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The cannons roar from shore to shore,

The small arms make a rattle;
Since wars began, I'm sure no man

E’er saw so strange a battle.
The rebel* vales, the rebel dales,

With rebel trees surrounded,
The distant woods, the hills and floods,

With rebel echoes sounded.
The fish below swam to and fro,

Attack'd from every quarter:
Why, sure, thought they, the devil's to pay

'Mongst folks above the water.
The kegs, 'tis said, though strongly made,

Of rebel staves and hoops, sirs,
Could not oppose their powerful foes,

The conquering British troops, sirs.
From morn to night these men of might

Display'd amazing courage;
And when the sun was fairly down,

Retired to sup their porridge.
A hundred men, with each a pen,

Or moreupon my word, sirs,
It is most true-would be too few

Their valour to record, sirs.
Such feats did they perform that day

Upon these wicked kegs, sirs,
That years to come, if they get home,

They'll make their boasts and brags, sirs.

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* The British officers were so fond of the word rebel, that they often applied it most absurdly.

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Prepared for the Republican Festival, at the celebration of American Independence,

at Boston, July 4th, 1803.

Tune—He comes: he comes !"
BEHOLD! behold! with generous hand,
Luxuriant Plenty strews the land ;
The laurel with the olive bends,
And Freedom's heavenly beam descends.

Freedom, ray divine !
Still unclouded shine,
Still, with power divine,

Bless Columbia's shore !
Firmly we proclaim,
We'll guard the sacred flame,
Safe from each insidious aim,

Or be no more.
No despot here, with blasting power,
Tears from sweet Hope the budding flower;
Enrich'd by Commerce roll our tides,
And Wisdom's star our pilot guides.

Freedom, ray divine, &c.
While thus with pride our bosoms glow,
Remember whence the raptures flow :
"Twas Jefferson the charter framed,
Which man's and Nature's rights proclaim'd.

Freedom, ray divine, &c.
As round sweet Hybla's favour'd head,
Each charm, delighted, Nature spread,
So shall the richest wreath of Fame
Adorn this daring statesman's name.

Freedom, ray divine, &c.

Like some new star, to mortal eyes,
On this great day did Freedom rise;
Whose beams each blessing shall secure,
While faith, and truth, and time endure.

Freedom, ray divine, &c.

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Sung at the Republican Festival in Boston, on the 4th of July 1803.

Tune-“President's March."

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Not two ages yet have fled,
Since, by holy fervour led,
When loud danger shriek'd alarm,
And Intolerance rear'd her arm,
Urged by Hope, and mark'd by Fame,
To these shores our fathers came.
Here, content each ill to brave,
Peace and liberty to save.
See, from clouds their spirits bend !
Hear the sacred charge they send !

By yon orb of living light,
Swear to guard your native right;
Sooner let it cease to shine,

Than your liberties resign!
But in vain did Freedom glow,
Not to them that boon we owe:
They, across the spreading main,
Dragg'd the tyrant's lengthen'd chain ;
And a century saw them still
Subjects to a despot's will;

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Till, at last, the goddess rose,
Proud from iterated woes-
'Tis her form each breast inflames,
'Tis her voice that yet exclaims,

By yon orb, &c.
Then, to save from anarch's storm,
Who the shield of truth should form ?
Who with dauntless brow would stand,
Meet oppression's crushing hand,
Claim our rights, our wrongs declare,
And each shaft of malice dare ?
Jefferson in virtue tried,
Now a grateful people's guide;
Brave as learn'd, and wise as brave,
This the precept that he gave :

By yon orb, &c.
O’er the gloomy breast of night
Cynthia sheds her tranquil light;
So, to dark, inveterate foes
Mild and pure his language flows.
Far along the morning sky,
Swift the rays of Phæbus fly,
So, with fire and force combined,
Darts the splendour of his mind.
Form’d base faction to appal,
Thus his heaven-taught accents fall :

By yon orb, &c.
While Columbia's favourite son,
Soul-directed Washington,
Led his heroes to the field,
Teaching haughty power to yield.


Jefferson, in council great,
Penn'd the charter of the state.
On this day each heart be bless'd,
Every care of life suppress'd :
Glory's garland, Freedom's lay,
Crown Columbia's natal day!

By yon orb of living light,
We swear to guard our native right:
Sooner shall it cease to shine
Than our liberties decline.

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Sung at the Celebration of the 4th of July, at Saratoga and Waterford, N. Y.-1802.


Tune—"Anacreon in Heaven.”

BRAVE sons of Columbia, your triumph behold!

The purchase of blood for the welfare of ages : On the archives of Fame, in rich letters of gold, Are inscribed the exploits of your heroes and sages.

Who seal'd the decree,

That Columbia should be One, independent, united, and free, Who raised this republic, which long shall endure, And stand, like the pillars of heaven, secure.

Too long had mankind borne the yoke and the chain,

And bow'd to the mandates of monarch'al power, When Columbia arose to establish the reign Of Freedom and Justice on her native shore.

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