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Printed for J. B. and fold by A ARON WARD, at the King's Arms, int

Little-Britain ; T.WOTTON, at the Three Daggers and Queen's head,
against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street ; D. BROWNE, at the Black
Swan, without Temple-Bar; R. WILLIAMSON, at Grey's-Inn Gáté,
Holborn; T. Astley, at the Rose, in St. Paul's Churcb-jard; and
J. STAGG in Westminster-Hall.

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V O L. II.





Emoirs of his Grace JOHN Duke of BUC

Written by himself. Page 1 Memoirs in the Reign of CHARLES II. The Character of a Tory, in answer to that of a Trimmer : Both written in King CHARLES'S Reign.

Character of CHARLES II. King of England. 73 A Character of the Earl of ARLINGTON. 84 A Letter to Dr. TilloTSON, then Dean, after

wards Archbishop of Canterbury. Written and printed just after the Revolution.

89 The Earl of MULGRAVE's Speech in the House of

Lords, for the Bill touching free and impartial Proceedings in Parliament.

95 A Speech in the House of Peers, April 18, 1695. 105 Observations on the Statute of Treasons, passed the 25th of EDWARD III.

IIS A Dialogue between AUGUSTUS CÆSAR, and Car

dinal RICHELIEU. A Dialogue between MAĦOMET, and the Duke

of Guise. On Julius CÆSAR, The Story of Herod and Marc ANTONY, collec

ted out of the Roman Historians. Observations on the first Book of Tully's Letters to ATTICUS.

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