Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, Partes11-12


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Página 5509 - The required balance carried by a member bank with a Federal reserve bank may, under the regulations and subject to such penalties as may be prescribed by the Federal Reserve Board, be checked against and withdrawn by such member bank for the purpose of meeting existing liabilities: Provided, however, That no bank shall at any time make new loans or shall pay any dividends unless and until the total balance required by law is fully restored.
Página 5510 - If in a reserve city, as now or hereafter defined, it shall hold and maintain with the Federal Reserve bank of its district an actual net balance equal to not less than...
Página 5129 - Any director individually, or any firm of which any director may be a member, may be a party to, or may be pecuniarily or otherwise interested in, any contract or transaction...
Página 5602 - No director, officer, attorney, agent, or employee of the bank shall in any manner, directly or indirectly, participate in the deliberation upon or the determination of any question affecting his personal interests, or the interests of any corporation, partnership, or association in which he is directly or indirectly personally interested.
Página 5133 - County of •On this day of 19 . . . . , before me, a Notary Public in and for said county, personally appeared known to me to be the persons named in and who executed the foregoing Instrument and severally acknowledged that they executed the same freely and for the intents and purposes therein mentioned.
Página 5127 - An act to provide for the organization, regulation and classification of domestic corporations; to prescribe their rights, powers, privileges and Immunities; to prescribe the conditions upon which corporations may exercise their...
Página 5129 - ... as statutory liability may now or hereafter be enforceable against stockholders of banks or trust companies under the laws of the United States or the State of Michigan.
Página 5131 - I do hereby Certify the foregoing to be a true Copy of the Original on file in this office Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, at the City of New Orleans this sixteenth day of December 1840 (Signed) DUNCAN N HENNER, Clk. FLOOD TO BURNET.
Página 5129 - ... of the total issued and outstanding stock of this corporation) for any statutory liability imposed upon this corporation by reason of its ownership of shares of the capital stock of any bank or trust company...
Página 5519 - It is unlawful for any member bank the reserves of which are at any time deficient to make any new loans or pay any dividends unless and until the total reserves required by law are fully restored, and the payment of penalties for deficiencies in reserves does not exempt member banks from tlu's prohibition of law.

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