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Low's Standard Novels (continued):

The Vicar's Daughter. By George MACDONALD.
Adela Cathcart. By George MACDONALD.
Out of Court. By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY,
History of a Crime: The Story of the Coup d'État. Victor IIUGO.
Alice Lorraine. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Lorna Doone. By R. D. BLACKMORE. 18th Edition.
Cradock Nowell. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Clara Vaughan. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Cripps the Carrier. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Erema; or, My Father's Sin. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Mary Anerley. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Christowell, a Dartmoor Tale. By R. D. BLACKMORE.
Innocent. By Mrs. OLIPHANT. Eight Illustrations.
Work. A Story of Experience. By LOUISA M. Alcott.
The Afghan Knife. By R. A. STERNDALE, Author of “Seonee.”
A French Heiress in her own Chateau. By the Author of

“One Only,” Constantia,” &c. Six Illustrations.
Ninety-Three. By Victor Hugo. Numerous Illustrations.
My Wife and I. By Mrs. BEECHER STOWE.
Wreck of the Grosvenor. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
John Holdsworth (Chief Mate). By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
A Sailor's Sweetheart. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
Far from the Madding Crowd. By THOMAS HARDY.
Elinor Dryden. By Mrs. MACQUOID,
Diane. By Mrs. MACQUOID.
Poganuc People, Their Loves and Lives. By Mrs. B. STOWE.
A Golden Sorrow. By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY.
Out of Court. By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY.

A Story of the Dragonnades. By the Rev. E. Gilliat, M. A. Low's Handbook to the Charities of London. Edited and

revised to date by C. MACKESON, F.S.S., Editor of A Guide to the Churches of London and its Suburbs,” &c. Paper, Is. ; cloth, Is. 6d.

M4 ACGREGOR (John) Rob Royon the Baltic. 3rd

Edition, small post 8vo, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d.
A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy

" Canoe. 11th Edition, small post 8vo, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt edges, 38. 6d.

Macgregor (John) Description of the Rob RoyCanoe, with Plans, &c, Is.

The Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy." New Edition, thoroughly revised, with additions, small post Svo, 55.;

boards, 25. 6d. Macquoid (Mrs.) Elinor Dryden. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Diane. Crown 8vo, 6s. Magazine. See HARPER, UNION JACK, THE ETCHER, MEN

OF MARK. Magyarland. A Narrative of Travels through the Snowy Car

pathians, and Great Alföld of the Magyar. By a Fellow of the Carpathian Society (Diploma of 1881), and Author of “ The Indian Alps.' 2 vols., 8vo, cloth extra, with about 120 Woodcuts from the Author's

own sketches and drawings, 425. Manitoba : its History, Growth, and Present Position. By the

Rev. Professor BRYCE, Principal of Manitoba College, Winnipeg.

Crown 8vo, with Illustrations and Maps, 75, 6d. Markham (C. R.) The Threshold of the Unknown Region.

Crown 8vo, with Four Maps, 4th Edition. Cloth extra, ios. 6d. Maury (Commander) Physical Geography of the Sea, and its

Meteorology. Being a Reconstruction and Enlargement of his former

Work, with Charts and Diagrams. New Edition, crown 8vo, 6s. Memoirs of Count Miot de Melito, Minister, Ambassador,

Councillor of State, and Member of the Institute of France, between the years 1788 and 1815. Edited by General FLEISCHMANN. From the French by Mrs. CASHEL HOEY and Mr. John LILLIE. 2 vols.,

demy Svo, cloth extra, 36s. Memoirs of Madame de Rémusat, 1802-1808. By her Grand

son, M. PAUL DE RÉMUSAT, Senator. Translated by Mrs. Cashel HOEY and Mr. JOHN LILLIE. 4th Edition, cloth extra. This work was written by Madame de Rémusat during the time she was living on the most intimate terms with the Empress Josephine, and is full of revelations respecting the private life of Bonaparte, and of men and politics of the first years of the century. Revelations which have already created a great sensation in Paris. 8vo, 2 vols., 325.

See also " Selection." Menus (366, one for each day of the year). Translated from the

French of CounT BRISSE, by Mrs. MATTHEW CLARKE. Crown

Svo, ios. 6d. Men of Mark: a Gallery of Contemporary Portraits of the most

Eminent Men of the Day taken from Life, especially for this publication, price Is. 6d. monthly. Vols. I. to VI., handsomely bound, cloth, gilt edges, 25s. each.

Mendelssohn Family (The), 1729-1847. From Letters and

Journals. Translated from the German of SEBASTIAN HENSEL.

2 vols., demy Svo, 305. Michael Strogoff. Ios. 6d. and 55. See VERNE. Mitford (Miss). See “ Our Village." Music. See “Great Musicians.” My Lady Greensleeves. By HELEN MATHERS, Authoress of

Comin' through the Rye,” Cherry Ripe,” &c. I vol. edition,

crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. Mysterious Island. By JULES VERNE. 3 vols., imperial 16mo.

150 Illustrations, cloth gilt, 35. 6d. each ; elaborately bound, gilt edges, 75. 6d. each. Cheap Edition, with some of the Illustrations,

cloth, gilt, 25. ; paper, Is. each. NARRATIVES of State Trials in the Nineteenth Century.

First Period: From the Union with Ireland to the Death of George IV., 1801-1830. By G. LATHOM BPOWNE, of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 245. Nature and Functions of Art (The); and more especially of

Architecture. By LEOPOLD EIDLITZ. Medium 8vo, cloth, 21s. Naval Brigade in South Africa (The). By HENRY F. Nor

BURY, C.B., R.N. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, ros. 6d. New Child's Play (A). Sixteen Drawings by E. V. B. Beauti

fully printed in colours, 4to, cloth extra, 125. 6d. New Guinea : What I did and what I saw. By L. M.

D’ALBERTIS, Officer of the Order of the Crown Italy, Honorary
Member and Gold Medallist of the I. R.G.S., C.M.Z.S., &c., &c.
In 2 vols., demy Svo, cloth extra, with Maps, Coloured Plates, and

numerous very fine Woodcut Illustrations, 425. New Ireland. By A. M. SULLIVAN, M.P. for Louth. 2 vols.,

demy 8vo, 30s. Cheaper Edition, i vol., crown 8vo, 8s. 6d. New Novels. Crown 8vo, cloth, 1os. 6d. per vol. :

Christowell: a Dartmoor Tale. By R. D. BLACKMORE. 3 vols.
The Braes of Yarrow. By Chas. GIBBON. 3 vols.
A Laodicean. By THOMAS HARDY, Author of “Far from the

Madding Crowd,” “Trumpet Major," &c., &c. 3 vols.
Waiting. By Miss A. M. HOPKINSON. 3 vols.
Don John. By Miss JEAN INGELOW. 3 vols.
Warlock of Warlock. By GEORGE MACDONALD.
Riverside Papers. By J. D. HOPPUS. 2 vols., small post 8vo, 125.

Cecily's Debt. By Mrs. A. B. CHURCH. 3 vols.
Nice and Her Neighbours

. By the Rev. CANON HOLE, Author of " A Book about Roses,'

" " A Little Tour in Ireland,” &c. Small 4to, with numerous choice Illustrations, 12s. 6d.

3 vols.

Noah's Ark. A Contribution to the Study of Unnatural History. By PHIL ROBINSON, Author of “In my Indian Garden,”

“ Under the Punkah,” &c., &c. 2 vols. Small post Svo, 125. 6d. Noble Words and Noble Deeds. From the French of E. MULLER.

Containing many Full-page Illustrations by PHILIPPOTEAUX. Square

imperial 16mo, cloth extra, 75. 6d. ; plainer binding, plain edges, 55. Nordenskiöld's Voyage around Asia and Europe. A Popular

Account of the North-East Passage of the “Vega. By Lieut. A.
HOVGAARD, of the Royal Danish Navy, and member of the “ Vega
Expedition. Demy 8vo, cloth, with about 50 Illustrations and

3 Maps, 215. North American Review (The). Monthly, price 2s. 6.1. Nothing to Wear; ånd Two Millions. By W. A. BUTLER.

New Edition. Small post 8vo, in stiff coloured wrapper, Is. Nursery Playmates (Prince of ). 217 Coloured Pictures for

Children by eminent Artists. Folio, in coloured boards, 6s. OFF to the Wilds: A Story for Boys. By G. MANVILLE

FENN. Most richly and profusely Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 7s. 6d. Old-Fashioned Girl. See ALCOTT. On Horseback through Asia Minor. By Capt. FRED BURNABY,

Royal Horse Guards, Author of “A Ride to Khiva." 2 vols., 8vo, with three Maps and Portrait of Author, 6th Edition, 38s.;

Cheaper Edition, crown 8vo, 1os. 6d. Our Little Ones in Heaven. Edited by the Rev. H. ROBBINS.

With Frontispiece after Sir Joshua REYNOLDS. Fcap., cloth extra,

New Edition-the 3rd, with Illustrations, 5s. Our Village. By Mary RUSSELL MITFORD. Illustrated with

Frontispiece Steel Engraving, and 12 full-page and 157 smaller Cuts.

Crown 4to, cloth, gilt edges, 21s.; cheaper binding, 1os. 6d. Our Woodland Trees. By F. G. HEATH. Large post Svo,

cloth, gilt edges, uniform with “Fern World” and “Fern Paradise," by the same Author. 8 Coloured Plates (showing leaves of every British Tree) and 20 Woodcuts, cloth, gilt edges, 125. 6d. Third

Edition. About 600 pages. Outlines of Ornament in all Styles. A Work of Reference for

the Architect, Art Manufacturer, Decorative Artist, and Practical Painter. By W. and G. A. AUDSLEY, Fellows of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Only a limited number have been printed and the stones destroyed. Small folio, 60 plates, with introductory text, cloth gilt, 31s. 6d.

PAINTERS of All Schools. By Louis VIARDOT, and other

Writers. 509 pp., super-royal Svo, 20 Full-page and 70 smaller
Engravings, cloth extra, 255.

A New Edition is issued in Half. crown parts, with fifty additional portraits, cloth, gilt edges, 315. 6d. Painting (A Short History of the British School of). By

GEO. H. SHEPHERD. Post 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. Palliser (Mrs.) A History of Lace, from the Earliest Period.

A New and Revised Edition, with additional cuts and text, upwards of 100 Illustrations and coloured. Designs. I vol., 8vo, Il. Is.

Historic Devices, Bad ;es, and War Cries. 8vo, il. 15.

The China Collector's Pocket Companion. With upwards of 1000 Illustrations of Marks and Monograms. 2nd Edition,

with Additions. Small post Svo, limp cloth, 5s. Parliamentary History of the Irish Land Question (The). From

1829 to 1869, and the Origin and Results of the Ulster Custom. By R. BARRY O'BRIEN, Barrister-at-Law, Author of “ The Irish Land Question and English Public Opinion." 3rd Edition, corrected and

revised, with additional matter. Post Svo, cloth extra, 6s. Pathways of Palestine : a Descriptive Tour through the Holy

Land. By the Rev. CANON TRISTRAM. Illustrated with 44 per-
manent Photographs. (The Photographs are large, and most perfect
Specimens of the Art.) Published in 22 Monthly Parts, 4to, in
Wrapper, 25. 6d. each. Vol. I., containing 12 parts, 24 Illustrations,

cloth, gilt edges, 315. 6d. Peasant Life in the West of England. By FRANCIS GEORGE

HEATH, Author of “Sylvan Spring,” “ The Fern World.” Crown 8vo, 400 pp. (with Autograph Letter of seven pages from Lord

Beaconsfield to the Author, written December 28, 1880), 1os. 6d. Petites Leçons de Conversation et de Grammaire: Oral and

Conversational Method ; being Lessons introducing the most Useful
Topics of Conversation, upon an entirely new principle, &c. By
F. JULIEN, French Master at King Edward the Sixth's School,
Birmingham. Author of “The Student's French Examiner,” “ First

Steps in Conversational French Grammar," which see.
Photography (History and Handbook of). See TISSANDIER.
Physical Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. By J. E. H.

GORDON, B.A. With about 200 coloured, full-page, and other
Illustrations. In respect to the number and beauty of the Illustrations,

the work is quite unique. 2 vols., 8vo, 36s. Poems of the Inner Life. A New Edition, Revised, with many

additional Poems. Small post Svo, cloth, 5s.

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