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with the unchristened childers, wandhering ever an always in the dark land, without a ray of light to see before it until the day of judgment.'

Oh, then, I'm thankful it is not there surely,' replied Mary, 'but I must fret all the same : she was my only one, and my heart was in her.'

It's a comfort for you too,' said Mabel, 'to think it wasn't old enough to commit mortal sin, so it has no purgatory to go through as we have.'

Aileen now offered to read a description of the baby's new home, and taking out her Irish Testament, commenced the seventh of Revelations beginning at the twelfth verse.

The words of her beloved native language soon caught the young mother's ear, and rivetted her attention. She listened in astonishment, for she had never before heard the sublime language of Scripture. When Aileen ceased, she entreated her to read the chapter over again. She did so with some other passages, and the poor woman appeared far more tranquillized and soothed by this means, than by the various topics of consolation suggested by her mistaken comforters.

Next morning we resumed our journey for a short, distance, and then sought shelter in a forsaken gardenhouse. This was the most disagreeable place in which we had yet sojourned, for the odour of some old gardenroots filled the place, and in looking at the discoloured walls, and loose blocks of wood on which we sat, I discovered some holes which indicated our proximity to the rat tribe.

However, we endeavoured by conversation and gossip, to forget the disagreeabilities of our situation. Mabel alluded to the chapter which Aileen had read to the fisherman's wife, and asked her grand-daughter if she

knew why the term “ Lamb of God,” has been applied to the Saviour. I am sorry to say that Aileen was unable to reply.

See how little your new church teaches you !' said Mabel, “but since you don't know, I'll tell you how it happened that the blessed Saviour got the name. Joseph the carpenter was driving a flock of sheep before him on the road, when he spied Herod a long way off, coming as if to meet him. He knew the bad king was out hunting for the lives of the innocents, so he hid the Holy Child under his cotha more. * Herod soon came up and asked Joseph what it was he was carrying under his coat, “ Oh, its only a weakly lamb, that I am bringing home,” said the carpenter, “it's not able to walk." Then the bad king believed him and passed on, without knowing he had missed his prey. But from that day to this, the Holy Child is always called the Lamb of God.'

Such is one of the innumerable fables, which, in the absence of Holy Writ, have taken root in the minds of the uneducated poor of Connaught.

* Great coat.


THE British Lion is awake !

He struggles in his den ! Shame, shame, that he should ever quake,

Or quail to wicked men !

He slumbered--and they o'er him threw

Their galling length of chain : But he is roused-and, at the view

Becomes “ himself again!”

Where is the Lion, of the tribe

Of Judah, once his friend ? Could he his spirit yet imbibe

This treason soon should end !

Hear us, O Lord of Hosts ! 'tis thou

Can wake his mighty powers ! The crisis is approaching now ! Let victory be ours !

'Tis not with earthly foes we war,

Nor would vain strife begin ; We ask thy help to keep us far

Far from the “ Man of Sin!”

From him, who ever shut his ears,

Against thy people's cry :
And, openeth, 'gainst “the God who hears"

His mouth, in blasphemy.

Save us, dear Lord ! although so late,

We bend the suppliant knee-
Preserve us from the dreadful fate
Of those who anger thee !

Oh had we trusted in thine arm,

When wicked men assailed ;
Thou would’st have saved from outward harm,

And we had still prevailed!

Still, as, in happier days, when we

The honoured guardians stood, .
Of that which taught us to be free

Purchased with tears of blood

It was the charter of our lives

Our liberties our all-
And, whilst our love for it survives

No power can make us fall.

Scriptures of God! the way—the truth :

Th' illuminated page-
That shines—the guiding star of youth,
The comfort of our age !

A. Y.

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In every age of the Church since great Babylon first exalted herself against God, has this call been sounded, more or less audibly, until the era of the blessed Reformation, when all Europe echoed to the startling cry, and whole nations obeyed it. But the period had not then arrived which the signs of our times announce to be now at hand, when the full weight of Divine vengeance must fall on the seven-hilled city; and the great mart of all temporal and spiritual merchandize must be utterly burned with fire, "for strong is the Lord God that judgeth her.”

We have seldom been more struck than by the coincidence of the following interesting documents, with the predicted voice of warning invitation to the dwellers in Rome. It is so remarkable, that we may safely leave it to the contemplation of our readers, whose most earnest heed we request to the appeal. We shall rejoice to be the means of awakening attention and sympathy to the subject ; for it is one very nearly touching us, as a nation chosen of God to be the especial depositories of Protestant truth, the principal circulators of the Bible throughout the world :

Dear MADAM, Will you grant a space in your Magazine for the purpose of directing the attention of your readers to & plan, which combines both the claims and the interest

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