Mary queen of Scots vindicated. [With] Additions and corrections


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Página 164 - Hay went away. He remained there but one single night, and yet in that short time I had a .great deal of conversation with him. He returned to see the queen about five or six days ago ; and the day before yesterday he sent word to desire me to speak with him half a league from this, which. I complied with and found that things go still worse and worse. I think he intends to go away to-morrow, but in any event, I am much assured as I have always been, that he won't be present at the baptism.
Página 420 - I will in na wise accuse zow, nouther of zour lytill remembrance, nouther of zour lytill cair, and leist of all of zour promeis brokin, or of ye cauldnes of zour wryting, sen I am ellis sa far maid zouris, yat yat quhilk pleisis zow is acceptabill to me; and my thochtis ar as willingly subdewit unto zouris, that I suppois yat all that cummis of zow proceidis not be ony of the causis foirsaid, bot rather for sic' as be just and ressonabill, and sic as I desyre myself.
Página 69 - I crafit na uther thing, bot yat we may be at bed and buird togidder as husband and wyfe. And gif ze wil not consent heirunto, I sall never ryse out of yis bed.
Página 210 - I sall mak ane fairer. In the meane tyme, tak heid that nane that is heir se it, for all the warld will knaw it, becaus for haist it was maid in yair presence.
Página 144 - And efter supper he said to me, quhen I was lenand upon him warming me at the fyre, Ze have fair going to se seik folk, zit ze cannot be sa welcum to thame as ze left sum body this day in regrait that will never be blyth quhill he se zow agane.
Página 79 - ... of forgery," says Whittaker : " that the Queen should repeat all the King's defences of himself, and should not repeat her replies to them, is contrary to every principle of the human heart. Our natural fondness for ourselves puts us constantly upon a conduct the very reverse of all this. We shorten the defences, we lengthen the replies ; or, if we are fair enough to give the full substance of the former, we are always partial enough to do the same by the latter...
Página 21 - God willing, sall ay be sic as nane sall haif occasioun t'o be offendit with thame, or to report of us any wayis bot honorably ; howsoever he, his father and thair fautoris speik , quhilkis wc knaw want na gude will to mak us haif ado, gif thair power wer equivalent to thair myndis.
Página 164 - You know very well that the injury she has received is exceeding great, and her majesty will never forget it.
Página 424 - I suppois yat all that cummis of zow proceidis not be ony of the causis foirsaid, but rather for sic as be just and ressonabill, and sic as I desyre myself. Quhilk is the fynal order that ze promysit to tak for the surctie and honorabil service of ye only uphald of my lyfe.
Página 158 - Her majesty was desirous the king should have corned along with her ; but because he liked to remain at Stirling and wait her return thither, she left him there, with intention to go towards him again, in five or six days. Meantime, while the queen was absent, the Earl of Lennox his father came to visit him at Stirling ; and having remained with him two or three days, he went his way again to Glasgow, the ordinary place of his abode. From Glasgow my Lord Lennox wrote to the queen, and acquainted...

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