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IPHIGENIA, ship, arrives, 13.
JACKSON, ANDREW, sends friendly message to Islands, 59.
Japanese, interference of feared, 200; attempt to gain con-

trol through colonization, 236; immigrants refused

permission to land, 236.
JARVES, JAMES Jackson, appointed special commissioner

to United States, 94.
JOHNSON, ANDREW, urges ratification of reciprocity treaty,

44, 45; is succeeded by President Grant, 46.
JONES, JOHN C., appointed agent for United States at

Islands, 53.
JONES, Capt. THOMAS AP CATESBY, visits Islands in

command Peacock, 55; negotiates treaty of friend-

ship and commerce, 56.
JUDD, Chief Justice, administers oath of allegiance to

United States, 251.
JUDD, GEORGE P., 78; appointed special commissioner to

United States, 94.
KAAHUMANU appointed guardian of Liholiho, 18; pro-
war on allied chiefs, 9; attempts to invade Maui, 9;
renews the attempt, 13; returns to Hawaii, 14; con-
quers Hawaii, 14; begins conquest of other islands,
14; fights battle of Nuanuu Valley, 14; conquers
entire archipelago, 15; establishes a dynasty, 15; re-
quests Russians to withdraw, 18; forbids human

poses to break tabus, 19; guardian of Kauikeaouli, 55.
KAIANA goes to China, 11; returns with fire-arms, 13;

leads force against Kamehameha, 14; death of, 15.
KAIULANI, Princess, appointed heir apparent, 166; at

school in England, 173; annexation treaty makes pro-
vision for, 188; new annexation treaty makes no
provision for, 243; pensioned by Hawaiian govern-

ment, 243.
KALAIMOKU, guardian of Kauikeaouli, 55.
KALAKAUA offers himself candidate for throne, 137;

adept at political intrigue, 138; is elected king, 139;
is recognized by foreign powers, 140; visits United
States, 47, 141; returns to Islands, 142; insurrection
against, 158; popular wrath at his venality, 159;
grants new constitution, 159; invokes aid of United
States in quelling insurrection, 160 ; pays a second
visit to United States, 163; his death in San Fran-

cisco, 163 ; his body returned to Honolulu, 163.
KALANIKUPULE, at battle of Nuanuu Valley, 14.
KAMAMALU, Queen, starts for a tour of Europe, 54 ;

received by George IV, 54; body of returned to

Islands, 54.
KAMEHAMEHA I, Prince of the island Hawaii, 7; makes

sacrifices, 18; death of, 18; is given an anvil, 34.
KAMEHAMEHA II, accession of, 18; starts for a tour of

Europe, 54; received by George IV, 54; death of,

54; body of returned to Islands, 54.
KAMEHAMEHA III ascends throne, 55; despatches com-

missioners to Washington, 71 ; perplexed by demands
of Paulet, 79; determines on a cession of Islands to
Great Britain, 80; appeals to President Tyler, 81;
declared by Great Britain to be legitimate sovereign
of Hawaii, 85; receives Commissioner Brown, 87;
makes significant utterance, 87; appeals to United
States and Great Britain from French aggressions,
93; appoints James Jackson Jarves special commis-
sioner to United States, 94; makes provisional cession
to United States, 100; text of cession, 101; contem-
plates absolute cession to United States, 112; wearied

by demands of European powers, 114; death of, 118.
KAMEHAMEHA IV, accession of, 118; his marriage, 118;

averse to completing treaty of annexation, 119; cap-

tivated by English ideas, 123; his death, 126.
KAMEHAMEHA V, accession of, 126; inclined toward ab-

solutism, 126; refused to subscribe to constitution in
force, 126; prepared and proclaimed a new constitu-
tion, 126; his sympathies, i 26; inclined to annexa-

tion, 127 ; death of, 133.
KAPIOLANI defends missionaries, 26.
KAPIOLANI, Queen, visits United States, 157.
KAUAI comes under sway of Kamehameha, 15; visited by

sloop Lady Washington, 16; missionaries begin work

on, 25.
KAUIKEAOULI ascends throne as Kamehameha III, 55.
Kealakekua Bay, 9, 10; the Eleanor arrives at, 12.
KEARNEY, Commodore, protests against cession of Islands

to Great Britain, 84.
KENDRICK, Capt. John, 16, 30.
KING GEORGE, ship, arrival of, 9.


LACKAWANNA, United States steamship, arrives, 130; her

presence creates suspicion, 131.
LADY WASHINGTON, sloop, arrives, 16 ; leaves Boston, 30.
L'AIGLE, ship, 54, 63.
LA PÉROUSE, explorer, arrives, 10.
LAPLACE, Capt., 68; forces treaty from king by threats,

LA POURSUIVANTE, French frigate, arrives at Honolulu,
L'ARTEMISE, frigate, arrives, 68, 69.
LAURA, brig, 38.
Ledger, Philadelphia, publishes interview with Hon.

Thomas F. Bayard, 193.
LELEIOHOKU, Prince, death of, 158.
LIHOLIHO, accession of, under title Kamehameha II, 18;

breaks tabus, 19.
LIHOLIHO, ALEXANDER, accedes to the throne as Kame-

hameha IV, 118.
LILIUOKALANI, marriage of, 37 ; visits United States

with Queen Kapiolani, 157; appointed heiress ap-
parent, 158; her hostility to liberal government
under Kalakaua, 159; upbraids her brother for his
liberality, 160; longs for a return to absolutism, 160;
Wilcox-Boyd insurrection said to have been incited
by her, 160; accession of, 163; takes oath to support
constitution, 163; shows sentiments of absolutism,
164; endeavors to force resignation of ministers, 164;
gains her point, 165; death of husband of, 166; her
growing pro-English sentiment, 166; appoints Kaiu-
lani as heir apparent, 166; her designs rapidly de-
velop, 167; dissatisfied with constitution of 1887, 167;
her aspirations encouraged, 174; contest of with
legislature, 174; selects a new cabinet, 174; confirma-
tion is refused, 175; nominates satisfactory cabinet,
175; intends to create a new constitution, 176; in-
fluence of favorable to lottery and opium bills, 177;
signs lottery and opium bills, 177; announces inten-
tion of abrogating constitution and establishing
another, 178; instigates natives to oppose whites,
178 ; calls on ministry for support, 179; is refused
support of ministers, 179; makes speech from bal.

cony, 180; denounces her ministers, 180; makes dis-
play of arms, 180; partially recedes from her demands,
181; issues proclamation to native subjects, 182;
promises new constitution, 182; abandons palace,
183; abandons attempt to maintain tranquillity, 184;
protests against dethronement, 186; makes charges
against Minister Stevens, 186; text of her protest, 186,
187; provisionally abdicates, 187; provision for pen-
sion for, 188; sends commissioner to Washington to
oppose annexation, 188; President Harrison's refer.
ence to, 196, 197 ; her restoration regarded undesirable,
191 ; invited to confer with Minister Willis, 210, 211;
demands the lives of the revolutionists, 211; is
in frequent communication with Minister Willis, 214;
withdraws her utmost demands, 215; her letter to
Minister Willis, 215; engages to proclaim amnesty if
restored, 216; her restoration demanded by Minister
Willis, 217; it is refused by Provisional Government,
217, 218; instigates revolt against republic, 232; is
arrested, tried, and imprisoned, 232; is pardoned, 242;
visits Washington and is received by President Cleve-
land, 242; he is indisposed to enter into her plans,
242; attends inauguration of President McKinley,
242; a figure in social life in Washington, 242; estab-
lishes a "lobby” against annexation, 243; has no

provision for pension in new treaty, 243.
Loomis, ELISHA, 23, 25.
Lot, Prince, accession of as Kamehameha V, 126.
Louisiana Lottery Company asks a franchise, 176; bill for

franchise of passes and is signed, 177.
Louis PHILIPPE, 70.
LUNALILO, his right to throne conceded, 134; is elected

king, 134 ; offers succession to throne to Mrs. Bishop,

136; his death, 137.
MANILA, battle before, 244.
MARCY, W. L., Hon., Secretary of State, 108; writes to

minister at Paris, 108.
Mare Island, 248.
Marquesas Islands, 83.
MARSDEN, JOSEPH, commissioner to Washington to nego-

tiate treaty of annexation, 188.

Mass meeting called, 181 ; Secretary Gresham openly de-

nounced at, 213.
Maui, the Eleanor visits, 11; invaded by Kamehameha, 13.
McBRIDE, JAMES, appointed minister resident, 122 ; letter

of to Secretary Seward, 122.
McCANDLESS, J. A., 181.
McCHESNEY, F. W., 181.
McCook, EDWARD, minister of United States at Hono-

lulu, 41, 42; instructed to favor treaty of reciprocity,
42; frames and concludes new treaty, 42; writes to
Secretary Seward, 42; suggests acquisition of Islands

by United States, 43, 130.
MCKINLEY, President, 194; his accession to power, 243;

signs annexation treaty, 244; signs joint resolution of

annexation, 247.
MEARES, Capt., 11.
METCALF, Capt., 11; massacres natives, 12.
MILLER, Admiral, carries American flag to Hawaii, 248;

raises American flag, 248–250.
MILLER, Gen., British consul, 117; endeavors to dissuade

the king from annexation, 117; attacks United

States, 117.
Missionaries, party of organized at Boston, 23; sail from

Boston, 24; arrive at Islands, 25; receive accessions,
26; sailors attempt to obstruct, 26; assailed by ruf-
fians, 26; see fruits of their labors, 27 ; receive strong
re-enforcements, 27; attacked by crews of vessels,
58; attacked by Dolphin crew, 58; in conflict with
Jesuit priests, 65, 66; supply their rivals with books,

66; their influence still potent, 121.
Missions, Roman Catholic, planted in Hawaii, 65; in

conflict with Protestant missions, 66; banished by
Hawaiian government, 66; are deported, 66; allowed

to be re-established, 68.
NAHIOLEA assists Kamehameha at battle of Nuanuu

Valley, 14.
Napoopoo, village of bombarded, 8.
Neckar Ísland, Great Britain attempts to secure, 236,

237 ; is claimed formally by Hawaii, 241.
NEUMANN, Paul, commissioner of queen to oppose an-
nexation, 188; has queen's power of attorney, 189.

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