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When first the sun o'er ocean glow'd..

Page 59 When Freedom was banish'd from Greece .

165 When Grecian bands lent Persia's legions aid

413 When haughty monarchs quit this checker'd scene... 294 When Heaven resolved Columbia should be free ..... 436 When Liberty's standard Columbia raised high

37 When North first began

341 When our great sires this land explored.

149 When our sky was illumined by Freedom's bright. 82 When rival nations, great in arms ..

448 When rolling orbs from chaos sprung..

92 When the sweet smiling moon rolls her orb

40 When Tyranny's scourge, and Oppression's chill 74 When, venturous, o'er the Atlantic main...

167 Where dwells the man that dare suppress

344 Where, o'er the Polish desert's trackless way

352 Where spirits dwell, and shadowy forms...

420 Where thy bright wave, Potomac, by fair Vernon 235 While around the festive board....

139 While beneath the sharp scourge of tyrannical power.

60 While Britain, with despotic sway

430 While Europe's subjected to kings and their minions . 175 While Europe's mad powers o'er the ocean are ranging 71 While some on rights, and some on wrongs

176 Whilst war now rages with impetuous roar...

288 Who would reverse the glorious plan.

279 Why should vain mortals tremble at the sight

457 Why swell a million hearts as one

416 Ye brave sons of Freedom, come join in the chorus... 106 Ye freemen of Columbia ...

94 Ye great, immortal muses, nine.

198 Ye men of Columbia, 0 hail the great day.

23 Ye smoking ru marks of hostile ire...

417 Ye soldiers of Columbia ...

231 Ye sons of Columbia, who bravely have fought 373 Ye sons of Columbia who cherish the prize.

162 Ye sons of Freedom ! to the field repair.

131 Ye sons of Hibernia, who fled from oppression.. 33 Ye wrong heads and strong heads, attend to my strains 297

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