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are apt to give pain ; or, at least, to excite alarm in a delicate and pious mind. The delicacy and the difficulty of the subject are confessed; but we ask, is it fit, is it safe, is it not preposterous, is it not ruinous to the best interests of mankind, to leave the whole discussion of it to men of loose and abandoned character ? is it wise to leave young persons to derive their notions and feelings on this subject, from the exaggerated, false, and wicked descriptions of it, with which modern literature abounds? Do not these descriptions daily seduce, mislead, and corrupt thousands of the young, thoughtless, and inexperienced? Is it not infinitely better, then, that we should innovate a little on the opinions, and feelings, and, as we think, prejudices, of the world, and break that mysterious and profound silence, which regards the discus·sion of this topic, as either indecorous or mis

chievous ? - The Author of the following pages has long

hesitated on the propriety of giving them to the world anonymously :--but he prefixes his name from a conviction that, in so doing, he offers a pledge beforehand to his readers, that his pages contain no sentiment or expression inconsistent with the purest morals. Nor does he deem it inconsistent with his profession, as a Clergyman, to embrace any means or opportunity of giving a right bias to the mind, on any subject connected with the morals and welfare of the world.

Marriage the Author has ever considered as bearing intimately, not only on the happiness of individuals, but also on the prosperity and welfare of communities and states; he believes it to be the source of all industry, subordination, and government, among men. He, therefore, who shall succeed in rendering Marriage a matter of serious consideration, and not blind experiment, will deserve well of Society, and cannot offend against delicacy, or religious feeling. On this ground, the Author feels assured that he need offer no further apology, for the humble Publication which now solicits the Reader's approbation.

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