Sartaroe: A Tale of Norway

T. B. Peterson & Bros., 1858 - 448 páginas

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Página 351 - Though restless still themselves, a lulling murmur made. Joined to the prattle of the purling rills Were heard the lowing herds along the vale, And flocks loud bleating from the distant hills, And vacant shepherds piping in the dale ; And, now and then, sweet Philomel would wail, Or stockdoves plain amid the forest deep, That drowsy rustled to the sighing gale ; And still a coil the grasshopper did keep ; Yet all these sounds yblent inclined all to sleep.
Página 351 - And hurled every-where their waters sheen; That, as they bicker'd through the sunny glade, Though restless still themselves, a lulling murmur made.
Página 349 - O thou that rollest above, round as the shield of my fathers ! Whence are thy beams, O sun ! thy everlasting light ? Thou comest forth in thy awful beauty; the stars hide themselves in the sky ; the moon, cold and pale, sinks in the western wave ; but thou thyself movest alone. Who can be a companion of thy course? The oaks of the mountains fall; the mountains themselves decay with years; the ocean shrinks and grows again; the moon herself is lost in heaven, but thou art for ever the same, rejoicing...
Página 349 - As rushes a stream of foam from the dark shady deep of Cromla, when the thunder is traveling above, and dark-brown night sits on half the hill; — through the breaches of the tempest look forth the dim faces of ghosts; — so fierce, so vast, so terrible rushed on the sons of Erin.
Página viii - There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.
Página iv - In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York. ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1875, by D. APPLETON & COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. PREFACE, THE
Página 349 - Gormal* in snow! The tempests roll dark on his sides, but calm, above, his vast forehead appears. Whiteissuing from the skirt of his storms, the troubled torrents pour down his sides. Joining, as they roar along, they bear the Torno, in foam, to the main.
Página 42 - To Norway, valour's native sphere, We drink with boundless pleasure; O'er wine we dream of freedom near, In fancy grasp the treasure. Yet shall we at some period wake, And bonds compulsive nobly break ; To Norway, valour's native sphere, We drink with boundless pleasure.
Página 385 - She would have fallen senseless to the floor, had she not been caught in the arms of her son.
Página 228 - Clerk then summed up, reading and commenting on the whole of the evidence. In his caution to the jury, his Lordship said they were not to proceed on suspicion, or even strong suspicion, but there must be strong conviction in their minds; if there was any reasonable doubt, it was their duty to give the prisoner the benefit of that doubt ; but if they came to that clear conviction of her guilt, they were not to allow any suggestion made for the defence to deter them from doing their duty.

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