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circulation in the township or townships and published in the county, once a week for three weeks before the election, and if there be no such paper, by posting said notice in five public places in the township or townships for three weeks prior to the election. The form of the ballot for such election shall be as follows:

For the issuance of bonds for the erection of a memorial.
Against the issuance of bonds for the erection of a memorial.

History:-108 v. Pt. I, 543.

Sec. 3410-3. Result Certified to Township Clerk; Record; Bond Issue; Tax Levy. The election officers shall forthwith certify the result of such election to the clerk of the township or townships and the township trustees shall make a record of such result. If a majority of the votes cast on such question be in favor of the issuance of bonds for such purpose, the township trustees shall thereupon issue the bonds of the township in the amount specified in the petition filed as authorized in section one of this act. Such bonds shall be of the denomination and shall run for such period or periods of time as the trustees shall determine. They shall be executed as are other bonds of the township and shall express on their face the purpose for which they are issued, shall bear interest at a rate not to exceed six per cent. per annum, payable semi-annually, and shall be sold for not less than par and accrued interest. Said bonds shall be offered and sold in the manner provided in sections 1465-58, 2294, and 2295 of the General Code. The township trustees shall, prior to the time such bonds are issued, provide for levying and collecting annually by taxation an amount sufficient to pay the interest thereon and to create a sinking fund for their redemption at maturity, and shall levy annually a sufficient tax for such purpose, irrespective of any limitations, and this provision shall apply in any case where such bonds have been authorized by vote of the electors as provided in this act.

History :—108 v. Pt. I, 543; 109 v. 222.


Sec. 3441. Trustees May Acquire Lands for Cemeteries. Township trustees may accept a conveyance of, or purchase, and inclose, improve, and protect such lands in one or more places within the township as they deem necessary and proper for cemetery purposes. If suitable lands cannot be procured by contract on reasonable terms, they may appropriate lands therefor, not to exceed ten acres, by proceedings in accordance with the provisions of law regulating the appropriation of private property by municipal corporations.

History:-66 v. 37; 75 v. 525; 88 v. 584.

Sec. 3444. Levy and Taxes for Expenses. To defray the expenses of such purchase or appropriation, inclosing and improving of such lands, the trustees may levy for one or more years a tax sufficient for that purpose, not to exceed two thousand dollars in any one year, and each year thereafter such sum as may be necessary for the needful care, supervision, repair, and improvement of such cemeteries.

History:-51 v. 489; 66 v. 37; 97 v. 188; 98 v. 251.

Sec. 3445. Vote May Be Taken. Before such purchase or appropriation is made or conveyance accepted the question of establishment of such cemetery, on the order of the trustees, or the written application of any six electors of the township, shall be submitted to a vote of the electors of the township at a regular annual election. Such order or application shall specify as near as may be the proposed location of such cemetery, and the estimated cost thereof, including inclosing and improving it.

History:-51 v. 489; 66 v. 37; 97 v. 188; 98 v. 251.

In an election at which there is to be submitted to the electors of a township the proposition of establishing a township cemetery and levying a tax therefor, under sections 3445, G. C., et seq., the proposition would be placed on the ballot for township officers in the following form:





Op. Atty. Gen. (1915), p. 1731.

An election upon the question of a vote in favor of the tax herein provided, are conditions precedent to the authority of the trustees to proceed to purchase a cemetery, and to issue township orders in payment therefor: Trustees v. Cherry, 8 O. S. 564.

Art. II, § 26, of the Ohio constitution does not invalidate the statutory provision requiring such preliminary vote: Trustees v. Cherry, 8 0. S. 564.

The provision requiring a popular vote, found in this section, does not apply to the procedure for requiring additional ground for an existing cemetery under G. C. § 3455: Norton v. Trustees, 8 0. C. C. 335, 4 0. C. D. 422 [affirmed, without report, Paine v. Norton, 54 O. S. 682].

Sec. 3446.--Notice of Election; Ballots. On the making of such order or the filing of such application, and at least twenty days before the election, the clerk shall post written notices in at least three public places in the township, that the vote will be taken. The electors who favor the proposition shall place on their ballots for township offices the word "cemetery.” If a majority of the votes given at such election on such proposition is in favor thereof, the trustees shall procure the lands for that purpose and levy taxes as hereinbefore provided.

History:-51 v. 489; 66 v. 37; 97 v. 188; 98 v. 251.

The fact that a vote is taken under this section, and that a majority of the votes are in favor thereof, does not prevent a property owner from bringing suit to enjoin the location of a cemetery within two hundred yards of his residence, without showing any special damage by reason of such location: Henry v. Trustees, 48 0. S. 671.


Sec. 7562-1. Trustees Empowered to Construct as Means of Ac= cess to Schools. That the trustees of any township are authorized and empowered to construct, rebuild and repair foot-bridges across the rivers and streams in their respective townships when they may deem it necessary so to do in order to provide convenient means of access to the public schools of their said township by the pupils residing in the school district, wherein a public schoolhouse is located; but in no case shall the cost of the aforesaid construction, rebuilding or repair of any said foot-bridge exceed the sum of one thousand dollars.

History -104 v. 198.

In the matter of building foot bridges, the statutes seem to give no power or authority to any board excepting to the township trustees. Op. Atty. Gen. (1917), 1813.

Sec. 7562-2. Submission of Question as to Tax Levy. Said township trustees are authorized to pay the cost of the construction, rebuilding or repair of such said bridges out of any funds, unappropriated for any other purpose and in the township treasury. Should there be no funds in the township treasury available for the aforesaid purposes, then the said trustees are authorized and empowered to levy a tax for the purpose of procuring the necessary funds for the construction, rebuilding or repair of said bridges, which said tax shall be levied upon all of the taxable property in said township, and shall be certified, levied and collected in the manner prescribed by law for the certification, levy and collection of other township taxes, and the money so raised shall be paid over to the township treasurer and by him paid out on the order of the township trustees certified by the township clerk; provided, however, that said tax shall not be levied until the same has been approved by a majority of the qualified voters of said township voting at any election at which said question shall be submitted.

History:-104 v. 198.

Sec. 7562-3. Election. Said election shall be called at a regular meeting of the township trustees and shall be held within thirty days from the date of the resolution of the township trustees calling the same. Twenty days' notice of said election shall be given by the posting of notices thereof, by the township clerk, in ten public places of said township, and provisions for the holding of said election shall be made by the deputy state supervisors of elections upon receiving notice, from the clerk of the township, of the date and purpose of said election.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

[1579-1.] "The Municipal Court of Cleveland" established
1579-2. Judges constituting court and qualifications.
1579-3. Compensation.
1579-5. Nomination; election; term.
1579-40. Security for costs.


1579-46. 1579-47. 1579-48. 1579-49. 1579-74.

"The Municipal Court of Dayton."
Judges constituting court and gualifications.
Election of additional judges; term.
Salary of judges.
Clerk; election, term and salary.


1579-90. "The Municipal Court of the City of Hamilton, Ohio." 1579-91. "Municipal Judge,” term, compensation, qualifications and election. 1579-114. Clerk, election and salary.


1579-127. Establishment of “The Municipal Court of Youngstown." 1579-131. Nomination and election.


1579-183. Creation of municipal court in Middletown. 1579-185. Time of election; term of office.


1579-195. The municipal court of Alliance,
1579-196. Municipal judge; election, terin, salary, qualifications.
1579-220. Election of clerk; term, compensation and bond.


1579-233. Municipal court in Sandusky and Portland townships, Erie county. 1579-236. Nomination and election.


1579-276. "The Municipal Court of Toledo.”
1579-281. Nomination and election of judges; commencement of term.
1579-313. Election of clerk; term, duties, salary.


1579-330. The municipal court of the city of Zanesville, Ohio. 1579-331. Qualifications, term and salary of judge.


1579-367. Municipal court of Newark, Ohio. 1579-368. Municipal judge; qualifications, election, term and compensation.


1579-416. "The Municipal Court of Massillon, Ohio," established. 1579-417. Municipal judge; election, qualification, term, salary. 1579-443. Eiection of clerk; term, salary.


1579.459. Municipal court of Portsmouth.
1579-460. Election, qualification, term and compensation of judge.


1579-497. Municipal court of Akron.
1579-502. Nomination and election of judges.
1579-535. Election of clerk; term.


1579-560. Municipal court for Piqua and certain townships, established. 1579-567. When excess may be remitted or withheld and judgment rendered. 1579-585. Election of clerk; salary.


1579-601. Municipal court of Lorain, Ohio, created.
1579-602. Municipal judge; election, qualifications, terms, salary.
1579-626. Clerk; election, terin, salary.



How villages may surrender their corporate powers.


(3515- 1.) Petition for submission of question of organizing municipality under

specific plan. (3515- 2.) Petition for submission of question of choosing commission to frame

charter. (3515- 3.) Form of ballot in submitting question of organizing under plan. (3515. 4.] Result of adoption. [3515- 5.] Submission of supplementary propositions. [3515- 6.) Board shall file certificate of results of election. (3515- 7.) Applicable to each plan of government. (3515- 8.) Nominations and elections. (3515- 9.) How ballot shall be prepared; printing in series. [3515-10.) Who declared elected. [3515-11.) Number of commissioners; how elected. (3515-12.] Election, term, vacancies. [3515-70.) Initiative and referendum applicable to each plan. (3515-71.) Removal by recall; procedure.



Abandonment of plan.

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