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Act No.

1. Amending act authorizing business of banking.

2. Amending act to prevent trusts, monopolies, etc.; extending immunity to

persons testifying.

3. Act to cure irregularities in bond issues by cities.

4. Act legalizing issue of sewer bonds by fourth class cities.

5. Salary of stenographer of eighteenth judicial circuit.

6. Act authorizing joint action by cities in construction, etc., of bridges over

navigable streams.

7. Repealing act providing for commissioner of mineral statistics.

8. Act making it unlawful for any State officer or employee to retain fees.

9. Act providing deficiency of appropriation to State Tuberculosis Sana-


10. Amending act relative to the assessment of property.

11. Designating holidays for public schools.

12. Amending act relative to primary schools; borrowing money and issuing


13. Amending act relative to division of townships and villages into election


14. Amending act relative to tuition of school children.

15. Amending act relative to fire and marine insurance companies; insurance

of automobiles.

16. Act providing for incorporation of mutual insurance companies against loss

by hail.

17. Amending act relative to the assessment of property; review by Tax Com-



Amending act relative to incorporation of lodges of B. P. O. E.

19. Appropriation for purchase of books for State Library.

20. Amending act relative to board of school examiners.

21. Act changing the names of the several asylums.

22. Act empowering school districts to maintain trade and manual training

schools, gymnasium, etc.

23. Amending act providing for feeing an attorney when appointed by the


24. Amending act relative to trimming of hedges.

25. Amending act relative to asylums; certificates of insanity.

26. Act legalizing proceedings by villages authorizing the issuance of bonds.

27. Salary of stenographer of seventh judicial circuit.

28. Act authorizing boards of supervisors to submit to electors the question of

borrowing money for sites, buildings, etc.

29. Amending act providing for the establishment of county schools of agri-

culture, etc.

30. Act legalizing actions taken by boards of supervisors, and providing for

bond issues.

31. Amending act providing for an assistant State Librarian.

32. Act validating bonds for water works purposes in cities.

33. Amending act providing for the incorporation of railroad, bridge and tunnel


34. Amending act regulating the taking of fish in the Great Lakes and connect-

ing waters.

35. Act authorizing clerks of justice courts to sign summonses and subpoenas.

36. Amending act relative to estates of intestates, and publication of appoint-

ment of administrator.

Act No.

37. Repealing act relative to sale of lands of minors and securing the proceeds

for their use.

38. Repealing act relative to punishment for the negligent shooting of human

beings by persons in pursuit of game.

39. Amending act providing for the incorporation of railroad companies; trans-

portation of baby carriages, etc., as baggage.

40. Act providing for physical training in the State Normal Schools, and cer-

tain city districts.

41. Act authorizing prosecuting attorneys to appoint assistants.

42. Amending act relative to the publication and distribution of laws and docu-

ments, etc.

43. Amending act relative to inventory and collection of effects of deceased


44. Act creating State Board of Equalization.

45. Act relative to wills executed without this State.

46. Act relative to fraudulent use of names of fraternities and unions.

47. Appropriation for Public Domain Commission for care of property in the

forest reserves.

48. Act providing taxes to meet amounts disbursed for several asylums.

49. Amending act providing for prevention, etc., of dangerous diseases.

50. Amending act for the protection of game and birds; protection of game

after closed season.

51. Act providing for the assessment of mineral, coal, gas, etc., rights reserved

in any lands.

52. Act allowing an action at law on a decree for alimony of a court of another


53. Amending act relative to the adjustment and payment of claims against

counties; appeal from action of supervisors.

54. Amending act relative to proceedings against garnishees.

55. Act providing for the reorganization of corporations for owning and im-

proving lands for summer resorts, recreation or amusement, etc.

56. Act prohibiting sale of certain pistols, explosives, etc.

57. Amending act relative to public instruction and primary schools; power

of electors to vote taxes.

58. Amending act relative to public libraries, etc.

59. Appropriation for Michigan Home for Feeble-Minded and Epileptic for

liquidating present indebtedness.

60. Amending act relative to elections; opening of polls where voting machines

are used.

61. Act relative to changing of boundaries of school districts.

62. Act prohibiting certain classes of immoral advertising.

63. Act defining and prohibiting pandering.

64. Amending act relative to highways; empaneling jury to determine neces-


65. Act making it a felony to break or enter any outside show case.

66. Act fixing salary of Commissioner of Insurance.

67. Amending act to increase the efficiency of the military establishment

of the State.

68. · Act establishing standard provisions in policies insuring against accident

or disease.

69. Amending act regulating steam vessels, etc.

70. Act regulating taxation of steam vessels.

71. Amending act providing for the incorporation of villages.

72. Amending act revising the laws authorizing business of banking.

73. Amending act relative to the taxation of inheritances.

74. Act providing for appointment of deputies by certain county officers.

75. Appropriation for Michigan Reformatory for current expenses.

76. Appropriation for current expense deficiency, Michigan School for the Deaf.

77. Act creating a commission to secure permanent encampment and maneuver-

ing grounds, M. N. G.

78. Amending act providing for erection, etc., of fish shutes.

79. Act preventing fire waste and creating office of State Fire Marshal.

Act No.

80. Amending act defining duties of the boards of health; reports concerning


81. Amending act providing for the incorporation of cities.

82. Amending act providing for the manner of proving the breeding of horses.

83. Amending act relative to fruit and tree inspectors.

84. Amending act relative to the organization of naval militia.

85. Act providing a tax for current expense disbursements for State prisons.

86. Act empowering cities to bond to pay judgments or decrees.

87. Repealing act relative to Ashing in Crystal Lake, Montcalm county.

88. Repealing act protecting fish in lakes and streams in Montcalm county.

89. Act providing for lawful netting of dog fish, carp, etc.

90. Amending act relative to public instruction and primary schools; school


91. Act providing a tax upon mortgages.

92. Act creating commission of inquiry to investigate taxation system of State.

93. Appropriation for the State Board of Library Commissioners.

94. Act releasing county of Lapeer from expenses in maintaining quarantine

at Michigan Home for Feeble-Minded and Epileptic.

95. Act providing for taxation of shares of stock in railroad corporations.

96. Amending act relative to organization, division, etc., of townships.

97. Amending act relative to elections.

98. Appropriation for State Board of Geological Survey.

99. Appropriation for the improvement of portion of "Fort Gratiot Turnpike,”

St. Clair county.

100. Appropriation for heating and lighting plant, University of Michigan.

101. Act relative to taking of fish, Round Lake, Lenawee county.

102. Amending act establishing Soldiers' Home; relative to subscriptions and


103. Amending act relative to incorporation of mutual fire insurance companies.

104. Publication of memorial volume relative to Custer monument.

105. Act relative to the loaning of money.

106. Amending act relative to maternity hospitals and lying-in asylums.

107. General appropriation act.

108. Amending act relative to admission of patients to the State Sanatorium.

109. Appropriation for Attorney General's Department.

110. Appropriation for Industrial School for Boys; to meet deficiency.

111. Act authorizing insurance companies insuring motor cars and other vehicles,

to transact business in this State.

112. Appropriation for Michigan School for the Blind; repairs and special pur-


113. Appropriation for Eastern Michigan Asylum; building.

114. Authorizing Board of State Tax Commissioners to appraise mining prop-


115. Appropriation for the State Sanatorium.

116. Act establishing a lien upon grain and other products for threshing.

117. Amending act to provide for re-organization of religious, charitable, etc.,

corporations and associations.

118. Amending act relative to highways.

119. Act providing for the reporting of occupational diseases.

120. Amending act relative to sale of lands by Michigan School for the Deaf.

121. Amending act relative to the adoption of minors.

122. Amending act relative to recording of deeds and mortgages.

123. Amending act relative to Department of Labor; complaints for violations.

124. Act empowering boards of supervisors to levy special taxes for advertising

agricultural advantages.

125. Amending act relative to gifts for religious, educational, etc., purposes.

126. Amending act to provide for incorporations not for pecuniary profit.

127. To prohibit rebates on insurance policies.

128. Amending act relative to forfeiture of fire insurance policies.

129. To prohibit making of unlawful fire insurance contracts.

130. Amending act relative to formation of corporations for the cultivation of


Act No.

131. Act authorizing suitable inscription to be placed on the Redwood Tree in

Yosemite National Park.

132. Act making it unlawful for foreign insurance companies to place insurance

except through licensed agents.

133. Act enabling minors between sixteen and twenty-one years to contract for


134. Act authorizing allowance of claim of Alphonso Button.

135. Act encouraging private forestry and exempting from taxation, private

forestry reserves.

136. Act providing for a statue of Hon. Zachariah Chandler.

137. Appropriation for Northern Michigan Asylum; storage plant.

138. Act declaring telephone lines and companies to be common carriers.

139. Amending act defining and regulating common carriers.

140. Appropriation for Michigan Employment Institution for the Blind; special


141. Amending act providing a tax upon dogs.

142. Releasing county of Shiawassee from expense in maintaining State troops

at Durand.

143. Amending act providing for township school districts.

144. Amending act providing for election of county school commissioners.

145. Amending act relative to organization of fire and marine insurance com-


146. Amending act providing for election of county school commissioners; ex-

amination of teachers in cities.

147. Amending act to define and establish a reinsurance reserve for fire and

marine insurance companies.

148. Amending act relative to highways; county road system.

149. Act to provide for the condemnation by State agencies and public corpora-

tions of private property for public benefit.

150. Act providing for the employment of prison labor, Jackson prison.

151. Act providing for employment of prison labor, Upper Peninsula State


152. Act permitting board of control of Michigan School for the Blind to con-

vey certain real estate to the city of Lansing.

153. Amending act relative to highways; laying out of temporary highways.

154. Act providing transfer of balance of special appropriation for Central Michi-

gan Normal School.

155. Amending act relative to asylums.

156. Amending act relative to assessment of property; bond of township treas-


157. Amending act to incorporate Grand Lodge of F. & A. M.

158. Amending act relative to elections; boards of election commissioners.

159. Amending act relative to reports, etc., of Grand Army of Republic.

160. Amending act relative to appeals in chancery.

161. Act providing for formation of corporations to acquire, own and control

parks, boulevards, etc.

162. Amending act providing for sale of real estate under license of probate


163. Act providing for the election of mine inspectors.

164. Amending act relative to treatment and control of dependent children.

165. Act providing for uniform bills of lading.

166. Act providing for purchase of bituminous coal by State institutions.

167. Act providing for selection of jurors in cities having commission form of


168. Amending act relative to highways; relative to State reward roads.

169. Act providing primary election of school officers.

170. Amending act relative to sale of liquors.

171. Act to provide clerks for justice courts in cities between 25,000 and 100,000.

172. Amending act relative to military establishment; appointment of officers

of M. N. G.

173. Amending act relative to common carriers; certain terms defined.

174. Amending act relative to assessment of property; soldiers' exemption act.

175. Act regulating sale of turpentine.

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