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Well may we praise him : all his ways are perfect:
Though a resplendence, infinitely glowing,
Dazzles in glory on the sight of mortals,

Struck blind by lustre.
Good is Jehovah in bestowing sunshine,
Nor less his goodness in the storm and thunder.
Mercies and judgment both proceed from kindness,

Infinite kindness.
0, then, exult that God forever reigneth;
Clouds which, around him, hinder our perception,
Bind us the stronger to exalt his name, and

Shout louder praises.
Then to the wisdom of my Lord and Master
I will commit all that I have or wish for,
Sweetly as babes’ sleep will I give my life

When call'd to yield it.
Now, Mars, I dare thee, clad in smoky pillars,
Bursting from bomb-shells, roaring from the cannon,
Rattling in grape-shot like a storm of hailstones,

Torturing ether. Up the bleak heavens let the spreading flames rise, Breaking, like Ætna, through the smoky columns, Lowering, like Egypt, o'er the falling city,

Wantonly burn'd down.* Let oceans waft on all your fleeting castles, Fraught with destruction, horrible to nature ; Then, with your sails fill’d by a storm of vengeance,

Bear down to battle.

* Charlestown, near Boston.

From the dire caverns, made by ghostly miners,
Let the explosion, dreadful as volcanoes,
Heave the broad town, with all its wealth and people,

Quick to destruction.
Still shall the banner of the King of Heaven
Never advance where I am afraid to follow :
While that precedes me, with an open bosom,

War, I defy thee.
Fame and dear freedom lure me on to battle,
While a fell despot, grimmer than a death-head,
Stings me with serpents, fiercer than Medusa's,

To the encounter.
Life, for my country and the cause of freedom,
Is but a trifle for a worm to part with ;
And, if preserved in so great a contest,

Life is redoubled.




“Father, look up, and see that flag!

How gracefully it flies !
Those pretty stripes—they seem to be

A rainbow in the skies."
“ It is your country's flag, my son,

And proudly drinks the light,
O'er ocean's wave-in foreign climes

A symbol of our might.”
“ Father, what fearful noise is that,

Like thundering in the clouds ?

Why do the people wave their hats,

And rush along in crowds ?” . It is the voice of cannonry,

The glad shouts of the free: This is a day to memory dear

'Tis Freedom's jubilee.”
65 I wish that I was now a man;

I'd fire my cannon too,
And cheer as loudly as the rest :
But, father, why don't you

6. I'm getting old and weak: but still

My heart is big with joy ;
I've witness'd many a day like this:

Shout you aloud, my boy.
• Hurrah, for Freedom's jubilee!

God bless our native land,
And may I live to hold the sword

Of freedom in my hand !" - Well done! my boy: grow up and love

The land that gave you birth;
A home where Freedom loves to dwell

Is paradise on earth."




Again, athwart the Atlantic .....

Page 86 Arouse! Freedom's sons ! 'tis your country that calls. 109 Arouse, sons of Freedom, ye patriots, arouse..... 255 Art thou a candidate for virtuous fame.

424 As near beauteous Boston lying..

12 As stars before the morning light..

414 All hail to Freedom's natal .

242 All hail to the birth of the happiest land

346 All hail to the country, the fairest on earth

144 Amid the incense of a world's applause ..

356 At Freedom's call, see Arnold take the field

268 At length, with generous indignation fired

310 A wail! a plaintive, wide, and fearful wail.

454 Awake, awake! to glory wake...

132 Ay, leave him alone to sleep forever

364 Behold! behold! with generous hand

154 Beneath these banks, along this shore.

368 Bleak wintry blasts—relentless rain

177 Bless'd on his own paternal farm...

64 Bless'd country of freedom! no longer my home ..... 422 Blow, blow, ye breezes, o'er the western main..... 35 Blush! Albion, blush! at the unmanly rage.

338 Born in the reach of splendour, pomp, and power

410 Brave sons of Columbia, your triumph behold. 157 Brave sons of Columbia, by valour inspired

232 Brave sons of the west, your deeds of renown.

191 Can wits or serious sages say..

442 Clime of the brave! the high heart's home ..... 274



Columbians, arise! let the cannon resound. Page 51 Columbia, Columbia, to glory arise ..

20 Columbia devotes to her favourite son

218 Columbia's greatest glory

249 Columbia long, too long hath borne

91 Columbians to remotest time....

147 Columbia! while the sons of Fame..

386 Come, all you jolly sailors here

199 Come, boy, close the windows and make a good fire.. 351 Come, cheer up, my lads, like a true British band.. 323 Come, Freedom's sons, and join the choir.

227 Come, genius of our happy land....

52 Come, join hand in hand, brave Americans all..

9 Come, muster, my lads, your mechanical tools. 44 Come, sisters, come, your injured country calls.......

328 Come strike the bold anthem, the war-dogs are howling 146 Come, ye lads, who wish to shine..

116 Crown'd with auspicious light ...

42 Cursed be the man who e'er shall raise

290 Dash, ye broad waves, and proudly heave and swell.. 381 Day of glory, welcome day..

211 Dear poets, why so full of pain.

315 Departing with the closing age..

408 Droop not, Columbia, Heaven is just..

181 Fair Freedom, lend thy gracious aid.

446 Fair mistress of a warlike state..

371 Far, far from hence be Satire's aspect rude

379 Farewell, Peace, another crisis...

134 Farewell to my country, a lasting farewell..

32 Father, look up and see that flag ..

459 Firm spirit and nerve to free nations belong

81 Fling out the nation's stripes and stars......

278 For him who sought his country's good..

85 Freemen, if you pant for glory....

317 From all our sunny homes to-day

273 From Mississippi's utmost shore...

244 From scenes of affliction, Columbia, oppress'd ... 250

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