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Man-like is it to fall into sin,
Fiend-like is it to dwell therein,
Christ-like is it for sin to grieve,
God-like is it all sin to leave.

POVERTY AND BLINDNESS. A blind man is a poor man, and blind a poor

man is ; For the former seeth no man, and the latter

no man sees.


Live I, so live I,
To my Lord heartily,
To my Prince faithfully,
To my Neighbour honestly.
Die I, so die I.

CREEDS. Lutheran, Popish, Calvinistic, all these creeds

and doctrines three Are extant; but the doubt is, where Christi

anity may be.

THE RESTLESS HEART. A millstone and a human heart are driven

ever round; If they have nothing else to grind, they must

themselves be ground.

CHRISTIAN LOVE. Whilom Love was like a fire, and warmth

and comfort it bespoke ; But, alas ! it now is quenched, and only bites

us, like the smoke.

ART AND TACT. Intelligence and courtesy not always are

combined ; Often in a wooden house a golden room we



Though the mills- of God grind slowly, yet

they grind exceeding small ; Though with patience he stands waiting, with

exactness grinds he all.


When by night the frogs are croaking, kindle

but a torch's fire, Ha ! how soon they all are silent! Thus

Truth silences the liar.

RHYMES. IF perhaps these rhymes of mine sound not

well in strangers' ears, They have only to bethink them that it hap

pens so with theirs ; For so long as words, like mortals, call a

father-land their own, They will be most highly valued where they

are best and longest known.

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Cover the embers, .

And put out the light; Toil comes with the morning,

And rest with the night.

Dark grow the windows,

And quenched is the fire; Sound fades into silence,

All footsteps retire.
No voice in the chambers,

No sound in the hall !
Sleep and oblivion

Reign over all !

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