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HE little present which

is now offered to your acceptance, if it have no other value, will at least evince the sincerity and warmth of my

It will shew that you have been the objects of my fondest attention, and tenderest solicitude. The bufA 4


affection for you.

tle of the town, and the anxieties of an active profession, have indeed necessarily diverted my thoughts, and at times excluded your image from my mind; but, like the bird which you have hunted from her nest, my heart has soon returned to the place where all its pleasing cares are centred. In our delightful retirement at Hart-Hill, every thing around me has con{pired to suggest ideas of your health, your happiness, or improvement. The setting fun, the shady tree, the whispering breeze, or the fragrant flower, have alike furnished some tale


or analogy, which has been applied to your instruction.


you recollect these Lessons of Wisdom and Virtue, I flatter myself you will associate with them the paternal endearments with which they were delivered ; and that I shall live with honour in your memories, when forgotten by the world, and mouldering in the dust. Such immortality I am more ambitious to obtain, than all the fame which learning or philofophy bestows.

Adieu ! my dear children. May you be wise, virtuous, and


happy! And hereafter may we meet, to part no more, in those regions of the blessed, where our knowledge and felicity will be for ever increasing; and where we shall enjoy together the glorious presence of our common Father, the Parent of the universe !


Hart-Hill, near Manchester,

August ist, 1775

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