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my boy, or she wouldn't be here. Take her —and me for her sake.

Ger. What! who ? Constance !- What does it all mean ?-It must be can it bemy father? -- William - It is William ! William my father! - 0 father! father! (throuring his arms about him) it was you all the time then!

Col. G. My boy! my boy! There ! take Constance, and let me go. I did want to do something for you — but There! I'm too much ashamed to look at you in my own person.

Ger. (kneeling). Father! father! don't talk like that! O father!


father! Col. G. (raising him). My boy! my boy! I wanted to do something for you—tried hard —and was foiled.—I doubly deserved it. I doubted as well as neglected you. But God is good. He has shamed me, and saved you.

Ger. By your hand, father.
Col. G. No—by his own. It would all

have come right without me. I was unworthy of the honour, my boy. But I was allowed to try; and for that I am grateful.Arthur, I come to you empty-handed — a beggar for your love.

Ger. How dare you say that, father ?-Empty-handed—bringing me her and yourself—all I ever longed for !—my father and my Psyche! Father, thank you. The poor word must do its best. I thank you with my very soul.—How shall I bear my happiness !, -Constance, it was my father all the time! Did you know it? Serving me like a slave !

-humouring all my whims !—watching me night and day!—and then bringing me

Con. Your own little girl, Arthur. But why did you not tell me ?

Ger. Tell you what, darling ?

Con. That—that—that you—- Oh! you know what, Arthur !

Ger. How could I, my child, with that --! -Shall I tell you now?

Con. No, no! I am too happy to listen --even to you, Arthur! But he should never have-- I did find him out at last. If I had but known you did not like him! (hiding her face.)

Ger. (embracing his father) Father! father! I cannot hold my happiness! And it is all your doing!

Col. G. No, I tell you, my boy! I was but a straw on the tide of things. I will serve you yet though. I will be your father yet.

Bill (aside). Fathers ain't all bad coves ! Here's two on 'em-good sort of old Jacobs -both on 'em. Shouldn't mind much if I had a father o' my own arter all! GERVAISE turns to CONSTANCEthen glances

at the Psyche. CoL. GERVAISE removes the sheet. GERVAISE leads CONSTANCE to the chair on the daisturns from her to the Psyche, and begins to work on the clay, glancing from the one to the other --the next moment leaves the Psyche, and seats himself on the dais at ConSTANCE's feet, looking up in her face. COL. GERVAISE stands regarding them fixedly. Slow distant music. Bill is stealing away.

Curtain falls.




A Catalogue of American and Foreign Books Published or
Imported by MESSRS. SAMPSON Low & Co. can

be had on application.
Crown Buildings, 188, Fleet Street, London,

December, 1881.

A Selection from the List of Books



ALPHABETICAL LIST. A CLASSIFIED. Educational Catalogue of Works pub

lished in Great Britain. Demy Svo, cloth extra. Second Edition, revised and corrected, 55. About Some Fellows. By an Eton Boy, Author of "A Day

of my Life.” Cloth limp, square 16mo, 2s. 61. Adventures of a Young Naturalist. By Lucien Biart, with

117 beautiful Illustrations on Wood. Edited and adapted by PARKER

GILLMORE. Post Svo, cloth extra, gilt edges, New Edition, 75. 6d. Afghan Knife (The). A Novel. By ROBERT ARMITAGE

STERNDALE, Author of “Seonee.” Small post Svo, cloth extra, 6s, Alcott (Louisa M.) Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore.With 9 Illustrations. Second Edition. Small post 8vo, cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag. Square 16mo, 25. 6d. (Rose Library, is.)

Little Men: Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys. Small post Svo, cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. (Rose Library, Double vol. 2s.)

Little Women. I vol., cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. (Rose Library, 2 vols., Is. each.)

Old-Fashioned Girl. Best Edition, small post Svo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. (Rose Library, 25.)

Work and Beginning Again. A Story of Experience. (Rose Library, 2 vols., Is. each.)

Shawl Straps. Small post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 3s. 6d.

Eight Cousins ; or, the Aunt Hill. Small post 8vo, with Illustrations, 3s. 6d.

The Rose in Bloom. Small post 8vo, cloth extra,

35. 6d.

Under the Lilacs. Small post 8vo, cloth extra, 5s.

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