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there is no treasure in the holy make this precious loan unto scriptures, because they have the Lord let us not be weary never been opened to your un- in well doing; for in due season derstanding. This institution we shall reap, if we faint not.may be the very means, that Gal. vi. 9. Those who cannot God designs to make use of, to contribute so bountifully as othdiscover to you hidden treasures, ers, nor so much as they wish, with which all the riches of the must be careful to make it up by Indies cannot be compared.

It their prayers; for the establishmay be that some souls in this ment of this Society depends society will be saved, in answer much, yea, altogether upon the to the prayers of those persons,

exertions and earnest prayer to whom this word of life has Christians.

And we been sent. Therefore do not much dependant en God for a discourage any from going in to spirit of prayer, as for ability to possess the good land ; but give of our substance. But the rather put forth your hand, and Lord saith, for this will I be en. take some of those heavenly quired of by the house of Israel clusters that are held out to you. to do it for them. Therefore Let our hands be ready and wake all ye praying souls, and hearts open to contribute, for the call upon your God. There spiritual relief of perishing fel- are many who nced your praylow mortals, as God gives abil- ers-some perhaps within your ity and opportunity. What if own walls—many all around you; some are obliged to arise early but particularly those to whom and set up late, and even deny we intend sending the glad news themselves some of the necessa- of salvation by Jesus Christ. ries of life, in order to advance And for the establishment of the little sum-whilst others this Society, let the directors of out of their abundance, may it, and all others that have an throw much into their treasury.

interest at the throne of grace, But let such remember, that be earnest with their God for the widow's two mites were ac- its continuance ; for it is he that cepted. It is the heart that must increase its numbers and God looketh at. The Lord seeth its funds. All depends upon not as man seeth, for man look- the divine blessing. Many may eth on the outward appearance,

say and all be ready to think, but the Lord looketh on the that one year will supercede the heart. If it is but a free will of necessity of any further exerfering unto the Lord-be it more tion; but who can tell what or less, it will be accepted, and

God is about to do? He may returned back four-fold. For open the hearts of the same inthus saith our Lord, give and it dividuals to subscribe again, and shall be given unto you good make large accessions to their measure, pressed down, and numbers. Jacob passed over shaken together, and running Jordan with his staff

, and afterover, shall men give into your wards became two band3.-Thus bosom. For with the same

it may be with us, for the Lord measure that you meet with all, giveth power to the faint, and to it shall be measured to you again. them that have no might he inLuke vi. 38. Therefore let us creaseth strength, for they that wait on the Lord shall renew Wherefore gird up your loins, their strength. Isaiah xl. 29- be sober and hope to the end.31. If there are but five wrest- Put on the whole armour of God, ling Jacobs, and Queen Esthers, take the shield of faith, the hel. that are truly engaged to go met of salvation, and sword of from time to time, to the king, the spirit, which is the word of making their petitions with im- God-praying always with all portunity; the golden sceptre prayer and supplication in the will be held out. By the estab- spirit. Rejoice in the Lord allishment of this Society, the ways, and let your moderation Lord may work wonders, which be known unto all men—for the may cause many hearts to re- Lord is at hand. Let the words joice. Therefore, sing, O daugh- of Christ dwell in you richly, in ter of Zion ; shout o Israel ; | all wisdom, teaching and adbe glad and rejoice with all thy monishing one another in psalms heart, O daughter of Jerusalem, and hymns, and spiritual songs ; fear thou not, let not thy cords and whatsoever you do, in word be slack; the Lord thy God in or deed, do all in the name of the midst of thee is mighty, he the Lord Jesus; and the peace will save, he will rejoice over of God, which passeth all unthee with joy; he will rest in his derstanding, shall keep your love. Zeph. iii. 14, 16, 17, Sing hearts and minds through Christ and rejoice O daughter of Zion, Jesus. Be ye also patient, watchfor, lo, I come, and I will dwelling your hearts, for the coming in the midst of thee, saith the of the Lord draweth nigh. The Lord; and many nations shall last words which our dear be joined unto the Lord in that | Saviour spoke to his disciples, day; and shall be my people, were, observe all things whatsoand dwell in the midst of them. I ever I have commanded you, and, Zach. ii. 10, 11. For I, saith the lo, I am with you always, even Lord, will be unto her a wall of to the end of the world. fire round about, and a glory in the midst of her; therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord. On the reasonableness of an im. Now ye friends of this Society,

mediate repentance. fear not to meet often, to con

[Contin. from page 383, vol. iv.] verse about the great and glorious things which concern the would next recommend to

7. kingdom. You will find that in all who think themselves Malachi iii. 16. we are encour-impenitent, to take into considaged to speak often one to an- eration the dreadful sin of insultother. They that feared the ing the infinite God, by postLord, spake often one to another, poning repentance till some fuand the Lord hearkened and ture, more convenient season. heard it; and a book of remem- Let us consider what is the real brance was written before him, language of those who defer refor them that feared the Lord, pentance till some future periand that thought upon his name. od. At present they are rebels And they shall be mine saith against the government of God; the Lord of hosts in that day they have evil hearts of unbelief; when I make up my jewels. I they have gone astray ever since

I would next recommend to

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they were born ; they have sin- unhappiness. If, when he mildned against the most convin- | ly remonstrated, informing them cing evidence; when they have that they were destroying themknown their duty, they have not selves, and that he would offer been willing to perform it; and, every assistance to recover them, to add a deeper stain to their from the devious paths of error, guilt

, although they have been and bring them back to obedifrequently intreated to repent ence and happiness; but that he and forsake their sins, they have could not always bear with their uniformly refused. Still God obstinacy, and should be obliged exhibits himself on the mercy

to disinherit and renounce them seat once more, and causes it finally, unless they complied again to be proclaimed in their with his wishes and their duty ; ears, that now is the accepted time. if they then abused his tenderTo requite him for this renewed ness, and treated his proffered instance of long-suffering kind- favor with contumely, reproach ness and tender mercy, they, and aggravated rebellion, alledgwith unexampled insolence, forming that they should return to the cool and deliberate conclu- their duty whenever they pleas-, sion, that they will continue in ed, how ungrateful should we rebellion till they find a more

pronounce their conduct, how agreeable time to repent and re- hardened their hearts, and how nounce their sins. To assist us just the indignation of the afin estimating the awful crimi- ficted parent! If this faint sketch nality of such conduct, let us should exhibit ingratitude and consider an earthly parent, (yet obstinacy in an odious light, Oh, how inadequate must be the how deep must be the stain of comparison between the kind that guilt which refuses to obey ness and forbearance of any cre

the call of God, the kindest of ated being, and the forgiving benefactors, the ever glorious love of Jehovah :) let us consid- and Almighty Father. er a parent who had brought up

There is one reflection which his family with all possible ten- ought to strike the minds of those derness and care; who had who are guilty of the conduct spent days of toil, and nights of which I have been considering, wakefulness to provide for their with terror, if not with contriWants, and to watch against the tion. It is this : God has the dangers which might beset their power to cut them off in the paths; and who had uniformly midst of their wickedness, and and invariably exhibited himself they have no security that he the benefactor, the friend, the will not exercise the power bountiful parent of his family.- He certainly is in no need of Let us suppose his children to their assistance or obedience ; be possessed of a different spirit, for with a word he could create to show no gratitude for his kind- any number of glorious and obeness, to set themselves in array dient beings. Behold, even to against his government, and to

the moon, and it shineth not; ycay behave unceasingly in such a the stars are not sure in his sight; manner as to wound his feelings, how much less man that is a worm; and throw the family into a sit- and the son of man which is a uation of confusion and constant worm ? There is, indeed, an

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awful declaration that those who, i gion where the attention of being frequently reproved, har people is excited to seek after den their necks, shall be sudden- salvation, the common and earnly destroyed, and that without est prayer is, that serious things remedy. To such persons, also, may not wear off from their a solemn passage in the first minds, and that they may not chapter of Proverbs, is peculiar- relapse into their former stuly applicable: Because I have pidity and deadness. They are called and ye refused; I have convinced how unspeakably great stretched out my hand but no man their danger was while they reregarded; but ye have set at mained secure in sin ; and their nought all my counsel, and would greatest fear now is, that they none of my reproof; I also will shall be left to their natural laugh at your calamity ; I will hardness of heart, and blindness mock when your fear cometh ; of mind. They recollect, with when your fear cometh as desola- sensations of astonisment, their tion, and your destruction cometh former obduracy, and the light as a whirlwind ; when distress and views which they had been anguish cometh upon you.

wont to enterain with respect to 8. Upon this naturally arises eternal things; and they see a consideration which might that it is of God's rich mercy justly be esteemed important by that they have now any sense of every sinner, and which the bi- the madness and danger of sin. ble teaches to be of the greatest But those persons who feel at importance. I allude to the ease for the present and expect danger of being suffered to go to attend to religion at some on according to the inclination of more convenient season, are not a hard and impenitent heart.- in a less dangerous situation It is a truth which can be because they are insensible of abundantly proved both from their danger. They are travelscripture and experience, that ling that dismal road, with their the heart of man is exceedingly eyes shut, in which thousands prone to sin; and it seems have gone before them to de.. equally evident to every think-struction. To such the following mind, that the way of sin is ing passages of scripture may the way of misery, and that all well be addressed. Therefore they who hate wisdoin, love death. shall they eat of the fruit of their At least these truths must be own way, and be filled with their believed by all who believe the own devices. And it shall come bible; and therefore it seems to pass at that time, that I will proper that the consideration of search Jerusalem with candles, being left to the native wickedness and punish the men that are setof the human heart should fill tled on their lees; that say in their the conscience with alarm. The heart, The Lord will not do good, man who has a just sense of the neither will he do evil. plague of his own heart, and the 9.. Again, let persons who wickedness of his past life, de- are inclined to procrastinate in precates, above all things, the these all-important concerns, cast being left to his own froward in their eyes upon those who have clinations, and his own evil hab- heretofore given place to the its. So in all revivals of reli- same inclination, and they must



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be awakened unless they are he was secure of living forever the subjects of a most danger- here on earth. Is he sensual ? ous infatuation. How few, alas, His mind becomes still more the of those who in their youth fiat- seat of unlawful desire, and he tered themselves that in old age not unfrequently acts the part of they should repent, have ever a pander to his young relations been permitted to see that peri- and acquaintance, not content

While in the midst of their with offering himself as a vicworldly schemes, perhaps while tim on the altar of intemperance just entering upon a vast round and brutism. Is he ambitious ? of business, which was to be ac- The desire of fame gains new complished before they could at- | vigor the longer it is indulged, tend to religion, they were taken and a man is never more fond from the earth, and obliged to of popular favor than in his dogive an account of all the deeds tage. In short, whatever worlddone in the body. How ill must ly thing maintains dominion in they be prepared to render the the heart of man to the exclureasons of their continuing insion of religion till old age, it impenitency and sin! But even takes away even all seeming exsuppose they have reached the cellence, and deadens the subperiod of old age; that period ject of it to all considerations, which in their confused imagi- except those which belong to nations they had intended to de- | this vain and deceitful world. vote to the service of God, what

C. Y. A. is their situation ? With hands [TO BE CONTINUED.] which have labored in the service of Mammon; with hearts which have been filled with the lusts of this vain and corrupting world,

Religious Intelligence. how can they perform a service acceptable to God? Can those eyes which, for a long series,

ORDINATIONS. have gazed with satisfaction upon

ON Wednesday the 23d of the temptations which surround May, was ordained at Kingsborthem, be raised toward Him who ough, (Johnstown,) the Rev. dwelleth in the heavens, in hum- ELISHA YALE, to the pastoral ble adoration ! Can the tongue

care of the Church and Society which has been long accustom- in that place. The Rev. Charles ed to profane the name of its | McCabe, of Milton, (N. Y.) made Maker, be suddenly brought to

the introductory prayer. The praise the Great Benefactor, and Rev. Nathan Perkins, D. D. of turned in old age to the voice of West-Hartford, (Conn.) preachmelody? Far otherwise. The ed the sermon, from 2 Cor. iv. man who has lived to old age 5. We preach not ourselves, without religion, is in a state

but Christ Jesus the Lord, and little less than hopeless. ' Is he ourselves your servants for Jesus' avaricious? His whole soul is sake.The Rev. Coanrod Tenz more and more engrossed with Eick, of Mayfield, (N. Y.) made the love of riches ; death is the consecrating prayer; during entirely excluded from his which Dr. Perkins, and the Rev. thoughts ; and he acts as tho' | Messrs. Ten Eicky McCabe and

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