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Stowe (Mrs. Beecher) Queer Little People. Is.; cloth, 25.

Chimney Corner. Is.; cloth, is. 6d.
The Pearl of Orr's Island. Crown 8vo, 5s.*

Woman in Sacred History. Illustrated with 15
Chromo-lithographs and about 200 pages of Letterpress. Demy

4to, cloth extra, gilt edges, 25s. Student's French Examiner. By F. JULIEN, Author of "Petites

Leçons de Conversation et de Grammaire." Square cr. Svo, cloth, 2s. Studies in the Theory of Descent. By Dr. Aug. WEISMANN,

Professor in the University of Freiburg. Translated and edited by KAPHAEL MELDOLA, F.C.S., Secretary of the Entomological Society of London. Part I. -"On the Seasonal Dimorphism of Butterflies, containing Original Communications by Mr. W. H. EDWARDS, of Coalburgh. With two Coloured Plates. Price of Part. I. (to Subscribers for the whole work only), 8s ; Part II. coloured plates), 165.;

Part III., 6s. Sunrise : A Story of These Times. By WILLIAM BLACK,

Author of " A Daughter of Heth,” &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. Surgeon's Handbook on the Treatment of Wounded in War. By

Dr. FRIEDRICH ESMARCH, Surgeon-General to the Prussian Army. Numerous Coloured Plates and Illustrations, 8vo, strongly bound,

Il. 8s. Sylvan Spring. By FRANCIS GEORGE HEATH. Illustrated by

12 Coloured Plates, drawn by F. E. HULME, F.L.S., Artist and Author of “Familiar Wild Flowers;" by 16 full-page, and more than 100 other Wood Engravings. Large post 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 125. 6d.

TAINE (H. A.) Les Origines de la France Contemporaine.
Translated by John DURAND.
Vol. 1.

Vol. 3.

The Ancient Regime. Demy Svo, cloth, 16s.
Vol. 2.

The French Revolution. Vol. I. do.


Vol. 2. do. Tauchnitz's English Editions of German Authors. Each

volume, cloth flexible, 25. ; or sewed, Is. 6d. (Catalogues post free on application.)

(B.) German and English Dictionary. Cloth, is, 6d.; roan, 2s,

• See also Rose Library.

Tauchnitz's French and English Dictionary. Paper, is. 6d.; cloth, 25.; roan, 2s. 6d.

Italian and English Dictionary. Paper, is. 6d.; cloth, 25. ; roan, 25. 6d.

Spanish and English. Paper, 1s. 6d.; cloth, 2s. ; roan 25. 6d. Through America ; or, Nine Months in the United States. By

W. G. MARSHALL, M.A. With nearly 100 Woodcuts of Views of
Utah country and the famous Yosemite Valley; The Giant Trees,
New York, Niagara, San Francisco, &c.; containing a full account
of Mormon Life, as noted by the Author during his visits to Salt Lake
City in 1878 and 1879. Demy Svo, 21s. ; cheap edition, crown 8vo,

75. 6d.

Through the Dark Continent: The Sources of the Nile ; Around

the Great Lakes, and down the Congo. By H. M. STANLEY. Cheap Edition, crown 8vo, with some of the Illustrations and Maps,

125. 6d, Through Siberia. By the Rev. HENRY LANSDELL. Illustrated

with about 30 Engravings, 2 Route Maps, and Photograph of the Author, in Fish-skin Costume of the Gilyaks on the Lower Amur.

2 vols., demy 8vo, 30s. Tour of the Prince of Wales in India. See RUSSELL. Trees and Ferns. By F. G. HEATH. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, with numerous Illustrations, 35. 6d.

“A charming little volume.”—Land and Water. Tristram (Rev. Canon) Pathways of Palestine : A Descriptive

Tour through the Holy Land. First Series. Illustrated by 22 Per

manent Photographs. Folio, cloth extra, gilt edges, 31s. 61. Two Friends. By LUCIEN BIART, Author of "Adventures of

a Young Naturalist,” “My Rambles in the New World,” &c. Small

post Svo, numerous Illustrations, gilt edges, 75. 6d. ; plainer binding, 5s. Two Supercargoes (The); or, Adventures in Savage Africa.

By W. H. G. KINGSTON. Numerous Full-page Illustrations. Square imperial 16mo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 75. 6d. ; plainer binding, 5s.

UNDER the Punkah. By Phil Robinson, Author of “In

my Indian Garden." Crown 8vo, limp cloth, 3s. 6d.

Union Jack (The). Every Boy's Paper. Edited by G. A.

Henty. One Penny Weekly, Monthly 6d. Vol. III. commences
with the Part for November, 1881, and contains the first Chapters
of Three Serial Stories by G. MANVILLE FENN, Louis ROUSSELET,
and W. H. G. KINGSTON, from the French of “Landelle.” Illustrated
by the Best Artists. With the first Part is presented a Photograph of
Jules Verne, and a Coloured Plate, "Rounding the Lightship,” a
Yachting Incident; and this Volume will also contain New Stories by
Col. BUTLER, Author of “The Great Lone Land,” JULES VERNE, ani
Historical Story by the Editor, &c., &c. Volume II. for 1881, beauti-
fully bound in red cloth (royal 4to), 7s. 6d., gilt edges, 8s. Beautifully
Illustrated with over 400 Illustrations, including 52 full-page Engra-
vings, 8 Steel ditto, 7 Coloured Plates, and Photograph of the Editor.

The Contents comprise :
The Cornet of Horse : a Tale of Marlborough's Wars. By the

The Young Franc-Tireurs : a Tale of the Franco-German War.

By the EDITOR.
The Ensign and Middy : a Tale of the Malay Peninsula. By G.

The Steam House : THE DEMON OF CAWNPORE. A Tale of India.

Rawdon School: a Tale of Schoolboy Lise. By BERNARD

Dorrincourt: a Story of a Term there. By BERNARD HELDMANN.
Peyton Phelps; or, Adventures among the Italian Carbonari. By

Gerald Rattlin: a Tale of Sea Life. By Geo. ELFORD.
A Fight in Freedom's Cause.
An Eventful Ride.
The Ghost of Leytonstone Manor.
An Editor's Yarns.
True Tales of Brave Actions.

And numerous other Articles of Interest and Instruction.

A few copies of Volume I., for 1880, still remain, price 6s. Upolu ; or, A Paradise of the Gods ; being a Description of

the Antiquities of the chief Island of the Samoan Group, with Remarks on the Topography, Ethnology, and History of the Polynesian Islands in general. By the late HANDLEY BATHurst STERNDALE. Edited and annotated by his brother, Author of “Seonee,' “ The Aighan

Knife,” &c. 2 vols., demy 8vo. VICTOR Hugo and his Times. Translated from the French

of A. BARBOU by ELLEN E. FREWER. 120 Illustrations, many of them from designs by Victor Hugo himself. Super-royal 8vo, cloth

extra. Vincent (F.) Norsk, Lapp, and Finn. By FRANK VINCENT,

Jun., Author of “ The Land of the White Elephant,” “Through and Through the Tropics," &c. 8vo, cloth, with Frontispicce and Мар, 125.

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Sampson Low, Marston, & Co.'s List of Publications.


WAITARUNA: A Story of New Zealand Life. By

ALEXANDER BATHGATE, Author of "Colonial Experiences.” Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. Waller (Rev. C. H.) The Names on the Gates of Pearl,

and other Studies. By the Rev. C. H. WALLER, M.A. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

A Grammar and Analytical Vocabulary of the Words in the Greek Testament. Compiled from Brüder's Concordance. For the use of Divinity Students and Greek Testament Classes. By the Rev. C. H. WALLER, M. A. Part I. The Grammar. Small post 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. Part II. The Vocabulary, 25. 6d.

Adoption and the Covenant. Some Thoughts on Confirmation. Super-royal 16mo, cloth limp, 25. 6d.

See also “ Silver Sockets." Wanderings South by East: a Descriptive Record of Four Years

of Travel in the less known Countries and Islands of the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres. By WALTER COOTE. 8vo, with very

numerous Illustrations and a Map, 215. Warner (C. D.) My Summer in a Garden. Rose Library, Is.

Back-log Studies. Boards, Is. 6d.; cloth, 25.
In the Wilderness. Rose Library, is.

Mummies and Moslems. 8vo, cloth, 125.
Weaving. See “ History and Principles.”
Where to Find Ferns. By F. G. HEATH, Author of “The

Fern World,” &c.; with a Special Chapter on the Ferns round
London; Lists of Fern Stations, and Descriptions of Ferns and Fern

Habitats throughout the British Isles. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 3s. White (Rhoda E.) From Infancy to Womanhood. A Book of

Instruction for Young Mothers. Crown 8vo, cloth, ios. 6d. Whittier (J. G.) The King's Missive, and later Poems. 18mo,

choice parchment cover, 3s. 6d. This book contains all the Poems written by Mr. Whittier since the publication of " Hazel Blossoms.”

The Whittier Birthday Book. Extracts from the Author's writings, with Portrait and numerous Illustrations. Uniform with the “Emerson Birthday Book.” Square 16mo, very choice binding, 35. 6d.

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