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HO that knows God as his Father, the
Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour, the
Holy Ghost as his Comforter and Guide,

does not burn with an ardent desire to lead others into the same blessed knowledge? It need not be that we stand in the sacred desk, or face the dangers and privations of heathen lands; devote ourselves to the self-denying labors of the Sabbath-school teacher, the tract-visitor, or the Biblereader; with fertile brain and ready pen prepare the leaves of life for a million waiting hands; or pursue our daily walks from prison to hospital, from court to alley, from cellar to attic, to bear this cup of salvation to our dying fellow-men. It may be we can do none of these. We may be ourselves poor, obscure, unknown, and untaught in human knowledge and skill; driven with toil, harassed by trials, torn and bleeding


with sorrow; a feeble servant with only the talent; an invalid racked with pain, and a tax on the care and tenderness of others; or a mere child engrossed in childish pleasures and pursuits : and yet not one of us, if we have learned the glad tidings of salvation, but may tell the good news to some other soul; if we have found and tasted the waters of life, but may bear the refreshing cup to the lips of another. There is not a disciple living, but may, if he will, lead at least one other soul along with him in the way to heaven. He that converteth a sinner from the error of his ways shall save a soul from death, and hide a multitude of sins.”

A Christian is a minister of Christ unto his fellowmen. He must be his brother's keeper or his brother's Cain. If he be a true disciple of the Lord he worships, he will regard it as a constant aim of life to be a guardian and benefactor. A zeal for doing good, as well as being good, will penetrate his soul. A preacher of righteousness and peace and hope he somehow will be, though he may not stand in the pulpit or go to heathen lands. Wherever his lot is cast, he will find work to do for Christ and man; and every deeper throb of love to the Redeemer will be a force to send him forth to make him known, and thus increase the gladness of a sorrowing world. His life will be diffusive, and the diffusion as wide as the range of circumstances will permit.


God puts into our hands, not the power to forgive sins, nor that of converting the heart, but the power of conveying to others that gospel which is the wisdom and power of God unto salvation. There are many forms of rendering this service. We may do it by our example. “Let your light shine.” Live the gospel. If you are daily actuated by the spirit of your blessed Lord, there is daily emanating from you a silent, unconscious influence which is benefiting every one around you ; shining like the sun, unnoticed, by powerfully penetrating the soul with beams of light and love. Conversation, judiciously employed, is a mighty instrument of good. Letters are but one form of conversation. A book placed in the hands of another speaks for you, and perhaps better than you. Leading children to the place of sacred instruction is handing the cup of salvation to them; so is leading persons to the house of prayer. Aiding

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