Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, Volumen1

Morse & Bagg, printers to the Legislature, 1907
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Includes extra sessions.

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Página 1160 - When the transfer is of property made by a resident or by a nonresident when such nonresident's property is within this state, by deed, grant, bargain, sale or gift made in contemplation of the death of the grantor, vendor or donor, or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment at or after such death.
Página 828 - An act to provide for the construction and maintenance of drains, and the assessment and collection of taxes therefor and to repeal all other laws relative thereto," being compiler's section 4340 of the Compiled Laws of 1897, as amended by Act No.
Página 450 - An act to provide for the election of a county commissioner of schools, for the appointment of school examiners, and to define the duties and fix the compensation for the same, and to repeal all existing acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act...
Página 1021 - Act No. 183 of the Public Acts of 1897. entitled 'An act to provide for the appointment and to fix the term of office, duties and compensation of circuit court stenographers in the state of Michigan,
Página 461 - An act to revise and consolidate the laws providing for the incorporation of manufacturing and mercantile companies or any union of the two, and for the incorporation of companies for carrying on any other lawful business, except such as are precluded from organization under this act by its express provisions, and to prescribe the powers and fix the duties and liabilities of such corporations.
Página 836 - An act to provide for the incorporation of villages within the State of Michigan, and defining their powers and duties," being section 2726 of the Compiled Laws of 1915.
Página 434 - ... in the judicial circuit in which the City of Detroit is or may be situated and in the judicial circuit in which the County of Saginaw is or may be situated, and in the judicial circuit in which the County of St.
Página 1055 - An act to revise the laws providing for the incorporation of the railroad bridge and tunnel companies and to regulate the running and management and to fix the duties and liabilities of all railroad, bridge, tunnel and other corporation owning or operating any railroad, bridge, or tunnel within this state...
Página 1008 - An act relative to bonds and other obligations, with surety or sureties, and the acceptance as surety thereon of companies qualified to act as such, and the release of such surety, and the safe depositing of assets for which such surety may be liable, and to the charging by fiduciaries of the expense of procuring sureties, and repealing all laws in conflict therewith," being compiler's section 5196 of the Compiled Laws of 1897, as last amended by Act No.
Página 434 - Peninsula, is hereby authorized and empowered to give and to pay the circuit judge of the judicial circuit, to which said county is attached, such additional salary or compensation as may from time to time be fixed and determined by such board of supervisors.

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