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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913 - 824 páginas

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Página 799 - ... any export duty, export license fee, or other export charge of any kind whatsoever (whether in the form of additional charge or license fee or otherwise) upon printing paper...
Página 170 - Wool and hair which have been advanced in any manner or by any process of manufacture beyond the washed or scoured condition...
Página 594 - Manufactures of paper, or of which paper is the component material of chief value, not specially provided for in this section, thirty-five per centum ad valorem.
Página 317 - That nothing herein contained shall be construed to repeal or impair the provisions of an Act entitled "An Act to prevent the importation of impure and unwholesome tea," approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, and any Act amendatory thereof.
Página 222 - On clothing, ready-made, and articles of wearing apparel of every description, including shawls whether knitted or woven, and knitted articles of every description made up or manufactured wholly or in part...
Página 245 - Plushes, velvets, and all other pile fabrics, cut or uncut, woven or knit, whether or not the pile covers the entire surface, made wholly or partly of the hair of the Angora goat, alpaca, or other like animals, and articles made wholly or in chief value of such plushes, velvets, or pile fabrics, 45 per centum ad valorem.
Página 516 - I think that is all I have to say, unless there are some questions. The CHAIRMAN.
Página 662 - Buttons or parts of buttons and button molds or blanks, finished or unfinished, shall pay duty at the following rates, the line button measure being one-fortieth of one inch, namely : Buttons known commercially as agate buttons, metal trousers buttons, (except steel), and nickel bar buttons, one-twelfth of...
Página 688 - ... wind matches, and all matches in books or folders or having a stained, dyed, or colored stick or stem...
Página 84 - Marble, breccia, onyx, alabaster, and jet, wholly or partly manufactured into monuments, benches, vases, and other articles, or of which these substances or either of them is the component material of chief value, and all articles composed wholly or in chief value of agate, rock crystal, or other semiprecious stones, except such as are cut into shapes and forms fitting them expressly for use in the construction of jewelry, not specially provided for in this section, fifty per centum ad valorem.

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