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“Gineral C. he goes in fer the war,
He don't vally principle more’n an old cud;
Wut did God make us raytonal creeters fer,
But glory an' gunpowder, plunder an' blood ?

So John P.

Robinson he
Sez he shall vote for Gineral C.

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“Parson Wilbur sez he never heerd in his life
Thet the Apostles rigged out in their swaller-tail coats,
An' marched round in front of drum an' a fife,
To git some on 'em office, an' some on 'em votes;

But John P.

Robinson he
Sez they don't know everything down in Judee."

Here is a capital hit at a certain class of men:

“I'm willin' a man should go tollable strong
Agin wrong in the abstract, fer thet kind of wrong
Is ollers unpoplar an’ never gets pitied,
Because its a crime no one ever committed;
But he mustn't be hard on partickler sins,
Coz then he'll be kickin' the people's own shins.".

“The debate in the Sennit," is a humorous poem, one or two stanzas of which we will copy :

“Here we stan' on the Constitution, by thunder
Its a fact o' which there's bushels o' proofs ;
Fer how could we trample on't so, I wonder,
Eft wornt that it's ollers under our hoofs?'

Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he ;-
*Human rights haint no more
Right to come on this floor.
No mor'n the man in the moon,' sez he.

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«• The North haint no kind o'bisness with nothin',
An' you've no idee how much bother it savęs ;
We aint none riled by their frettin' and frothin,'
We're used to layin' the string on our slaves'

Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he ;-
Sez Mister Foote
I should like to shoot
The holl gang, by the gret horn spoon,' sez he.



The masses ough' to labor an’ we lay on soffies,
Thet's the reason I want to spread F. vedom's aree;
It puts all the cunninest on us in ofije,
And reelises our Maker's orig’nal idee,'

Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he ;-
. That's ez plain,' sez Cass
• Ez that some one's an ass,
It's as clear as the sun is at noon,' sez he.

“Slavery's a thing thet depends on complexion,
It's God's law that fetters on black skins don't chafe;
Ef brains woz to settle it (horrid reflection !)
Wich of our honnable body'd be safe?'

Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he;
Sez Mister Hannegan
Afore he began agin,
*Thet exception is quite oppertoon,' sez he.


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Gen'le Cass, Sir, you needn't be twitchin' your collar,
Your merit's quite clear by the dut on your knees,
At the North we don't make no distinctions of color;
You can all take a lick at our shoes w’n you please,'

Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he;-
Sez Mister Jarnagin
• They wont hev to larn agin,
They all on 'em know the old toon,' sez he.

"The slavery question aint no ways bewilderin'
North and South hev one int’rest, its plain to a glance;
Northern men, like us patriarchs, dont sell their childrin,
But they du sell themselves, ef they git a good chance.'

Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he ;
Sez Atherton here
* This is gittin severe
I wish I could dive like a loon,' sez he.”

But we can give the reader no fair idea of the peculiar merit of the “Biglow Papers ” in our brief extracts. Nor have we pretended to quote the best of Lowell's reform poetry; to gain a just idea of his talents and position, the reader must—if he has not already-read his books, a luxury such as one rarely enjoys. We have attempted no sketch of Lowell— no criticism—but have rather penned a few desultory thoughts upon him and his poetry, wishing at the same time to preserve among these papers one of the most touching and beautiful poems which sympathy for the poor and outcast has brought into being.

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