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Day of My Life (A); or, Every Day Experiences at Eton.

By an Eton Boy, Author of "About Some Fellows.16mo, cloth extra, 25. 6d.

6th Thousand. Diane. By Mrs. MACQUOID. Crown 8vo, 6s. Dick chcuidag.. his Fortunes and Misfortunes. By W. H. G.

KINGSTON. 350 PP., za 16mo, and 22 full-page Illustrations.

Cloth, gilt edges, 75. 6d. ; plainer Dala.. Dick Sands, the Boy Captain. By JULES

alan edges, 5.

17:th nearly 100 Illustrations, cloth, gilt, 1os.6d.; plain binding and plain edges, 9. EIGHT Cousins. See Alcott. Elementary History (An) of Art. Comprising Architecture,

Sculpture, Painting, and the Applied Arts. By N. D'ANVERS,
Author of “ Science Ladders.With a Preface by Professor ROGER
SMITH. New Edition, illustrated with upwards of 200 Wood

Engravings. Crown 8vo, strongly bound in cloth, price 8s. 6d. Elementary History (An) of Music. Edited by OWEN J.

DULLEA. Including Music among the Ancient Nations ; Music in
the Middle Ages; Music in Italy in the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and
Eighteenth Centuries; Music in Germany, France, and England.
Illustrated with Portraits of the most eminent Composers, and
Engravings of the Musical Instruments of many Nations. Crown 8vo,

handsomely bound in cloth, price 35. 6d. Elinor Dryden. By Mrs. MACQUOID. Crown 8vo, 6s. Embroidery (Handbook of). By L. Higgin. Edited by LADY

MARIAN ALFORD, and published by authority of the Royal School of Art Needlework. With 16 page Illustrations, Designs for Borders, &c.

Crown 8vo, 5s.
Enchiridion of Epictetus ; and the Golden Verses of Pythagoras.

Translated into English, Prose and Verse; with Notes and Scriptural
References, together with some original Poems. By the Hon. Thos.

Talbot. Crown 8vo, cloth, 55.
English Philosophers. Edited by Iwan Muller, M.A., New

College, Oxon. A Series of Volumes containing short biographies
of the most celebrated English Philosophers, to each of whom is
assigned a separate volume, giving as comprehensive and detailed a
statement of his views and contributions to Philosophy as possible,
explanatory ratherthan critical, opening with a brief biographical sketch,
and concluding with a short general summary, and a bibliographical
appendix. Each Volume contains about 200 pp. Sq. 16mo, 3s.6d. each.
Bacon. Professor FOWLER, Professor of Logic in Oxford.
Berkeley. Prof. T.H.GREEN, Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford.
Hamilton, Professor MONK, Professor of Moral Philosophy, Dublin.
J. S. Mill. HELEN TAYLOR, Editor of “The Works of Buckle,” &c.
Mansel. Rev. J. H. HUCKIN, D.D., Head Master of Repton.
Adam Smith. J. A. FARRER, M.A., Author of « Primitive

Manners and Customs."

English Philosophers (continued)

Hobbes. A. H. Gosset, B.A., Fellow of New College, Oxford.
Bentham. G. E. BUCKLE, M.A., Fellow of All Souls', Oxford.
Austin. Harry JOHNSON, B.A., late Scholar of Queen's Colleos



7 Prosessor Fowler.
Arrangements are in progress for volumes on Locke, Hume, Paley, Reid, &c.
Episodes of French History. Edited, with Notes, Genealogical,
Historical, and other Tables, by GUSTAVE MASSON, B. A.

1. Charlemagne and the Carlovingians.
2. Louis XI. and the Crusades.
3. Part I. Francis I. and Charles V.

II. Francis I. and the Renaissance.
4. Henry IV. and the End of the Wars of Religion.
The above Series is based upon M. Guizot's “History of France."

Each volume choicely Illustrated, with Maps, 25. 6d.
Erema ; or, My Father's Sin. See BLACKMORE.
Etcher (The). Containing 36 Examples of the Original

Etched-work of Celebrated Artists, amongst others: Birker FOSTER,
W. MACBETH, R. S. CHATTOCK, &c. Vol. for 1881, imperial 4to,

cloth extra, gilt edges, 21. 125. 6d. Monthly, 3s. 6d. Eton. See “Day of my Life," “ Out of School,” “ About Some

Fellows." FARM Ballads., By WILL CARLETON. Boards, 1s. ; cloth,

gilt edges, Is. 6d.
Farm Festivals. By the same Author. Uniform with above.
Farm Legends. By the same Author. See above.
Felkin (R. W.) and Wilson (Rev. C. T.) Uganda and the

Egyptian Soudan. An Account of Travel in Eastern and Equatorial
Africa ; including a Residence of Two Years at the Court of King
Mtesa, and a Description of the Slave Districts of Bahr-el-Ghazel and
Darfour. With a New Map of 1200 miles in these Provinces ;
numerous Illustrations, and Anthropological, Meteorological, and
Geographical Notes. By R. W. FELKIN, F.R.G.S., Member of the
Anthropological Institute, &c., &c. ; and the Rev. C. T. Wilson,
M.A. Oxon., F.R.G.S., Member of the Society of Arts, Hon. Fellow

of the Cairo Geographical Society. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 28s. Fern Paradise (The): A Plea for the Culture of Ferns. By

F. G. HEATH. New Edition, entirely Rewritten, Illustrated by
Eighteen full-page, and numerous other Woodcuts, including 8 Plates of
Ferns and Four Photographs, large post Svo, cloth, gilt edges, 125. 6d.
Sixth Edition.

" All lovers of ferns will be delighted with the illustrated edition of Mr.
Heath's “ Fern Paradise."-Saturday Review,

Fern World (The). By F. G. HEATH. Illustrated by Twelve

Coloured Plates, giving complete Figures (Sixty-four in all) of every
Species of British Fern, printed from Nature ; by several full-page

and other Engravings. Cloth, gilt edges, 6th Edition, 12s. 6d. Few (A) Hints on Proving Wills. Enlarged Edition, 1s. First Steps in Conversational French Grammar. By F. JULIEN.

Being an Introduction to “Petites Leçons de Conversation et de

Grammaire," by the same Author. F'cap. 8vo, 128 pp., Is. Four Lectures on Electric Induction. Delivered at the Royal

Institution, 1878-9. By J. E. H. GORDON, B. A. Cantah. With

numerous Illustrations. Cloth limp, square 16mo, 35. Foreign countries and the British Colonies. Edited by F. S.

PULLING, M.A., Lecturer at Queen's College, Oxford, and formerly
Professor at the Yorkshire College, Leeds. A Series of small Volumes
descriptive of the principal Countries of the World by well-known
Authors, each Country being treated of by a Writer who from
Personal Knowledge is qualified to speak with authority on the Subject.
The Volumes average 180 crown 8vo pages each, contain 2 Maps
and Illustrations, crown 8vo, 3s. 6d.

The following is a List of the Volumes :-
Denmark and Iceland. By E. C. OTTÉ, Author of “Scandinavian

History,” &c.
Greece. By L. SERGEANT, B.A., Knight of the Hellenic Order

of the Saviour, Author of “New Greece.
Switzerland. By W. A. P. COOLIDGE, M.A., Fellow of

Magdalen College, Editor of The Alpine Journal.
Austria. By D. KAY, F.R.G.S.
Russia. By W. R. MORFILL, M.A., Oriel College, Oxíord,

Lecturer on the Ilchester Foundation, &c.
Persia. By Major-Gen. Sir F. J. GOLDSMID, K.C.S.I., Author of

* Telegraph and Travel,” &c.
Japan. By S. MOSSMAN, Author of “ New Japan,” &c.
Canada. By W. FRASER RAE, Author of “ Westward by

Rail,” “From Newfoundland to Manitoba,” &c.
Sweden and Norway. By the Rev. F. H. Woods, M.A., Fellow

of St. John's College, Oxford.
The West Indies. By C. H. EDEN, F.R.G.S., Author of “Frozen

Asia,” &c.
New Zealand.
France. By M. ROBERTS, Author of “ The Atelier du Lys,"&c.
Egypt. By S. LANE POOLE, B.A., Author of “Life of E. Lane,” &c.
Spain. By the Rev. WENTWORTH WEBSTER, M.A.
Turkey-in-Asia. By J. C. McCOAN, M.P.
Australia. By J. F. VESEY FITZGERALD, late Premier of New

South Wales.
Holland. By R. L. POOLE.

Franc (Maude Jeane). The following form one Series, small

post 8vo, in uniform cloth bindings, with gilt edges:Emily's Choice. 5s.

Silken Cords and Iron Fetters. 45. Hall's Vineyard. 45.

Vermont Vale. 55. John's Wife: A Story of Life in Minnie's Mission. 45. South Australia. 45.

Little Mercy. 5s. Marian; or, The Light of Some Beatrice Melton's Discipline. 45.

One's Home. 55. Francis (F.) War, Waves, and Wanderings, including a Cruise

in the “ Lancashire Witch.” 2 vols., crown Svo, cloth extra, 245. French Revolution (The Great). Letters written from Paris

during the Progress of the Great French Revolution, by Madame J.
to her Husband and Son. Edited by her Great-grandson, M. EDOUARD

LOCKROY. From the French. Crown 8vo, cloth, ros. 6d. Froissart (The Boy's). Selected from the Chronicles of Eng

land, France, Spain, &c. By SIDNEY LANIER. The Volume is fully Illustrated, and uniform with “The Boy's King Arthur.” Crown

Svo, cloth, 7s. 6d.
From Newfoundland to Manitoba ; a Guide through Canada's

Maritime, Mining, and Prairie Provinces. By W. FRASER RAE.
Crown Svo, with several Maps, 6s.

GAMES of Patience. See CADOGAN.

Gentle Life (Queen Edition). 2 vols. in 1, small 4to, ros. 6d.

THE GENTLE LIFE SERIES. Price 6s. each ; or in calf extra, price 1os. 6d. ; Smaller Edition, cloth

extra, 25, 6d. The Gentle Life. Essays in aid of the Formation of Character

of Gentlemen and Gentlewomen. 21st Edition. About in the World. Essays by Author of “The Gentle Life.” Like unto Christ. A New Translation of Thomas à Kempis

De Imitatione Christi.” 2nd Edition. Familiar Words. An Index Verborum, or Quotation Hand

book. Affording an immediate Reference to Phrases and Sentences

that have become embedded in the English language. 6s. Essays by Montaigne. Edited and Annotated by the Author

of "The Gentle Life.” With Portrait. 2nd Edition. The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. Written by Sir PHILIP

SIDNEY, Edited with Notes by Author of “The Gentle Life." 75. 6d. The Gentle Life. 2nd Series, 8th Edition.

The Gentle Life Series (continued):-
The Silent Hour: Essays, Original and Selected. By the

Author of "The Gentle Life." 3rd Edition.
Half-Length Portraits. Short Studies of Notable Persons.

By J. HAIN FRISWELL. Essays on English Writers, for the Self-improvement of

Students in English Literature. Other People's Windows. By J. Hain FRISWELL. 3rd Edition. A Man's Thoughts. By J. HAIN FRISWELL.

25. 6d.


German Primer. Being an Introduction to First Steps in

German. By M. T. PREU. Getting on in the World ; or, Hints on Success in Life. By

W. MATHEWS, LL.D. Small post 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d.; gilt edges, 3s. 6d. Gilpin's Forest Scenery. Edited by F. G. HEATH. Large

post Svo, with numerous Illustrations. Uniform with “The Fern World," 12s. 6d.

“Deserves to be a favourite in the boudoir as well as in the library."-Saturday

One of the most delightful works ever written.”—Globe. Gordon (J. E. H.). See “Four Lect:ires on Electric Induco

tion," " Physical Treatise on Electricity,” &c. Gouffé. The Royal Cookery Book. By JULES GOUFFÉ; trans

lated and adapted for English use by ALPHONSE GOUFFÉ, Head Pastrycook to her Majesty the Queen. Illustrated with large plates printed in colours. 161 Woodcuts, 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 21. 25. --- Domestic Edition, half-bound, ios. 6d.

“By far the ablest and most complete work on cookery that has ever been sub

mitted to the gastronomical world.”-Pall Mall Gazette. Great Artists. See " Biographies." Great Historic Galleries of England (The). Edited by LORD

RONALD GOWER, F.S.A., Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. Illustrated by 24 large and carefully-executed permanent Photographs of some of the most celebrated Pictures by the Great Masters. Vol. I., imperial 4to, cloth extra, gilt edges, 36s. Vol. II., with 36 large

permanent photographs, £ 2 125. 6d. Great Musicians (The). A Series of Biographies of the Great

Musicians. Edited by F. HUEFFER.
1. Wagner. By the Editor. ; 5. Rossini, and the Modern Italian
2. Weber. By Sir JULIUS School. By H. SUTHERLAND

3. Mendelssohn. By JOSEPH 6. Marcello. By Arrigo Boito.

7. Purcell. By H. W. CUMMINGS. 4. Schubert. By H. F.Frost. 18. English Church Composers.

Dr. Hiller and other distinguished writers, both English and Foreign, have promised contributions. Each Volume is complete in itself. Small post Svo, cloth extra, 3s.

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