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Antarctic islands, ancient flora of,

ii. 190.
ABERRANT groups, ii. 227.

Antechinus, ii. 219.
Abyssinia, plants of, ii. 167.

Ants attending aphides, i. 323.
Acclimatisation, i. 173.

slave-inaking instinct, i. 336.
Adoxa, i. 270.

, neuters, structure of, i. 359.
Affinities of extinct species, ii. 106. Apes, not having acquired intel-
of organic beings, ii. 225.

lectual powers, i. 282.
Agassiz, on Amblyopsis, i. 173. Aphides, attended by ants, i. 323.
-, on groups of species suddenly Aphis, developinent of, ii. 245.
appearing, ii. 88.

Apteryx, i. 218.
on prophetic forms, ii. 107. Arab horses, i. 40.

on embryological succession, Aralo-Caspian Sea, ii. 121.
ii. 120.

Archeopteryx, ii. 80.
on the Glacial period, ii. 151. Archiac, M. de, on the succession of
, on embryological characters, species, ii. 103.
ii. 210.

Artichoke, Jerusalem, i. 176.
on the latest tertiary forms, ii. Ascension, plants of, ii. 178.

Asclepias, pollen of, i. 236.
on parallelism of embryologi. | Asparagus, ii. 143.
cal development and geological | Aspicarpa, ii. 209.
succession, ii. 254.

Asses, striped, i. 198.
Alex., on pedicellariæ, i. 298.

-, improved by selection, i. 48.
Algæ of New Zealand, ii. 164. Ateuchus, i. 168.
Alligators, males, fighting, i. 108. Aucapitaine, on land-shells, ii. 187.
Alternate generations, ii. 239. Audubon, on habits of frigate-bird,
Amblyopsis, blind fish, i. 173.

i. 222.
America, North, productions allied on variation in birds' nests, i.
to those of Europe, ii. 156.

boulders and glaciers of, on heron eating seeds, ii. 176.
ii. 159.

Australia, animals of, i. 140.
South, no modern formations

dogs of, i. 328.
on west coast, ii. 61.

extinct aniinals of, ii. 121.
Ammonites, sudden extinction of,

European plants in, ii. 163.
ji. 99.

glaciers of, ii. 159.
Anagallis, sterility of, ii. 4.

Azara, on flies destroying cattle, i.
Analogy of variations, i. 197.

Ancylus, ii. 174.

Azores, flora of, ii. 149.
Andaman Islands inhabited by a
toad, ii. 182.

Animals, not domesticated from
being variable, i. 19.

Babington, Mr., on British plants,
domestic, descended from seve i. 58.
ral stocks, i. 21.

Baer, Von, standard of Highness, i.
acclimatisation of, i. 175. 151.
of Australia, i. 140.

comparison of bee and fish, ii.
with thicker fur in cold cli 118.
mates, i. 166.

embryonic similarity of the
blind, in caves, i. 172.

Vertebrata, ii. 241.
extinct, of Australia, ii. 121. Baker, Sir S., on the giraffe, i. 278.
Anomma, i. 361.

Balancement of growth, i. 182.


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Baleen, i. 285.

Bizcacha, ii. 133.
Barberry, flowers of, i. 121.

affinities of, ii. 227.
Barrande, M., on Silurian colonies, Bladder for swimming, in fish, i. 230.
ii. 90.

Blindness of cave animals, i. 170.
on the succession of species, Blyth, Mr., on distinctness of Indian
ii. 103.

cattle, i. 21.
, on parallelism of palæozoic on striped hemionus, i. 199.
formations, ii. 106.

on crossed geese, ii. 10.
-, on affinities of ancient species, Borrow, Mr., on the Spanish pointer,
ii. 108.

i. 40.
Barriers, importance of, ii. 130. Bory St. Vincent, ou Batrachians,
Bates, Mr., on mimetic butterflies, ii. 182.
ii. 222, 223, 224.

Bosquet, M., on fossil Chthamalus,
Batrachians on islands, ii. 182.

ii. 80.
Bats, how structure acquired, i. Boulders, erratic, on the Azores, ii.

distribution of, ii. 184.

Branchiæ, i. 231, 232.
Bear, catching water-insects, i. 220. of crustaceans, i. 238.
Beauty, how acquired, i. 249 ; ii. Braun, Prof., on the seeds of Fuma-

riaceæ, i. 271.
Bee, sting of, i. 255.

Brent, Mr., on house-tumblers, i.
-, queen, killing rivals, i. 256. 326.
→ Australian, extermination of, Britain, mammals of, ii. 185.
i. 93.

Broca, Prof., on Natural Selection,
Bees fertilising flowers, i. 90.

i. 265.
, hive, not sucking the red Bronn, Prof., on duration of specific
clover, i. 117.

forms, ii. 66.
Ligurian, i. 117.

various objections by, i. 265.
hive, cell-making instinct, i. | Brown, Robert, on classification, ii.

variation in habits, i. 324.

Séquard, on inherited muti-
parasitic, i. 336.

lations, i. 168.
humble, cells of, i. 343.

Busk, Mr., on the Polyzoa, i. 301.
Beetles, wingless, in Madeira, i. 169. Butterflies, mimetic, ii. 222, 223,
with deficient tarsi, i. 168.

Bentham, Mr., on British plants, i. Buzarcingues, on sterility of varie-

ties, ii. 38.
on classification, ii. 211.

Berkeley, Mr., on seeds in salt
water, ii. 142.

Cabbage, varieties of, crossed, i, 122.
Bermuda, birds of, ii. 180.

Calceolaria, ii. 7, 8.
Birds acquiring fear, i. 325.

Canary-birds, sterility of hybrids,
beauty of, i. 252.

ii. 9.
annually cross the Atlantic, ii. Cape de Verde islands, productions

of, ii. 189.
colour of, on continents, i. plants of, on mountains, ii.

footsteps and remains of, in Cape of Good Hope, plants of, i.
secondary rocks, ii. 79.

158; ii. 178.
fossil, in caves of Brazil, ii. | Carpenter, Dr., on foraminifera, ii.

of Madeira, Bermuda, and Carthamus, i. 271.
Galapagos, ii. 179, 180.

Catasetum, i. 243; ii. 216.
song of males, i. 109.

Cats, with blue eyes, deaf, i. 13.
transporting seeds, ii. 148.

variation in habits of, i. 325.
waders, ii. 175.

curling tail when going to
wingless, i. 167, 218.

spring, i. 254.

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Cattle destroying fir-trees, i. 88. Climbing plants, i. 230.

destroyed by flies in Paraguay, development of, i. 305.
i. 89.

Clover visited by bees, i. 117.
breeds of, locally extinct, i. 134. Cobites, intestine of, i. 229.

fertility of Indian and Euro Cockroach, i. 93.
pean breeds, ii. 10.

Collections, palæontological, poor,
Indian, i. 21 ; ii. 10.

ii. 58.
Cave, inhabitants of, blind, i. 170. Colour, influenced by climate, i. 165.
Cecidomyia, ii. 239.

in relation to attack by flies,
Celts, proving antiquity of man,

i. 248.
i. 21.

Columba livia, parent of domestic
Centres of Creation, ii. 135.

pigeons, i. 26.
Cephalopodæ, structures of eyes, i. Colymbetes, ii. 174.

Compensation of growth, i. 182.
development of, ii. 244. Compositæ, flowers and seeds of, i.
Cercopithecus, tail of, i. 294.

Ceroxylus laceratus, i. 284.

outer and inner florets of, i.
Cervulus, ii. 9.

Cetacea, teeth and hair, 1. 179.

male flowers of, ii. 257.
, development of the whale- | Conclusion, general, ii. 293.
bone, i. 285.

Conditions, slight changes in, fa-
Cetaceans, i. 285.

vourable to fertility, ii. 27.
Ceylon, plants of, ii. 164.

Convergence of genera, i. 156.
Chalk formation, ii. 100.

Coot, i. 222.
Characters, divergence of, i. 134. Cope, Prof., on the acceleration or

sexual, variable, i. 185, 191. retardation of the period of repro-

adaptive or analogical, ii. 218. duction, i. 232.
Charlock, i. 94.

Coral-islands, seeds drifted to, ii.
Checks, to increase, i. 83.

mutual, i. 86.

reefs, indicating movements of
Chelæ of Crustaceans, i. 300.

earth, ii. 145.
Chickens, instinctive tameness of, Corn-crake, i. 223.
i. 329.

Correlated variation in domestic
Chironomus, its asexual reproduc productions, i. 13.
tion, ii. 240.

Coryanthes, i. 241.
Chthamalinæ, ii. 59.

Creation, single centres of, ii. 135.
Chthamalus, cretacean species of, Crinum, ii. 6.
ii. 81.

Croll, Mr., on subaerial denudation,
Circumstances favourable to selec ii. 53, 56.
tion of domestic products, i. 46.

on the age of our oldest for-
to natural selection, i. 124. mations, ii. 83.
Cirripedes capable of crossing, i. 124. on alternate Glacial periods
-, carapace aborted, i. 184.

in the North and South, ii. 160.
their ovigerous frena, i. 232. Crosses, reciprocal, ii. 14.
fossil, ii. 80.

Crossing of domestic animals, in-
larvæ of, ii. 243.

portance in altering breeds, i. 23.
Claparède, Prof., on the hair-clasp advantages of, i. 119, 120.
ers of the Acaridæ, i. 239.

unfavourable to selection, i.
Clarke, Rev. W. B., on old glaciers 125.
in Australia, ii. 159.

Crüger, Dr., on Coryanthes, i. 241.
Classification, ii. 202.

Crustacea of New Zealand, ii. 164.
Clift, Mr., on the succession of types, Crustacean, blind, i. 171.
ii. 121.

air-breathers, i. 238.
Climate, effects of, in checking in- Crustaceans, their chelæ, i. 300.
crease of beings, i. 84.

Cryptocerus, i. 359.
- adaptation of, to organisms, i. Ctenomys, blind, i. 170.

Cuckoo, instinct of, i. 319, 330.

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Cunningham, Mr., on the fight of Diversification of means for same

the logger-headed duck, i. 167. general purpose, i. 240.
Currants, gratts of, ü. 19.

Division, physiological, of labour,
Currents of sea, rate of, ii. 144.

i. 139.
Cuvier, on conditions of existence, Dog, resemblance of jaw to that of
i. 320.

the Thylacinus, ii. 220.
Cuvier, on fossil monkeys, ii. 79. Dogs, hairless, with imperfect teeth,
Fred., on instinct, i. 320.

i. 14.
Cyclostoma, resisting salt water, ii. descended from several wild

stocks, i. 22.

domestic instincts of, i. 327.

inherited civilisation of, i. 327.

fertility of breeds together, ii.
Dana, Prof., on blind cave-animals, 10.
i. 172.

- of crosses, ii. 35.
- on relations of crustaceans of proportions of body in differ-
Japan, ii. 158.

ent breeds, when young, ii. 247.
on crustaceans of New Zea- Domestication, variation under, i. 7.
land, ii. 164.

Double flowers, i. 358.
Dawson, Dr., on eozoon, ii. 85. Downing, Mr., on fruit-trees in
De Candolle, Aug. Pyr., on struggle America, i. 104.
for existence, i. 77.

Dragon flies, intestines of, i. 229.
on umbellifere, i. 181.

Drift-timber, ii. 145.
on general affinities, ii. 228. Driver-ant, i. 361.

Alph., on the variability of Drones killed by other bees, i. 256.
oaks, i. 62.

Duck, domestic, wings of, reduced,
- on low plants, widely dis-

i. 12.
persed, ii. 196.

beak of, i. 285.
on widely-ranging plants be logger-headed, i. 218.
ing variable, i. 67.

Duckweed, ii. 173.
on naturalisation, i. 139. Dugong, affinities of, ii. 206.
on winged seeds, i. 181. Dung-beetles with deficient tarsi, i.

on Alpine species suddenly 168.
becoming rare, i. 210.

Dytiscus, ii. 174.
on distribution of plants with
large seeds, ii. 145.

on vegetation of Australia, ii.

Earl, Mr. W., on the Malay Archi-
on fresh-water plants, ii. 174. pelago, ii. 185.

on insular plants. ii. 178. Ears, drooping, in domestic ani-
Degradation of rocks, ii. 52.

mals, i. 13.
Denudation, rate of, ii. 54.

rudimentary, ii. 261.
of oldest rocks, ii. 85.

Earth, seeds in roots of trees, ii.
of granitic areas, ii. 64.

Development of ancient forms, ii. charged with seeds, ii. 148.

Echinodermata, their pedicel ariæ,
Devonian system, ii. 113.

i. 297.
Dianthus, fertility of crosses, ii. 13. Eciton, i. 359.
Dimorphism in plants, i. 55; ii. 29. Economy of organisation, i. 182.
Dirt on feet of birds, ii. 148.

Edentata, teeth and hair, i. 179.
Dispersal, means of, ii. 140.

fossil species of, ii. 288.
during Glacial period, ii. 151. Edwards, Milne, on physiological
Distribution, geographical, ii. 129. division of labour, i. 139.
-, means of, ii. 140.

on gradations of structure, i.
Disuse, effect of, under nature, i. 244.

on embryological characters,
Divergence of character, i. 134.

ii. 210.

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Eggs, young birds escaping from, i. Fishes, of southern hemisphere, ii.

Egypt, productions of, not modified, Flat-fish, their structure, i. 290.
i. 263.

Flight, powers of, how 'acquired, i.
Electric organs, i. 234.

Elephant, rate of increase, i. 80. Flint-tools, proving antiquity of
of Glacial period, i. 176.

man, i. 21.
Embryology, ii. 239.

Flower, Prof., on the Larynx, i. 297.
Eozoon Canadense, ii. 84.

on Halitherium, ii. 108.
Epilepsy inherited, i. 167.

on the resemblance between
Existence, struggle for, i. 75.

the jaws of the dog and Thyla-
condition of, i. 261.

cinus, ii. 220.
Extinction, as bearing on natural on the homology of the feet of
selection, i. 150.

certain marsupials, ii. 232.
of domestic varieties, i. 145. Flowers, structure of, in relation to
ii. 94.

crossing, i. 114.
Eye, structure of, i. 225.

of compositæ and umbelli-
, correction for aberration, i. 255. feræ, i. 179, 270.
Eyes, reduction in moles, i. 170.

beauty of, i. 252.

double, i. 358.

Flysch formation, destitute of or-

ganic remains, ii. 59.
Fabre, M., on hymenoptera fight- Forbes, Mr. D., on glacial action in
ing, i. 108.

the Andes, ii. 160.
on parasitic sphex, i. 336.

-, E., on colours of shells, i. 165.
on Sitaris, ii. 252.

, on abrupt range of shells in
Falconer, Dr., on naturalisation of depth, i. 210.
plants in India, i. 80.

on poorness of palæontological
on elephants and mastodons, collections, ii. 58.
ii. 113.

on continuous succession of
and Cautley, on mammals of
sub-Himalayan beds, ii. 122.

on continental extensions, ii.
Falkland Islands, wolf of, ii. 183. 140, 141.
Faults, ii. 54.

on distribution during Glacial
Faunas, marine, 131.

period, ii. 152.
Fear, instinctive, in birds, i. 329.

on parallelism in time and
Feet of birds, young molluscs ad-

space, ii. 200.
hering to, ii. 174.

Forests, changes in, in America, i.
Fertilisation variously effected, i.

241, 252.

Formation, Devonian, ii. 113.
Fertility of hybrids, ii. 6.

Cambrian, ii. 84.
from slight changes in condi- Formations, thickness of, in Britain,
tions, ii 28.

ii. 55.
of crossed varieties, ii. 34.

intermittent, ii. 69.
Fir-trees destroyed by cattle, i. 88. Formica, rufescens, i. 336.
pollen of, i. 257.

-, sanguinea, i. 338.
Fish, flying, i. 218.

flava, neuter of, i. 360.
teleostean, sudden appearance Forms, lowly organised, long en-
of, ii. 81.

during, i. 154.
-, eating seeds, ii. 146, 175. Frena, ovigerous, of cirripedes, i.

fresh-water, distribution of, 232.
ii. 172.

Fresh-water productions, dispersal
Fishes, ganoid, now confined to of, ii. 171.
fresh water, i. 130.

Fries, on species in large genera
electric organs of, i. 234. being closely allied to other spe-

ganoid, living in fresh water, cies, i. 71.
ii. 99.

Frigate-bird, i. 222.

genera, ii. 93.

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