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Shepard, imposed hands. The serious sense of the solemn and Rev. Samuel Shepard, of Lenox, interesting scene. The entire (Ms.) gave the charge. The unanimity of the Church and Rev. Charles McCabe gave the people, on the joyous and yet right hand of fellowship; and momentous occasion, presages the Rev. Dr. Perkins made the

consequences auspicious to that concluding prayer. A peculiar branch of Zion. solemnity, during the whole service, was manifested by a numerous auditory convened on the interesting occasion.

QUESTION.-An explana

tion is desired, by one of our ON the 4th instant, the Rev. readers, of a passage in the 8th DAVID DICKINSON, was inau- chapter to the Romans, from the gurated to the pastoral care of 19th to the 23d vr. inclusive. the Church of Christ in Meriden, State of New-Hampshire. The publie solemnities of the occasion were performed according

AT a Meeting of the Geneto the foHowing method of ar

ral Association of the State of rangement. The Rev. Joseph Connecticut, holden in North-HaBlodget, of Greenwich, (Ms.)

ven, on the third Tuesday in June, made the introductory prayer.

1804-The following persons were The Rev. Thomas Holt, of Hard

chosen Trustees of the Missionary wick, (Ms.) delivered the ser

Society of Connecticut, for the enmon, from Colossians i. 28. j suing year, viz.~ Whom we preach, warning every His honor John TREADWELL, man, and teaching every man in Esq. the honorable Messrs. Olall wisdom ; that we may present IVER ELSWORTH, ROGER NEW. every man perfect in CHRIST

BERRY, AARON AUSTIN, JONAJesus.” The Rev. Asa Burton, THAN BRACE, JOHN DAVENof Thetford, (Vt.) made the con- PORT- The Rev. Messrs. Bensecrating prayer. The Rev. jamin Trumbull, d. D. Levi Hart, Eden Burroughs, of Hanover,

D. D. Cyprian Strong, D. D. Na(N. H.) delivered the charge.than Strong, D. D. Nathan PerThe Rev. Jacob Haven, of Croy-kins, D. D. and Elijah Parsons. den, (N. H.) gave the right hand of fellowship And the Rev.

ANDREW KINGSBURY, Esq. Joshua Crosby, of Greenwich,

was chosen Treasurer, and JOHN (Ms.) made the concluding pray

PORTER, Esq. Auditor of the The profound attention of Society. a numerous assembly of spec

ATTEST, tators exhibited evidence of their

LEMUEL Tyler, Scribe.


Donation to the Missionary Society of Connecticut.

July 26, 1804. A Friend of Missions Glastenbury,

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Tof contemplation, as exten

On a true knowledge of the Goso | invitations of his grace, sepapel.

rately considered, will not ensure THIS subject opens a field the salvation of a single soul of

our lost race. The offers of the sive as it is pleasing. All

, there gospel, truly are made to all fore, that can be attempted in but why do not all accept? the present essay, is but to draw Why do any accept and not the some outlines of the subject, rest? Why is it that only some and sketch a few general hints, of the many who hear, do know upon which the reader may the joyful sound of the gospel ? profitably enlarge, in his own Who is it that makes them to meditations.

differ? They are, by nature, But, before we proceed to a children of wrath, even as othdirect inquiry into the nature ers, and as much opposed to the and properties of that peculiar grace of the gospel, as those knowledge by which the people who finally reject it. Have they, of God are distinguished and therefore, any thing, in them. blest, it is expedient to consider, selves, whereof to glory? Is it who, or what 'is the efficient owing to any superior virtue or cause of it. This will discover skill in them? Is it brought to us a foundation, upon which about and effected by any wisthe superstructure of the Chris dom or strength of their own ? tian's faith may with safety be Let the word of God answer reared ;-a foundation, which, these questions. It is abundantalone, will eventually ensure his ly full and conclusive, and all pleasing hope of eternal life. his people will say, Amen.

By looking into the scriptures Thy people shall be willing in of truth, we are taught, that all the day of thy power. the infinite provision God hath I will give them an heart to made in the gospel, by the atone- know me that I am the Lord. ment of his Son-together with I have loved thee with an everall the instruction of his word, lasting love, therefore with love and the external calls, offers and ing kindness have I drawn thee. Vol. V. No. 3


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Not by might, nor by power, souls of his redeemed ; and it but by my spirit, saith the Lord. is provided for, and promised in Who were born, not of blood, nor the covenant of redemption, that of the will of the flesh, nor of the Christ's people shall be drawn to will of man, but of God.

him. “ This shall be the cove. Blessed art thou, Simon Bar. nant that I will make with the jona, for flesh and blood hath noi house of Israel after those days, revealed this unto thee, but my saith the Lord, I will put my law Father which is in heaven.

in their inward parts, and write No man can come unto me, ex. it in their hearts, and will be cept the Father who hath sent me their God and they shall be my draw him.


You hath he quickened, who We will now particularly in

6 If any

were dead in trespasses and sins. quire what is directly implied in

By grace are ye saved thro' a true and saving knowledge of faith, and that not of yourselves, the gospel. it is the gift of God.

1. It necessarily presupposes We are his workmanship, crea. spiritual life in the soul. This ted in Christ Jesus unto good consists in supreme love to God, works.

an heart conformed to his true Not for works of righteousness character, and the whole gospel which we have done, but accord. plan of salvation. It is a coming to his mercy he saveth us, by munication from the spirit of the washing of regeneration, and God, by which the soul is assim. the renewing of the Holy Ghost. ilated to the moral perfections

But time would fail to recite of Deity, and hence is called a half the passages of scripture, participation of the Divine na. equally clear and decisive upon ture. The image of God is en. the point. This is the uniform stamped on the heart. language of God's word. It is a man be in Christ, he is a new foundation stone in the gospel creature--he is renewed in scheine of mercy. It is the knowledge and true holiness, after finishing display of God's infi- the image of God his creator." nite grace to a ruined world. He hath the same mind in him God's peculiar people are which was also in Christ. This ..deemed, not only by price, but disposes him, in imitation of the by power. God doth not only example of Christ, to that line of begin, but accomplish the glo- conduct, which, by its fruits, is a rious work. He doth not only manifestation of the image of lay the foundation, but the top Christ. Hence believers stone of our salvation. Christ said to receive of his fulness, doth not only save his people and grace for grace. His ful. from wrath, but he saves them ness is the source from which from their sins. He is the au- we derive the sanctification and thor and finisher of their faith. perfection of our natures ; for It is owing but to sovereign he hath the spirit without meainterposition of divine grace, and sure, and it hath pleased the the almighty, renewing influ- Father that in him should all ences of the spirit of God, that fulness dwell; and so it is grace the benefits of Christ's redemp- for grace, or grace in the copy, „tion are savingly applied to the corresponding to grace in the



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original ; such as love to God, tial differencc of moral character, benevolence to men-meekness between the saint and the sinhumility, forgiveness of in- ner; and a spiritual discerment juries, patience under suffer. is a fruit of this spiritual taste ings, resignation to the divine it is the exercise of it, in the perwill, and zeal above all things ception of the reality, excellency for God's glory.

and moral beauty of divine This may lead us to see the things. As by the natural sense propriety of that expression of of tasting, we discern and disscripture, Christ formed in you, tinguish natural objects by that and Christ in you the hope of quality in them adapted to this glory. His moral character is taste ; so it is in regard to the formed in the heart of every discernment of spiritual objects true believer, by the power of by the spiritual taste ; and the Holy Ghost ; as his human spiritual taste is as necessary in nature was conceived, by the order to this discernment, as the same power in the womb of the natural sense of tasting is to the virgin.

other. And hence we find the I would observe further, that word thus used in scripture. As knowledge, of whatever kind, is new born babes desire the sinthe predicate of some kind of cere milk of the word, that ye life. The animal and the ra- may grow thereby, if so be, ye tional life have each their knowl- have tasted that the Lord is gra. edge, which is peculiar to them; cious. This is a spiritual taste ; and so too has the spiritual life. and the desires it excites, are This knowledge is so necessary here compared to the feelings to this life, that it is in some of an infant crying for the breast, places put for life, as in John and nothing else will pacify it. xvii. 3. “And this is life eternal, So the child of God craves the that they might know thee, the spiritual nourishment of divine only true God, and Jesus Christ truth, and can feed upon

nothwhom thou hast sent." To ing else. His taste is so accuknow God, is to love his char- rate and discerning that he can. acter, law and government; and not be deceived, or imposed on to know Jesus Christ, is to ac- by any counterfeit resemblances. knowledge and embrace him, in He desires the pure uncorrupt his mediatorial character,

ind led doctrines and truths of the experience the power of his re gospel, and nothing else will satsurrection upon our hearts.-isfy him. Nothing but the sinThis is to know God and Jesus cere milk of the word can please Christ, and this knowledge is his taste, or administer to declared to be eternal life. his spiritual nourishment and

2. A true knowledge of the growth. A true knowledge of gospel implies a spiritual taste the gospel, therefore, implies a and discernment. This is evi- spiritual discernment, or a realident, as well from the very na- zing, pleasing sense of those ture of the thing itself, as from truths which the gospel conthe many declarations of scrip- tains. The gracious heart is ture which may be brought in prepared to receive, and readily point. The difference of taste embrace every divine truth, as forms the first, and most essen-I soon as ever the objective knowl

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edge of it is presented. As it can

he know them, because they comes from God, it suits the are spiritually discerned--but he heart which is conformed to that is spiritual judgeth" all him and bears his image. All things. For want of a spirithe words of Christ are pleasing tual taste, he has no relish for and agreeable to the taste of the spiritual objects--they are foolheart, where he is formed the ishness to him and for want of hope of glory. This is plain a spiritual discernment he canand easy to conceive, and is not know them, any more than the great thing effected by the he can see sounds, or hear col change of heart in regeneration. ors. This is further illustrated It lays a foundation in the heart in the preceding 9th verse. to relish divine manifestations “ But, as it is written; eye hath to be pleased with the truth-to not seen, nor ear heard, neither see things as they are, that is to have entered into the heart of see them, and be affected to man, the things which God hath wards them, in the same light, prepared for them that love and with the same affections, ac. him." This, though it may cording to our capacity, as God have an ultimate reference to doth; to see and acknowledge the unutterable glories of the our own characters in the light heavenly world, yet, from what of God's law, and apprehend the immediately follows, it evidentbeauty, wisdom and propriety of Iy has a primary and special rethe gospel, as a glorious dis ference to the light and enjoypensation of God's grace-a safe ment Christians have in the and all-sufficient remedy to the present state, from foretastes of sinner in his guilty, lost and glory, and the earnests of their ruined state. This is Godliness. future inheritance ; for the AThis is to know the gospel.-postle adds, “God hath revealWe must have that light and ed them unto us by his spirit.” discernment by which we can And in the 12th verse, realize our guilt and wretched: we have received not the spirit ness, in order to realize the glad of the world, but the spirit of tidings of the gospel, and the God, that we might know the joyful sound of mercy. A sin things that are freely given us ner who is in carnal security of God.” blind to his own character and Nor is it any objection to this state, and insensible of his guilt construction, that the blessings and danger, sees no wisdom, of Christ are incomprehensible, nor glory in the gospel--feels and therefore, cannot be the obno need of the salvation of Christ jects of our knowledge, when and knows nothing about it; for we compare this with another he has no spiritual discernment. passage in Ephesians iii. 17. and This is expressly declared in onwards. “ That ye being root, 1 Cor. ii. 14. in which, as in ed and grounded in love, may many other parts of scripture, be able to comprehend with all knowledge is used to express saints, what is the breadth and scriptural discernment. * But length, and depth and heighth; the natural man receiveth not and to know the love of Christi the things of the spirit, for they which passeth knowledge, that ye are foolishness to him, neither I might be filled with all the ful

" Now

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