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245. each.

Guizot's History of France. Translated by ROBERT BLACK.

Super-royal 8vo, very numerous Full-page and other Illustrations. In 8 vols., cloth extra, gilt, each 245. This work is re-issued in cheaper Monthly Volumes, at ros. 6d. each, commencing Nov. I, 1881. Subscription to the set, £4 45.

" It supplies a want which has long been felt, and ought to be in the hands of all students of history.”—Times.

Masson's School Edition. The History of France from the Earliest Times to the Outbreak of the Revolution ; abridged from the Translation by Robert Black, M. A., with Chronological Index, Historical and Genealogical Tables, &c. By Professor GUSTAVE MASSON, B. A., Assistant Master at Harrow School. With 24 full-page Portraits, and many other Illustrations.

I vol., demy 8vo, 600 pp., cloth extra, 1os. 6d. Guizot's History of England. In 3 vols. of about 500 pp. each,

containing 60 to 70 Full-page and other Illustrations, cloth extra, gilt,

For luxury of typography, plainness of print, and beauty of illustration, these volumes, of which but one has as yet appeared in English, will hold their own against any production of an age so luxurious as our own in everything, typography

not excepted.”—Times. Guyon (Mde.) Life. By UPHAM. 6th Edition, crown 8vo, 6s HANDBOOK to the Charities of London. See Low's.

of Embroidery ; which see. Hall (W. W.) How to Live Long; or, 1408 Health Maxims,

Physical, Mental, and Moral. By W. W. HALL, A.M., M.D.

Small post Svo, cloth, 25. 2nd Edition.
Harper's Monthly Magazine. Published Monthly. 160 pages,
fully Illustrated. With two Serial Novels by celebrated Authors.
Vol. I. December, 1880, to May, 1881.

II. May, 1881, to November, 1881.
Each cloth extra, with 400 magnificent illustrations, 8s. 6d.

Harper's Magazine'is so thickly sown with excellent illustrations that to count them would be a work of time; not that it is a picture magazine, for the engravings illustrate the text after the manner seen in some of our choicest editions de luxe." St. James's Gazette.

" It is so pretty, so big, and so cheap. An extraordinary shillingsworth 160 large octavo pages, with over a score of articles, and more than three times as many illustrations." - Édinburgh Daily Review.

An amazing shillingsworth . combining choice literature of both nations."

Heart of Africa. Three Years' Travels and Adventures in the

Unexplored Regions of Central Africa, from 1868 to 1871. By Dr.
GEORG SCHWEINFURTH. Numerous Illustrations, and large Map.

2 vols., crown 8vo, clotil, 155. Heath (Francis George). See “Autumnal Leaves,” “Burnham

Beeches," “Fern Paradise, “Fern World,” Gilpin's Forest Scenery," "Our Woodland Trees,".“ Peasant Life,” “Sylvan Spring," “ Trees and Ferns,” “Where to Find Ferns."


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Heber's (Bishop) Illustrated Edition of Hymns. With upwards

of 100 beautiful Engravings. Small 4to, handsomely bound, 75. 6d.

Morocco, 18s. 6d, and 215. New and Cheaper Edition, cloth, 35. 6d. Heir of Kilfinnan (The). New Story by W. H. G. KINGSTON,

Author of “Snow Shoes and Canoes," &c. With Illustrations. Cloth,

gilt edges, 7s. 6d. ; plainer binding, plain edges, 5s. History of a Crime (The); Deposition of an Eye-witness. The Story of the Coup d'État. By Victor Hugo. Crown 8v0, 6s.

Ancient Art. Translated from the German of JOHN
WINCKELMANN, by John Lodge, M.D. With very numerous
Plates and Illustrations. 2 vols., 8v0, 36s.

England. See Guizot.
France. See GUIZOT.
of Russia. See RAMBAUD.
Merchant Shipping. See LINDSAY.

United States. See BRYANT.
History and Principles of Weaving by Hand and by Power. With

several bundred Illustrations. By ALFRED BARLOW. Royal 8vo,

cloth extra, il. 55. Second Edition. Holmes (O. W.) The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes.

In 2 vols., 18mo, exquisitely printed, and chastely bound in limp

cloth, gilt tops, ios. 68. How I Crossed Africa : from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean,

Through Unknown Countries ; Discovery of the Great Zambesi
Affluents, &c.— Vol. I., The King's Rifle. Vol. II., The Coillard
Family. By Major SERPA Pinto. With 24 full-page and 118 half-
page and smaller Illustrations, 13 small Maps, and i large one.

2 vols., demy Svo, cloth extra, 425. How to Live Long. See HALL. How to get Strong and how to Stay so. By WILLIAM BLAIKIE.

A Manual of Rational, Physical, Gymnastic, and other Exercises.

With Illustrations, small post Svo, 5s. Hugo (Victor) Ninety-Three.” Illustrated. Crown 8vo, 6s.

Toilers of the Sea. Crown 8vo. Illustrated, 6s.; fancy boards, 25. ; cloth, 2s. 6d. ; On large paper with all the original Illustrations, ios. 64.

and his Times. Translated from the French of A. BARBOU by ELLEN E. FREWER. 120 Illustrations, many of them from designs by Victor Hugo himself. Super-royal 8vo, cloth extra, 245.

See "History of a Crime," “ Victor Hugo and his Times."

Hundred Greatest Men (The). 8 portfolios, 215. each, or 4

vols., half morocco, gilt edges, 12 guineas, containing 15 to 20 Portraits each. See below.

"Messrs. Sampson Low & Co. are about to issue an important International work, entitled, “THE HUNDRED GREATEST MEN; being the Lives and Portraits of the 100 Greatest Men of History, divided into Eight Classes, each Class to form a Monthly Quarto Volume. The Introductions to the volumes are to be written by recognized authorities on the different subjects, the English contributors being DEAN STANLEY, Mr. MATTHEW ARNOLD, Mr. FROUDE, and Professor Max Müller: in Germany, Professor HELMHOLTZ; in France, MM. Taine and RENAN; and in America, Mr. EMERSON. The Portraits are to be Reproductions

from fine and rare Steel Engravings."-Academy. Hygiene and Public Health (A Treatise on). Edited by A. H.

Buck, M.D. Illustrated by numerous Wood Engravings. In 2

royal Svo vols., cloth, one guinea each. Hymnal Companion to Book of Common Prayer. See


ILLUSTRATED Text-Books of Art-Education. Edited by

EDWARD J. POYNTER, R. A. Each Volume contains numerous Illustrations, and is strongly bound for the use of Students, price 5s. The Volumes now ready are :

PAINTING, Classic and Italian. By PERCY | German, Flemish, and Dutch.

R. HEAD. With 50 Illustrations, French and Spanish. 5s.

English and American.

ARCHITECTURE. Classic and Early Christian, Gothic and Renaissance. By T. ROGER Smith. With 50 Illustrations, 5s.

SCULPTURE. Antique: Egyptian and Greek. Renaissance and Modern,

Italian Sculptors of the 14th and 15th Centuries.

ORNAMENT. Decoration in Colour.

1 Architectural Ornament. Illustrations of China and its People. By J. THOMPSON,

F.R.G.S. Four Volumes, imperial 4to, each 31. 3s. Illustrated Dictionary (An) of Words used in Art and

Archæology. Explaining Terms frequently used in Works on Architecture, Arms, Bronzes, Christian Art, Colour, Costume, Decoration, Devices, Emblems, Heraldry, Lace, Personal Ornaments, Pottery, Painting, Sculpture, &c., with their Derivations. By J. W. MOLLETT, B. A., Officier de l'Instruction Publique (France); Author of “Life of Rembrandt,” &c. Illustrated with 600 Wood Engravings.

Small 4to, strongly bound in cloth, 125. 6d. In ny Indian Garden. By PHIL ROBINSON, Author of “ Under

the Punkah.” With a Preface by EDWIN ARNOLD, M. A., C.S.I., &c. Crown 8vo, limp cloth, 3s. 6d.

Involuntary Voyage (An). Showing how a Frenchman who

abhorred the Sea was most unwillingly and by a series of accidents driven round the World, Numerous Illustrations. Square crown

Svo, cloth extra, 75. 6d.; plainer binding, plain edges, 5s. Irving (Washington). Complete Library Edition of his Works

in 27 Vols., Copyright, Unabridged, and with the Author's Latest Revisions, called the “Geoffrey Crayon " Edition, handsomely printed in large square 8vo, on superfine laid paper, and each volume, of about 500 pages, will be fully Illustrated. 125. 6d. per vol. See also “ Little Britain.".

ACK and

gilt , Illustrations John Holdsworth, Chief Mate. By W. CLARKE RUSSELL,

Author of “Wreck of the Grosvenor." Crown 8vo, 6s.


INGSTON (W. H. G.). See " Snow-Shoes,”.“ Child of Low's Select Novelets. Small post 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

the Cavern,” “Two Supercargoes,” “ With Axe and Rifle," “Begum's Fortune," “ Heir of Kilžnnan,"

“ Dick Cheveley.” Each vol., with very numerous Illustrations, square crown 16mo, gilt edges, 75. 6d.; plainer binding, plain edges, 5s.

LADY Silverdale's Sweetheart. 6s. See BLACK.
Lectures on Architecture. By E. VIOLLET-LE-Duc. Translated

by BENJAMIN BUCKNALL, Architect. With 33 Steel Plates and 200
Wood Engravings. Super-royal 8vo, leather back, gilt top, with

complete Index, 2 vols., 31. 35. Lenten Meditations. In Two Series, each complete in itself.

By the Rev. CLAUDE BOSANQUET, Author of “Blossoms from the

King's Garden.” 16mo, cloth, First Series, Is. 6d. ; Second Series, 25. Library of Religious Poetry. A Collection of the Best Poems

of all ages and Tongues. With Biographical and Literary Notes. Edited by PHILIP SCHAFF, D.D., LL.D., and Arthur GILMAN,

M.A. Royal 8vo, pp. 1036, cloth extra, gilt edges, 21s. Lindsay (W. S.) History of Merchant Shipping and Ancient

Commerce. Over 150 Illustrations, Maps, and Charts. In 4 vols.,

demy 8vo, cloth extra. Vols. I and 2, 215. ; vols. and 4, 245. each. Little Britain; together with The Spectre Bridegroom, and A

Legend of Sleepy Hollow. By WASHINGTON IRVING. An entirely New Edition de luxe, specially suitable for Presentation. Illustrated by 120 very fine Engravings on Wood, by Mr. J. D. COOPER. Designed by Mr. CHARLES O. MURRAY, Square crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, los. 6d.

Friends : a Duet. By E. S. PHELPS, Author of “The Gates

“'Friends' is a graceful story ... it loses nothing in the telling."-Athenæum.
Baby Rue : Her Adventures and Misadventures, her Friends

and her Enemies. By CHARLES M. CLAY. The Story of Helen Troy.

“A pleasant book."-Truth.
The Clients of Dr. Bernagius. From the French of Lucien

BiArt, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey.
The Undiscovered Country. By W. D. Howells.
A Gentleman of Leisure. By EDGAR FAWCETT.

“An amazingly clever book.”Boston Transcript. Low's Standard Library of Travel and Adventure. Crown 8vo,

bound uniformly in cloth extra, price 75. 6d.
1. The Great Lone Land. By Major W. F. BUTLER, C.B.
2. The Wild North Land. By Major W. F. BUTLER, C.B.
3. How I found Livingstone. By H. M. STANLEY.
4. The Threshold of the Unknown Region. By C. R. MARK:

HAM. (4th Edition, with Additional Chapters, 1os. 6d.)
5. A Whaling Cruise to Baffin's Bay and the Gulf of Boothia.

By A. H. MARKHAM. 6. Campaigning on the Oxus. By J. A. MacGAHAN. 7. Akim-foo: the History of a Failure. By MAJOR W. F.

BUTLER, C.B. 8. Ocean to Ocean. By the Rev. GEORGE M. GRANT. With

Illustrations. 9. Cruise of the Challenger. By W. J. J. SPRY, R.N. 10. Schweinfurth's Heart of Africa. 2 vols., 155. II. Through the Dark Continent. By H. M. STANLEY. I vol.,

125. 6d. Low's Standard Novels. Crown 8vo, 6s. each, cloth extra. My Lady Greensleeves. By HELEN MATHERS, Authoress of

“Comin' through the Rye,” “ Cherry Ripe,” &c.
Three Feathers. By WILLIAM BLACK.
A Daughter of Heth. 13th Edition. By W. BLACK. With

Frontispiece by F. WALKER, A.R.A.
Kilmeny. A Novel. By W. BLACK.
In Silk Attire. By W. BLACK.
Lady Silverdale's Sweetheart. By W. BLACK.
Sunrise. By W. BLACK.
The Trumpet Major. By THOMAS HARDY.
An English Squire. By Miss COLERIDGE.

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