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Página 38 - ... the ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to the specific heat at constant volume.
Página 313 - Behind that membrane is the cavity called the drum of the ear, this cavity being separated from the space between it and the brain by a bony partition, in which there are two orifices, the one round and the other oval. These orifices are also closed by fine membranes. Across the cavity of the drum stretches a series of four little bones : the first, called the hammer, is attached to the tympanic membrane; the second, called the anvil, is connected by a joint with the hammer ; a third little round...
Página 230 - F1g. 140. agitating the flame. The creaking of my boots sets it in violent commotion. The crumpling or tearing of a bit of paper, or the rustle of a silk dress, does the same. It is startled by the patter of a rain-drop. I hold a watch near the flame ; nobody hears its ticks ; but you all see their effect upon the flame. At every tick it falls. The winding up of the watch also produces tumult. The twitter of a distant sparrow shakes the flame down ; the note of a cricket would do the same.
Página 327 - Guide. American Illustrated Guide Book. 1 vol. Do. do., separately : 1. Eastern and Middle States, and British Provinces. 1 vol. 2. Southern and Western States, and the Territories. 1 vol. Companion Hand-Book of Travel. Arabian Nights
Página 47 - A stopcock was so constructed that it opened and shut the passage of a pipe 720 times in a second. Air from the wind-chest of an organ being allowed to pass along the pipe during the rotation of the cock, a musical sound was most smoothly uttered.
Página 37 - ... here the density being diminished, the elasticity remains the same. The velocity is directly proportional to the square root of the elasticity of the air, and inversely as the square root of the density. Sound, in fact, travels through different media with very different degrees of velocity; thus, starting with air as unity or one, the following velocities have been determined: Distilled water...
Página 231 - Her ivory forehead full of bounty brave, Like a broad table did itself dispread, For Love his lofty triumphs to engrave, ' And write the battles of his great godhead : All good and honour might therein be read; For there their dwelling was.
Página 35 - I have been able to hear very plainly the beating of a man's heart; and it is common to hear the motion of the wind to and fro in the guts and other small vessels: the stopping in the lungs is easily discovered by the wheezing, the stopping of the head by the humming and whistling noises; the slipping to and fro of the joints, in many cases by crackling and the like. As to the working or motion of the parts one amongst another, methinks I could receive encouragement from hearing the hissing noise...
Página 314 - The transmission, however, is not direct At a certain place within the labyrinth exceedingly fine elastic bristles, terminating in sharp points, grow up between the terminal nerve fibres.

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