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Ye great, immortal Muses, nine,
Assist, I pray, my grand design,
To make Columbia brightly shine,

And cause her fame to rise.
We hear the warlike trumpet sound,
And through the ancient world resound,
While cannons roar, and shouts rebound,

From earth to distant skies.

Columbia's free from war's alarms,
And all the rage of hostile arms;
Free from those dreadful warlike storms

Which round the world doth roar:
Peace reigns within her blissful realm,
A virtuous chief doth guide her helm:
No servile foe shall overwhelm

In war, Columbia's shore.

Where the same hand may reap, that sows,
What nature copiously bestows;
And still enjoy that sweet repose,

Which nature daily craves;
No tyrant king, with lawless will,
Can here obstruct the public weal;
Or overwhelm the state in ill,

And render freemen slaves.

O may Columbia thus remain,
Enjoying still her peaceful reign;
And ne'er be plunged in war again

By European foes :

Still govern'd by the people's voice,
A government of our own choice,
In which we ever will rejoice,

And tyranny oppose.



Tune-" The Arethusa.

COME, all you jolly sailors here,
Whose honest hearts are void of fear,
Who wish in Freedom's cause to steer,

Huzza to the Constitution.
No frigate stems the watery main,
'Gainst which we won't our rights maintain;

We are all staunch

To our favourite launch;
No pirate but we will make fly,
Prepared to conquer, boys, or die,

Along with the Constitution.

We cruise to guard our country's trade,
No other's liberties invade:
Columbians prize the laws they've made-

0, the glorious Constitution !
Oppression freemen all disdain,
And Freedom's cause they will maintain.

'Gainst all the world

Our flag's unfurl'd;
We fear no power, we know no friend,
When forced our commerce to defend,

Along with the Constitution.

Sweet girls, when we are far away,
We'll still retain Hope's cheering ray,
That Love's soft ardour will repay

Our toils in the Constitution.
Lo! now for danger we prepare;
Of honour each to gain his share,

We'll fearless brave

The dashing wave :
You'll cheer us as we bid adieu,
With three huzzas to the jolly crew

Of the American Constitution.



AGO. —1815.

Old England, forty years ago,

When we were young and slender,
She aim'd at us a mortal blow,

But God was our defender.
Jehovah saw her horrid plan,

Great Washington he gave us :
His holiness inspired the man

With skill and power to save us.
She sent her feet and armies o'er,

To ravage, kill, and plunder:
Our heroes met them on the shore,

And drove them back with thunder.
Our independence they confess'd,

And with their hands they sign'd it:
But on their hearts 'twas ne'er impress'd,

For there I ne'er could find it.

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And since that time they have been still

Our liberties invading;
We bore it, and forbore until

Forbearance was degrading :
Regardless of the sailor's right,

Impress'd our native seamen,
Made them against their country fight,

And thus enslaved our freemen.
Great Madison besought the foe;

He mildly did implore them
To let the suffering captives go,

But they would not restore them.
Our commerce, too, they did invade,

Our ships they search'd and seized,
Declaring, also, we should trade

With none but whom they pleased.
Thus Madison in thunder spake:-

6 We've power, and we must use it;
Our freedom surely lies at stake,

And we must fight, or lose it.
We'll make old England's children know

We are the brave descendants
Of those who flogg'd their fathers so,

And gain'd our independence.
6. Our soldiers, and our seamen, too,

We've put in warlike motion:''
Straight to the field our soldiers flew,

Our seamen to the ocean.
They met their foes on towering waves,

With courage, skill, and splendour ;
They sunk them down to watery graves,

Or forced them to surrender,


Decatur, Hull, and Bainbridge dear,

Did wonders in our navy: Brave Captain Hull sunk the Guerriere,

And Bainbridge sunk the Java; Decatur took a ship of fame,

High on the waving water, (The Macedonian was her name,)

And home in triumph brought her.
Perry, with flag and sails unfurl'd,

Met Barclay on Lake Erie;
At him his matchless thunders hurl'd,

Till Barclay grew quite weary.
He gain'd the victory and renown,

He work'd him up so neatly : He brought old England's banners down,

And swept the lake completely. Proud Downie fell on Lake Champlain,

By fortune quite forsaken;
He was by bold M•Donough slain,

And all his fleet were taken.
Whene'er they met Columbia's sons,

On lakes or larger waters, They sunk beneath her thundering guns,

Or humbly cried for quarters. When Prevost saw he'd lost his fleet, He

gave out special orders For his whole army to retreat,

And leave the Yankee borders. Through dreary wilds, o'er bog and fen,

The luckless general blunder'd : He fled, with fifteen thousand men,

From Macomb's fifteen hundred.

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