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'HE history of the Remington shows a steadily rising tide

of popularity and success. It is absolutely unrivaled for all the essential qualities of a first-class writing machine.


1867. First invention of the Typewriter now known as the Remington

Standard. A few machines were made by hand during this and the following years.

1873. The repeated experiments of the Inventors having somewhat

improved upon the first crude attempts, it was brought to the Remington factory at Ilion, N. Y.

1874. After more than a year of painstaking labor on the part of many

able mechanical experts, the first Remington-made machines were put upon the market.

1880. Six years after, only one thousand machines had been sold. The

public were slow to realize the value of the invention.

1882. The number has increased to twenty-three hundred machines.

1885. Five thousand machines were sold this year. It grew in popular

favor. In

1890, Sales had risen to twenty thousand machines per annum.

1892 Finds our standing orders to our factory of one-hundred machines

per day inadequate to meet the rapidly increasing demand.



58 Niagara St., BUFFALO, N. Y.

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