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Act No.

176. Amending act relative to incorporation of ecclesiastical bodies.

177. Amending act relative to issuance of stocks by public utility companies.

178. Amending act relative to establishment of free public libraries.

179. Act providing additional circuit judge for the seventeenth judicial circuit.

180. Act prohibiting hunting of rabbits with ferrets, etc.

181. Act providing for employing convicts in State prisons upon public high-


182. Amending act relative to assessment of property; location of property.

183. Act providing for uniform system of accounting.

184. Amending act relative to the catching of fish with dip nets.

185. Amending act relative to the construction of drains.

186. Appropriation for completing armory at Saginaw City.

187. Act prescribing qualifications of telegraph operators, railroad conductors,


188. Act permitting use of pound nets in waters of Green Bay.

189. Act authorizing supervisors to purchase reversionary interests in real prop-


190. Act prohibiting the killing of deer until 1920 in certain counties.

191. Amending act relative to free employment bureaus.

192. Appropriation for Michigan State Normal College; payment of claim for

sidewalks and curb.

193. Act authorizing exchange of certain land under control of Public Domain


194. Amending act relative to impanelling of jurors.

195. Act permitting transfer of jurisdiction in guardianship matters.

196. Act defining the rights of married women to their own earnings.

197. Amending act relative to use of voting machines.

198. Act providing means whereby indigent children may attend school.

199. Act regulating insurance companies and the manner of holding and dis-

posing of stock.

200. Act providing a method to terminate the interests of vendees in land con-


201. Act compelling owners of private cemeteries to keep same enclosed.

202. Act authorizing boards of supervisors to determine natural height and level

of waters in navigable inland lakes.

203. Amending home rule act relative to incorporation of cities.

204. Amending act relative to boards of registration.

205. Amending act prohibiting misrepresentation by life insurance companies.

206. Act licensing the killing of beaver.

207. Act preventing adulteration of candies.

208. Act permitting use of county drains for sewage disposal.

209. Act prescribing a State Coat-of-Arms, etc.

210. Act regulating billiard and pool rooms outside of cities and villages.

211. Act compelling owners of private cemeteries in cities to keep same en-


212. Amending act authorizing boards of supervisors to designate private banks

as depositories of public moneys.

213. Act requiring fire insurance companies to report amounts at risk in con-

gested value districts.

214. Amending act authorizing proceedings by garnishment, U. P.

215. Authorizing incorporation of shoe dealers' mutual fire insurance companies.

216. Proceedings against delinquent insurance corporations.

217. Amending act relative to public instruction in schools; apportionment of

primary school moneys.

218. Amending act relative to primary schools; duty of treasurer of school dis-


219. Amending act relative to fiscal transactions in the several prisons.

220. Amending act relative to Department of Labor; employment of children and


221. Amending act for incorporation of fourth class cities relative to board of


222. Authorizing boards of education to acquire land for agricultural sites, play

grounds, etc.

Acr No.

223. Amending act relative to highways; setting of poles along.

224. Amending act providing for the protection of the reputation and good name

of certain persons.

225. Amending act relative to the incorporation of manufacturing and mercantile


226. Amending act for the preservation and perpetuation of bills and resolutions

of the legislature.

227. Authorizing guardians of incompetent persons to convey lands in pursuance

of contracts executed prior to guardianship.

228. Authorizing boards of supervisors to borrow money for fairs.

229. Act validating sales of real estate made by executors, etc., under license of

probate court.

230. Act providing for military museum and battle flags.

231. Act providing for incorporation of colleges.

232. Act making it unlawful for any person not admitted to practice to represent

himself at law or solicitor in chancery.

233. Act making certain joint tort feasors in libel cases liable to contribute to

other joint tort feasors for damages recovered against them.

234. Amending act relative to bills of lading; straight bill defined.

235. Act providing for burial of certain soldiers and sailors, etc.

236. Act authorizing proceedings by the State to condemn private property for

public use.

237. Amending act authorizing the paroling of convicts.

238. Amending act relative to appeals from probate court.

239. Amending act providing payment for overtime of convicts.

240. Amending act relative to publication of laws and documents.

241. Amending act relative to asylums.

242. Act providing for distribution and sale of debates of Constitutional Conven-


243. Amending act relative to the limitation of actions concerning real prop-


244. Act prohibiting the issuing of trading stamps.

245. Act creating a Commission of Inquiry relative to compensation for acci-

dental injuries, etc., of workmen.

246. Amending act providing for adoption of standard form of fire insurance


247. Amending act relative to Banking Department; applications to commence


248. Act providing for incorporation of medical milk commissions.

249. Act requiring mutual fire, tornado and hail insurance companies to file lists

of authorized agents.

250. Act relative to deposits of fire, etc., insurance companies with State Treas-


251. Amending act relative to Department of Labor; factory inspection.

252. Amending act relative to partnership associations.

253. Act prohibiting false billing, weighing, etc., of goods offered to common

carriers for transportation.

254. Repealing act providing for a State Court of Mediation and Arbitration.

255. Amending act relative to the compulsory education of children.

256. Act encouraging the breeding of horses.

257. Act prohibiting drivers of milk wagons from opening bottles.

258. Act providing protection against setting of fires by traction engines.

259. Repealing certain acts providing salaries to circuit court commissioners.

260. Amending act relative to compensation of township officers.

261. Act amending local option law relative to sale of liquors by prescription.

262. Amending act relative to juvenile courts.

263. Act making it a felony to carnally know any female who is a patient in

any asylum, etc.

264. Act providing a salary for stenographer of the twenty-eighth judicial cir-


265. Amending act providing for taxation of inheritances.

266. Amending act relative to foreign corporations.

267. Act prescribing fees of clerks of courts and registers in chancery.

Act No.

268. Amending act relative to representation of minority stockholders.

269. Amending act relative to the incorporation of mining, etc., companies.

270. Act regulating the sale of poisons.

271. Act abolishing fraternities and sororities among school pupils.

272. Amending act relative to free public libraries.

273. Act regulating charges for transporting express packages.

274. Act prohibiting sale of certain dangerous weapons.

275. Act providing for the protection of game and birds.

276. Amending act for the incorporation of railroad, etc., companies.

277. Act providing punishment of persons fraudulently using water, steam, gas,

etc., service.

278. Act authorizing establishment of houses of correction in cities.

279. Amending primary election law.

280. Appropriation for Michigan Home for Feeble-Minded and Epileptic; special


281. Appropriation for Upper Peninsula Hospital for Insane; special purposes.

282. Appropriation for Industrial School for Boys.

283. Appropriation for State Highway Department.

284. Appropriation for Central Michigan Normal School.

285. Appropriation for State Public School.

286. Appropriation for Michigan College of Mines.

287. Appropriation for Northern State Normal School.

288. Appropriation for Northern Michigan Asylum.

289. Appropriation for Michigan Soldiers' Home.

290. Appropriation for Industrial Home for Girls.

291. Appropriation for Michigan Asylum, special purposes.

292. Appropriation for Michigan School for the Deaf.

293. Appropriation for State Board of Fish Commissioners.

294. Amending act relative to Public Domain Commission.

295. Appropriation for Michigan State Prison.

296. Appropriation for State Asylum.

297. Appropriation for Western State Normal School.

298. Appropriation for Michigan State Normal College.

299. Act providing for justice courts in cities of not less than one hundred thou-






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