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The climate is never too hot nor too cold, never much below 70° nor above 90°, the year round. They are not close to the Equator, but just inside the Tropical belt, between the 19th and 23d parallels of latitude, and extend from longitude 155° to 161°. They are about 2000 miles from Tahiti and twice that from the Colonies; two thousand miles from San Francisco, one week's sail by steamer, and two by sailingvessel. They are alone, in mid-ocean, with a climate all their own, and none exactly like it on the face of the earth!

To be overcome by the heat, sun-struck, is a thing unknown. It is not perfectly dry all summer, nor perfectly wet all winter! It is simply “Fairyland”— a land of perfect rest and repose—a land of magnificent hills, cloud-topped, of thousand valleys and ravines, of streams and waterfalls, of glorious sea and sky, “Where the new comer, in deathless summer dreams away troubles.”

It will rain in summer time if it choose, gentle, filmy, sunshiny showers, light enough for a new baby's uncovered head to bear! Or, it will storm (but never cold)—a beating, tearing, threshing wild storm of wind, with perfect torrents of water, when all the clouds, from mountain and horizon will meet, and form in solid ranks, to pour their contents down In a few hours streams will become rivers, cataracts will go dashing down into the valleys, and native huts will spin and whirl, with trees and branches for their companions, “adown the brimming river”! Thunder and

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