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Hon. JEREMIAH Townler CHASE, Chief Judge (a).
Hon. John BOCHANAN, Judge.
Hon. WILLIAM Bond MARTIN, Judge.
Hon, Walter Dorsey, Judge.
Hon. John STEPHEX, Judge.
Hon. Joux Buchanan, Chief Judge' (c).
Hon. Thomas B. DORSEY, Judge (d)

Hon. WILLIAM Kilty, appointed the 25th of January 1806, succeeded on his death by
Hon. John Johnsox, appointed the 15th of October 1821, succeeded on his death by
Hon. THEODORICK BLAND, appointed the 16th of August 1824.

COUNTY COURTS. FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT-St. Mary's, Charles and Prince George's Counties. Hon. Joux STEPHEN, Chief Judge. Hon. Edmund Key, Associate Judge. Hon. Joan Rousby PLATER, do. SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT-Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties. Hon. RICHARD TILGAMAN EARLE, Chief Judge.“ Hon. LEMUEL PURNELL, Associate Judge. Hon. ROBERT WRIGHT,. do. THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT-Calvert, Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties. Hon. JEREMIAU Townley Chase, Chief Judge. Hon. RICHARD RIDGELY, Associate Judge. Hon. CHARLES J. KilgoUP, do. Hon. THOMAS H. WILKINSON doce). Hon. Thomas B. Dorsey, Chief Judge (f). FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT-Caroline, Dorchester, Somerset and WVorcester Counties. Hon. WILLIAM Box Mantix, Chief Judge. ., Hon. JAMES B. Robins, Associate Judge. • Hon. WILLIAM WHITTINGTON, . do. FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT-- Frederick, Washington and Allegany Counties. Hon. Join Buchanax, Chief Judge. Hon. ABRAHAM SARIVER, Associate Judge. Hon. Tuoxas BucháxAY, - do. SUTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT-Baltimore and Ilarford Counties. Hon. Walter Dorsey, Chief Judge. : Hon. CHARLES W. Hanson, Associate Judge. Hon. William H. WARI),

do. Hon. STEVENSON ARCHÈR, Chief Judge (g).

Hon. Nicholas Brice, Chief Judgc.
Hon. WILLIAM M.NECHEN, Associate Judge,

Thomas B. Dorsey, Esquire, succeeded by
Thomas Kell, Esquire, appointed the 17th of Augnst 1824.

(a) Ch. J. Chase, owing to indisposition, was prerented from aftending the court at June term
1823, and on tie isth of June 1824 he resigned in
(b) Appointed on the 8th uf August 1823 to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Judge Dorsey.

(e) On the resignation of Ch. J. Chase, he acted as Ch. d. caring the June te in 1824 on the western shore, under the 6th section of the act of 1805, ch.65, and on the 27th of July 1824 he was commissioned Chief judge. () Appiuted on the 27b of July 1824 to fill the vacaney occasioned by the resignation of Ch. J. Chase, (e, Appointed the 30th of March 1824 tu fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Judge Rilbait. (1) Apported the 27th of July 1824 in the place of Ch. J. Chase, resigned. (5) Appoinued the 8th of August 1823 in the place of Ch. J. Dersey, deceased,




N. B. The letter v. follows the name of the Appellant or Plaintiff in error; and the word and that of the Appellee or Defendant in error.


C. Allegre v The Maryland Insurance Com, Campsall and Brown

492 pany 408 Cannell v M'Clean

297 Andrews, et al. v W. & J. Bosley 99 Cappeau's adm’x and Ferguson 394 Attorney General and Dashiell, et al. } Carnan, et al. v Turner

65 Catlett, et ux. and Darne & Gassaway

475 Baltimore & Havre de Grace Turnpike Chalmers, et ux. v Chambers Company v Barnes

57 Chambers and Chalmers, et ux. 29 Bank of Columbia v Magruder's adm'x. Chew v Garey

526 172 Connelly v Bowie

141 Barnes and The Baltimore & Havre de Conner, et al. and Drury, et al. 288 Grace Turnpike Company in 57 Cooke v Curtis, et al. Lessee

93 Barney v Patterson's Lessee 182 Cooley, et al. and Jarrett's Lessee 258 Batturs v Sellers & Patterson 249 Corse v Patterson

153 Beall's Lesse v Holmes 205 Cragg and Hamilton

16 - v Lynn 336 Crapster v Griffith

144 Beeding's Garnishees and Yerby 446 Craufurd v The State use Muir 231 Bend 0 The Susquehanna Bridge & Craycroft v Craycroft

54 · Bank Company To 128 Cromwell, et al. v Owings

10 Benson v Davis's adm'r. 272 Cullum v Bevans

469 Berry v Thompson

89 Cumberland Bank of Alleghany v MʻKin. Betton and Seegar's ex'rs. 162 ley

527 Bevans and Cullum

469 Curtis, et al. Lessee and Cooke 93 Biscoe and S. & R. W. West 460 Black's adm'r. D. B. N. and Salisbury

Daniel and Ratcliff..

498 Bosley W. & J. and Andrews, et al. 99 Darne & Gassaway Catlett, et ux. 475 Bowie and Connelly

141 Dashiell, et al. v The Attorney General Bowly's lleirs and Lammott's Heirs & Devisees * 500 - and The State

268 Boyer and Stanfield 248 Davis's adm'r, and Benson

272 Brown v Campsall 49i Day, et al. v Lyon

140 and Hewitt & Russell 95 Digges and Knott

230 Burch's adm'x. and Scott 67 - Lessee and Lyles


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PAGE. Dorsey v Smith

262 --- and Smithson

61 Lackland, et al. and Yerby 446 , et al. und Snowden, et al. 114 Lamborny Moore

422 Drury, et al. v Conner, et al. 288

L u Watson

252 Duvall v The State

9 Lammot's Heirs & Devisees v Bowly's Heirs


Latour and Lucas, Trustee of Jamison Ellicott and Williams 427

100 Lemonnier v Godfroid's adm’rs. 472

Lucas, Trustee of Jamison v Latour Farmers Bank of, &c. and Whittington

100 548 Lyles v Digges's Lessee

364 Fenwick's adm'r. v Forrest 415

v Lyles's Ex’rs.

273 Ferguson v Cappeau's adm’x. 394 Lynn and Beall's Lessec

336 Forrest and Fenwick's adm'r. 415 Lyon and Day, et al.


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M. Garey and Chew 526 M'Clean and Cannell

297 Garland & Rogers and Kiersted 282 M'Ilhenny, et al v Jones

256 Garrigues Garnishee and Willis . M'Kim, et al. and Thompson 302

191 (note) M‘Kinley and The Cumberland Bank of Gassaway & Darne v Catlett, et ux. 475 Alleghany

527 Gibson's ex'r. et al. and Roberts 116 M Math v The State use of Wheeler Godfroid's adm'rs. anit Lemmonier 472

98 Graham, et ux, v Yates & Myers's Heirs, Magruder and Selby

454 et al.


's adm'x and The Bank of Co. Grifhth and Crapster

144 lumbia - 's Garn. and Mandeville 497 Mandeville v Jarrett, Garn. of Griffith


Martin ~ The Mechanics Bank of Balti. Hamilton v Craggi 16 more

235 Ilarding v Stevenson 264 - and Rigilen

403 Havre de Grace Bank and Towson 47 Maryland Insurance Company and AlleHawkins v Jackson 151 (note ) gre

408 Heuitt & Russell v The State use of Mass v Rogers

492 Brown

95 Mayor &c. of Baltimore v Howard 383 Hilleary and Sides

v Moore & Johnson

375 Hodges & Lansdale and Watkins 38

of Annapolis and Williams's Holines and Bell's Lessee 205 Ex'rs.

529 Hopewell and Negro Jack 20 note) Mechanics Bank of Baltimore and MarHorne's Garn. and The State use Rogers

235 31 Moore and Lamborn

4-2 Howard and The Mayor &c. of Balti

- & Johnson and The Mayor &c. more 383 of Baltimore

375 HIurn's Lessee v Soper 276 Morton and Tongue

21 Muir and Craufurd

231 J.

Blyers & Yates's Heirs and Graham, et Jackson and Hawkins 151 ( note )

229 e v The Union Bank of Maryland


N. Jamison's Trustee v Latour

100 Negro Jack v Hopewell 20 (note) Jarrett's Lessee v Cooley, et al. 258 --- Garn. Griffith und Mandeville 497 Jones and Milhenny, et al. 256 Owings and Cromwell, et al.

and Karthaus

134, K. Karthaus v Owings


P. Kep's ex'r. v Parnbam 418 Parnham and Key's Ex'r.

418 Kiersted v Rogers & Garland 282 Patapsco Insurance Company v. Smith, Knott v Digges 230 et al.

166 Krebs, et al. Garn. Hornc and The State Patterson's Lessee and Barney 182 use Rogers

& Sellers and Batturs 249


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PAGL. Patterson and Corse 153 Stevenson and Harding

216 Pearce Garn. Garrigues and Willis Stockett's adm'r. D. B. N. et al. and 19 (note.) Watkins

4.5 Pumphrey's adm’x and Wesley, et al. Susquehanna Bridge & Bank Company 24 and Bend

128 R.

T. Ratcliff v Daniel

498 Thomas et ux. and Wesley, et al. 24 Ratrie v Wheeler's Ex'r.

94 Thompson and Berry Richardson and Stevens

v Mʻkim, et al.

302 Rigden v Martin

403 - , et al. und Lammot's Heirs & Roberts v Gibson's Ex'r. et al. 116 Devisees

500 Rogers v Krebs et al. Garn. Horne 31 Tongue v Morton

21 & Garland and Kiersted 282 Towson v The Havre de Grace Bank and Mass

492 Russell & Hcuit v The State use Brown Turner and Carnan, et al.

65 95


Union Bank of Maryland and Jackson Salisbury v Black's adm'r. D. B. N. 293

146 Scott v Burch's adm’x.

67 Seegar's ex’rs. v The State use of Betton

162 Wallingsford v Wallingsford 485 Selby v Magruder


Watkins v lodges & Lansdale 38 Sellers & Patterson and Batturs 249

- v Stockett's adm'r. D. B. N. et al. Sheppard and Speake

455 Sides v Hilleary

86 Watson and Lamborn Smith v Dorsey

261 Wesley, et al. v Thomas, et ux adm'x. — , et al. and The Patapsco Insur- of Pumphrey

24 ance Company 166 West S&R W v Biscoe

460 Smithson and Dorsey 61 Wheeler and M Math

98 Snowden, et al. v Dorsey, et al. 114 - 's Ex'r and Ratrie

94 Soper and Hurn's Lessee 276 Williams v Ellicott

427 Speake v Sheppard


's Ex’rs. v The Mayor &c. of Ante Stanfield v Boyer

529 State (The) v Dashiell


Whittington v The Farmers Bank of v Duvall

&c use Betton and Seegar's ex'rs.

Willis v Pearce, Garn. Garrigues

191 (note ) use Brown and Heuitt & Russell

95 use Muir qad Craufurd 231

Yates & Myers's heirs and Graham et - use Rogers and Krebs, et al.


229 Gain. Horne

Yerby v Lackland, et al. Garn. Beedins use Wheeler and M'Math 99 Stevens v Richardson


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