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Página 93 - though it be understood to appeal solely to the heart, may be the product of a bad one. One would imagine that Sterne had been a man of a very tender heart ; yet I know from indubitable authority, that his mother, who kept a school, having run in debt on account of an extravagant daughter, would have rotted in jail, if the parents of her scholars had not raised a subscription for her. Her son had too much sentiment to have any feeling. A dead ass was more important to him than a living mother.
Página 142 - Regnier, secretary of the French Academy, was collecting in his hat from each member a contribution for a certain purpose. The president, Roses, one of the forty, was a great miser, but had paid his quota, which the Abbe" not perceiving, he presented the hat a second time. Roses, as was to be expected, said he had already paid. " I believe it," answered Regnier,
Página 192 - ... gentlemen, his friends, they determined to pass the night in the same apartment ; and if any noise or apparition disturbed them, to discharge their pistols at either ghost or sound. As spirits know all things, they were probably aware of these preparations, and not one appeared. But in the chamber just above a dreadful rattling of chains was heard; and the wife and children of the farmer ran to assist their lord. They threw themselves on their knees, begging that he would not visit that terrible...
Página 97 - ... of knowledge, expressed in an engaging way. In private life I am told he has some peculiarities, and even eccentricities. Among the latter may be classed his singular antipathy to a wig — which, however, he can suppress, till reason yield a little to wine.
Página 5 - QUEEN Caroline spoke of shutting up St. James's park, and converting it into a noble garden for the palace of that name. She asked my father * what it might probably cost ; who replied,
Página 74 - Street thing from the garret. The author, in sheer ignorance, not humour, discoursing of the difficulty of some pursuit, said, that even if a man had as many lives as a cat, nay, as many lives as one Plutarch is said to have had, he could not accomplish it.
Página xxxiii - Deffand ; and which ease and attention had rendered so fat that it could hardly move. This was placed beside him on a small sofa ; the tea-kettle, stand, and heater, were brought in, and he drank two or three cups of that liquor out of most rare and precious ancient porcelain of Japan, of a fine white, embossed with large leaves.
Página xlii - PATRIOTISM OF WILKES. DEPEND upon it, my dear sir, that Wilkes was in the pay of France, during the Wilkes and liberty days. Calling one day on the French minister, I observed a book on his table, with Wilkes's name in the first leaf. This led to a conversation, which convinced me. Other circumstances, too long and minute to be repeated, strengthened, if necessary, that conviction. I am as sure of it, as of any fact I know.
Página 22 - Newcastle had fallen into a mistake, to send for him, and read him a lecture. The duke was sent for once, and came when Mr. Pitt was confined to bed by the gout. There was, as usual, no fire in the room ; the day was very chilly, and the duke, as usual, afraid of catching cold. The duke...
Página 22 - Hayes he slept in a long room, at one end of which was his bed, and his lady's at the other. His way was, when he thought the Duke of Newcastle had fallen into any mistake, to send for him and read him a lecture.

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