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Sec. 5649-6b. Rate May Run During Life of Bonds. If the majority of the electors voting thereon at such election vote in favor thereof, it shall be lawful to levy taxes within such taxing district for such purposes during the remainder of the life of such bonds at such rate, annually, as may be necessary to pay the interest on such bonds and to provide a sinking fund for their retirement at maturity, irrespective of any of the limitations prescribed by the sections of the General Code mentioned in section 1 (G. C. § 5649-6a) of this act.

History:-108 v. Pt. II, 1200.


Sec. 5976. A Portion of Election Day a Part Holiday. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each year, between the hours of twelve o'clock noon, central standard time, and five thirty o'clock p. m. central standard time, shall be a legal part holiday.

History :-87 v. 280; 97 v. 238; 103 v. 25.



EXPERIMENT FARMS. Section, 1174. County commissioners empowered to establish experiment farm. 1175. Uses of county experiment farms. 1176. Submission of question of experiment farm; petition. 1177. Request for ballots, form of ballot and certification of result. 1177-1. Tax levy; maximum levy.


1604-1. Petition for submission of question of combining probate and common

pleas courts. 1604-2. How petition shall be signed; verification. 1604-3. Conduct of election; form of ballot. 1604-5. Petition for re-establishment. 1604-6. Re-establishment on increase of population.


2333. Building commission. 5638. Powers of county commissioners limited. 5639-1. Submission of question to vote after passage of resolution. 5640-1. Ballot. 5641-1. Certificate of result. 5642-1. Bonds to be issued and tax levied. 5643. Condemned bridges, tax levy for repair of. 5644. May anticipate levy and issue bonds.


2377. 2378. 2379. 2380. 2381. 2382, 2383. 2384.

Duties of judges of elections,
Poll books in precincts before belonging to old county.
Poll books in precincts of two or more old counties.
Vote, challenge, and oath of electors.
Returns; how made, counted, and certified.
Vote on separate ballot.
Penalty for delinquency of duty.
How fines recovered.

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2457-6. Organization and maintenance of civic and social centers.


2503-1. Counties may give aid to establish water way. 2503-2. One hundred or more persons may petition C. P. court to order

election. 2503-3. Act includes funds contributed. Agreements for protection of funds



2927. "County centennial celebration" appropriation.

PARK DISTRICTS. 2976-10i. Tax levy for use of district; submission of question.

MEMORIAL BUILDING. 3059. County memorial building; petition for submission of question of tax

levy for. 3060. Formation of corporation for construction and maintenance of

memorial building. 3061. Notice of election; form of ballot. 3061-1. Tax levy by county commissioners. 14848. County commissioners authorized to submit question of tax levy for

soldiers' monument.


3077. 3078.

Establishment of children's home submitted to vote.
Duty of commissioners if vote is favorable.


3127. 3128. 3129. 3130. 3131.

County hospital; special election.
Filing of petition; notice of election.
Form of ballot.
Issue of bonds.
Result certified to governor; appointment of trustees.



Erection of work houses; question submitted to electors.


6926-1. Submission of question of exemption of two mill levy from tax limita

tions, when and how. 6926-2. Preparation of ballots; notice of election. 6926-3. Result certified to deputy state supervisors.

DISTRICT LIBRARY. 7643-1. Creation of county library district. 7643-4. Subdivision of county maintaining free public library may become part

of district; procedure.

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9921-5. Electors may require commissioners to make provision for agent by

referendum; submission of question; form of ballot.


Sec. 1174. County Commissioners Empowered to Establish Experiment Farm. In order to demonstrate the practical application under local conditions of the results of the investigations of the Ohio agricultural experiment station, and for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the agriculture of the various counties of the state, the commissioners of any county in the state are hereby authorized and empowered to establish an experiment farm within such county as hereinafter provided for.

History:-103 v. 324; 106 v. 123.

Sec. 1175. Uses of County Experiment Farms. The county experiment farms established under this act shall be used for the comparison of varieties and methods of culture of field crops, fruits and garden vegetables; for the exemplification of methods for controlling insect pests, weeds and plant diseases; for experiments in the feeding of domestic animals and in the control of animal diseases; for illustrations of the culture of forest trees and the management of farm woodlots; and for the demonstration of the effects of drainage, crop rotation, manures and fertilizers, or for such part of the above lines of work as it may be practicable to carry on.

History:-103 v. 324; 106 v. 124.

Sec. 1176. Submission of Question of Establishment of Experiment Farm; Petition. Upon the filing of a petition with the county auditor signed by not less than five per cent of the electors based upon the vote for governor at the last preceding election, residing within the county, the commissioners of such county shall submit to the qualified voters of such county a proposition to establish an experiment farm within such county, and to issue notes or bonds for the purchase and equipment of such farm, such proposition to be voted upon at the next general election following the receipt of the petition by the commissioners. Notice of the intention to submit such proposition shall be published by the county commissioners in two newspapers of opposite politics printed and of general circulation in said county, for at least four weeks prior to the election at which the proposition is to be voted upon, together with a statement of the maximum amount of money which it is proposed to expend in the purchase and equipment of such farm.

History :-103 v. 324; 106 v. 124.

Sec. 1177. Request for Ballots, Form of Ballot and Certification of Result. The county auditor shall file a written request with the board of deputy supervisors of elections asking for the preparation of the necessary ballots, which ballots shall be separate and apart from all other ballots, and which ballots shall have printed thereon "Tax for experiment farm-YES"; "Tax for experiment farm-NO." The result of such election shall be ascertained by the board of deputy supervisors of elections and the result thereof certified to the county auditor

History :—103 v. 325; 106 v. 124.

Sec. 1177-1. Tax Levy; Maximum Levy. If a majority of the electors voting on such proposition in the county are in favor of estab, lishing such experiment farm, then the commissioners of the county shall levy a tax on all the taxable property in such county as listed for taxation on the county duplicate, which levy shall not exceed onefifth of one mill on the dollar of the taxable property of the county in any one year, nor shall the aggregate of all levies for such purposes exceed two mills on the dollar.

History:-103 v. 325; 106 v. 124.


Sec. 1604-1. Petition for Submission of question of Combining Probate and Common Pleas Courts. Whenever ten per centum of the number of electors voting for governor at the next preceding election in any county having less than sixty thousand population, as determined by the next preceding federal census, shall petition a judge of the court of common pleas of any such county not less than ninety days before any general election for county officers, for the submission to the electors of such county the question of combining the probate court with the court of common pleas of such county, such judge shall place upon the journal of said court an order requiring the sheriff to make proclamation that at the next ensuing general election there shall be submitted to the electors of such county the question of combining the probate court with the court of common pleas of such county. The clerk of courts shall, thereupon, make and deliver a certified copy of such order to the sheriff, and the sheriff shall include notice of the submission of such question in his proclamation of election for the next ensuing general election,

History:-103 v. 960.

Sec. 1604-2. How Petition Shall be Signed; Verification. Each elector joining in a petition for the submission of said question shall sign the same in his own handwriting (unless he cannot write and his signature is made by mark) and shall add thereto the township, precinct or ward of which he is a resident. Such petition need not consist of but one paper, but may consist of as many parts as may be found convenient. One of the signers to each separate paper shall swear before some officer qualified to administer the oath that the petition is bona fide to the best of his knowledge and belief, and such oath shall be a part of or attached to such paper. The judge upon receipt of such petition shall deposit the same with the clerk of courts.

No signature shall be taken from or added to such petition after the same has been filed with the judge. When so deposited such petition shall be preserved and be open under proper regulations to public inspection, and if it is in conformity with law, it shall be deemed to be valid, unless objection thereto is duly made in writing by an elector of the county within five days after the filing thereof. Such objections, or any other questions arising in the course of the submission of the question of combining said courts, shall be considered and determined by the judge of the court of common pleas, and his decision shall be final.

History :—103 v. 961.

Sec. 1604-3. Conduct of Election; Form of Ballot. The election upon the question of combining said courts shall be conducted in all respects as provided by law for the election of county officers, so far as said law may be applicable.

The board of deputy state supervisors of elections shall provide separate ballots, ballot boxes, tally sheets, blanks, stationery, and all such other supplies as may be necessary in the conduct of such election.

Such ballots shall be printed with the affirmative and negative statement thereon, to wit:

The Probate Court and the Court of Common Pleas shall

be combined.

The Probate Court and the Court of Common Pleas shall

not be combined.

Returns of said election shall be made and said returns shall be canvassed at the same time and in the same manner as an election for county officers, and the board of said deputy state supervisors of elections shall certify the result of said election to the secretary of state, to the probate judge of said county and to the judge of the court of common pleas, and the same shall be spread upon the journal of the probate court and of the court of common pleas.

If a majority of the votes cast at such an election shall be in favor of combining said courts, such courts shall stand combined and consolidated at the expiration of the term for which the probate judge has been elected in the county wherein such election has been held.

History:-103 v. 961.

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