Agriculture Through the Laboratory and School Garden: A Manual and Text-book of Elementary Agriculture for Schools


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Página 317 - As in an idiot's brain remembered words Hang empty 'mid the cobwebs of his dreams ! Will bleat of flocks or bellowing of herds Make up for the lost music, when your teams Drag home the stingy harvest, and no more The feathered gleaners follow to your door ? " What ! would you rather see the incessant stir Of insects in the windrows of the hay, And hear the locust and the grasshopper Their melancholy hurdy-gurdies play ? Is this more pleasant to you than the whir Of meadow-lark, and her sweet roundelay,...
Página 317 - You call them thieves and pillagers ; but know, They are the winged wardens of your farms, Who from the cornfields drive the insidious foe, And from your harvests keep a hundred harms ; Even the blackest of them all, the crow, Benders good service as your man-atarms, Crushing the beetle in his coat of mail, And crying havoc on the slug and snail.
Página iii - Give fools their gold, and knaves their power ; Let fortune's bubbles rise and fall ; Who sows a field, or trains a flower, Or plants a tree, is more than all. For he who blesses most is blest ; And God and man shall own his worth Who toils to leave as his bequest An added beauty to the earth.
Página 335 - Dissolve as much common washing soda as possible in six gallons of water, then dissolve one gallon of ordinary soft soap in the above and add one pint of crude carbolic acid and thoroughly mix ; slack a quantity of lime in four gallons of water so that when it is added to the above, the whole will make a thick whitewash ; add this to the above and mix thoroughly, and finally add one-half pound of paris green or one-fourth pound of powdered white arsenic and mix it thoroughly in the above.
Página 394 - Rhode Island: Kingston. South Carolina: Clemson College. South Dakota: Brookings. Tennessee: Knoxville. Texas: College Station. Utah: Logan. Vermont: Burlington. Virginia: Blacksburg. Washington: Pullman. West Virginia: Morgantown. Wisconsin: Madison. Wyoming: Laramie.
Página 113 - Having secured an organism which was able to fix such a largo amount of nitrogen, it was necessary to devise some means of preventing this property from being lost, as well as to enable the cultures to be distributed in sufficient quantity to be of some practical use. It is now known that the bacteria, when grown upon nitrogen-free media, will retain their high activity if they are carefully dried out and then revived in a liquid medium at the end of varying lengths of time. By using some absorbent...

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