edited from the eighth German edition, with extensive Additions, by William Crookes, F. R. S. With 336 Illustrations. 8vo, 761 pages....

....Cloth, 500 WALTON (GEORGE E., M. D.) Mineral Springs of the United States

and Canadas. Containing the latest Analyses, with full Description of Localities, Routes, etc. 12mo...

..Cloth, 900 WELLS (Dr. T. SPENCER). Diseases of the Ovaries. 8vo.....Cloth, 4 50 WYLIE (WILLIAM G.) Hospitals....

9 50* 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street, New York

Conducted by E. L. & W. J. YOUMANS.

This magazine draws from the intellectual resources of all nations, and is now recognized as the most successful scientific periodical in the world.

It is widely taken by the cultivators of science in all branches, particularly by physi. cians, who find it indispensable, and are extensively enumerated among its subscribers.

The reason of this is, that our best minds are getting tired of the shallow frivolities of sensational literature, and demand a magazine that elevates the standard of popular reading in this country. Science is the great agency of improvement in this age, private and public, individual, social, professional, and industrial. In its irresistible progress it touches everywhere, and affects everybody. It gives law to the material interests of the community, and modifies its ideas, opinions, and beliefs, so that all have an interest in being informed of its advancement. Those, therefore, who desire to know what is going on in the world of thought in these stirring times, when new knowledge is rapidly extend ing, and old errors are giving way, will find that they can only keep posted by subscribing for THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY.

WHAT IS SAID OF IT. “This is one of the very best periodicals of its kind published in the world. Its corps of contributors comprise many of the ablest minds known to science and literature."American Medical Journal, St. Louis.

“THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY fills an unsupplied want. We can not well understand why an intelligent layman can dispense with it; certainly this journal should be the monthly visitant of every physician and scientist."-Virginia Medical Monthly.

“Each month it provides some one hundred and fifty pages of choice reading, often original, and always valuable, no less than invitingly interesting.”—Saturday Evening Eapre 8, Boston, Mass.

"The Monthly is a periodical that thoughtful readers will not willingly do without." -Louisville Courier-Journal.

“Outside of medical journals, there is no periodical published in America as well worthy of being placed upon the physician's library-table and regularly read by him as The Popular SCIENCE MONTHLY."-St. Louis Clinical Record.

“Every physician's table should bear this valuable monthly, which we believe to be one of the most interesting and instructive of the periodicals now published, and one which is destined to play a large part in the mental development of the laity of this country.”—Canadian Journal of Medical Scicnce.

This magazine is rapidly gaining in popular confidence and in circulation."Brooklyn (V. Y.) Union- Argus.

"A journal of eminent value to the cause of popular education in this country."New York Tribune.

The volumes begin in May and November of each year. Subscriptions may begin at any time. Terms, $5.00 per annun; single number, 50 cents.

A club of five will be sent as directed for $20.00 per annum.

The Popular SCIENCE Monthly and New York MEDICAL JOURNAL, to one address, $9.00 per annum. Full price, $10.00.

A General Index to The Popular SCIENCE MONTHLY, from its first issue to April, 1882 -twenty volumes-price, cloth bound, $1.00.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,



A Weekly Review of Medicine.

Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D.,


THE NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, now in its thirty-seventh volume, is published every Saturday. It is handsomely printed, in large, double-columned pages, containing a large amount of carefully selected matter relating to all the departments of medicine.

Its contents consist of
LECTURES and ADDRESSES, by College Professors and Hospital Physicians and Surgeons.
ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS, for the most part practical in character,
CLINICAL REPORTS of Hospital and Dispensary Practice.

BOOK Notices.

PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIEties, including selected reports of the New York Academy of Medi-

cine, the Medical Society of the County of New York, the New York Pathological
Society, the New York Dermatological Society, etc.; official reports (published in
this Journal only) of the New York Obstetrical Society, the New York Society of
German Physicians, the New York Clinical Society, etc. ; reports of other societies

from time to time. REPORTS ON THE PROGRESS OF MEDICINE: separate reports quarterly on Anatomy and

Physiology; General Medicine; Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynæcology, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Toxicology; Ophthalmology and Otology ; Venereal and Genito-Urinary Diseases ; Orthopædic Surgery; Dermatology; Psychological

Medicine; and Preventive Medicine. MISCELLANY.

A new volume of the New YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL begins with the first number for January and July of each year.

Terms, $5.00 per annum (postage prepaid by the Publishers);

single copies, 15 cents. The New YORK MEDICAL Journal and THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTILY, to one ad dress, $9,00 per annum.

A General Index to the New York Medical Journal, from its first issue to June, 1876—including twenty-three volumes-now ready. Bound in cloth, price, 75 cents.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

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