Annual reports of the Department of Agriculture. 1886

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887

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Página 216 - By virtue of this act about $90,000 has been paid in bounties during the year and a half that has elapsed since the law went into effect. This represents the destruction of at least 128,571 of the above-mentioned animals, most of which were hawks and owls.
Página 147 - INFLUENCE OF FORESTS UPON WATER AND SOIL CONDITIONS. (1) In consequence of deforestation evaporation from the soil is augmented and accelerated, resulting in unfavorable conditions of soil humidity and affecting unfavorably the size and continuity of springs. The influence of forest cover upon the flow of springs is due to this reduced evaporation as well as to the fact that by the protecting forest cover the soil is kept granular and allows more water...
Página 231 - ... Sparrow at all seasons of the year, and the destruction of its nests, eggs, and young. (3) The enactment of laws making it a misdemeanor, punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both — (a) to intentionally give food or shelter to the English Sparrow, except with a view to its ultimate destruction; (b) to introduce or aid.
Página 686 - In this country such trees are never troubled with any injurious insects, &c. ; severe temperature is the only thing that injures them. The orange and lemon groves are generally situated in the interior or on the coast, but always in the vicinity of towns in order to be sheltered from cold. The plain lands are rather suitable for the plantation and conservation of these trees ; but the best results are obtained on the coast, where the soil is more or less sandy and light. Even at a distance of a...
Página 253 - To entitle a new fruit to the award or commendation of the society, it must possess (at least for the locality for which it is recommended) some valuable or desirable quality or combination of qualities, in a higher degree than any previously known variety of its class and season.
Página 45 - Report of an investigation of the grasses of the arid districts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, in 1887.
Página 253 - Rule 4. — Should the question of priority arise between different names for the same variety of fruit, other circumstances being equal, the name first publicly bestowed will be given precedence.
Página 474 - In 1884 buffalo-gnats appeared again in great numbers and were fully as destructive as in 1882. In Franklin Parish, La., within a week from their first appearance, they had caused the death of 300 head of stock. They were equally numerous throughout the whole region infested, and for the first time in the history of the pest they attacked horses and mules on the streets of the cities of Vicksburg and Memphis. No general outbreak took place in 1885, yet gnats appeared in sufficient numbers to kill...
Página 592 - SEC. 3. That it shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Agriculture to prepare such rules and regulations as he may deem necessary for the speedy and effectual suppression and extirpation of said diseases...
Página 230 - How the Sparrows protect the caterpillars. — That the Sparrows decline to eat the Orgyia caterpillar is not a charge against them. They could not eat them with impunity. The diet would doubtless prove fatal to them. The charge to which they are amenable is this: By the force of numbers, united to a notoriously pugnacious disposition, they drive away the few birds that would feed upon them.

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