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. 17 He clothed himself with the right hand of the poor, to cursing like as with a raiment, save his soul from unrighteous and it shall come into his bowels judges. like water, and like oil into his | bones,

THE TWENTY-THIRD DAY. 18 Let it be unto him as the

MORNING PRAYER. eloak that he hath upon him, Psalm 110. Dixit Dominus. and as the girdle that he is THE LORD said unto my always girded withal.

LORD, Sit thou on my right 19 Let it thus happen from

"hand, until I make thine enemies the Lord unto mine enemies,

thy footstool. and to those that speak evil

12 The LORD shall send the against my soul. .

orod of thy power out of Sion ; 20 But deal thou with me, O

be thou ruler even in the midst Lord God, according unto thy name ; for sweet is thy mercy.

mercy: 3 In the day of thy power 21 O deliver me, for I am

shall the people offer thee freehelpless and poor, and my heart will offerings with an holy is wounded within me.

worship: the dew of thy birth 22 I go hence like the shadow

| is of the womb of the morning. that departeth, and am driven

4 The Lord sware, and will away as the grasshopper. I

not repent, Thou art a priest 23 My knees are weak through for ever after the order of Melo fasting; my flesh is dried up for want of fatness.

5 The LORD upon thy right 24 I became also a reproach hand shall wound even kings, unto them: they, that looked in the day of his wrath. upon me shaked their heads. 1


6 He shall judge among the

. He shall in 25 Help me, O LORD my heathen; he shall fill the places God; O saye me according to with the dead bodies, and smite thy mercy.

in sunder the heads over divers 26 And they shall know how

countries. that this is thy hand, and that 7 He shall drink of the brook thou, LORD, hast done it.

in the way; therefore shall he 27. Though they curse, yet lift up his head. bless thou; and let them be confounded that rise up against

Psalm 111. Confitebor tibi. me; but let thy servant rejoice. I WILL give thanks unto

28 Let mine adversaries be the Lord with my whole heart, clothed with shame ; and let secretly among the faithful, and them cover themselves with in the congregation. their own confusion, as with a 2 The works of the LORD cloak.

| are great, sought out of all them 29 As for me, I will give that have pleasure therein. great thanks unto the LORD 3 His work is worthy to be with my mouth, and praise him praised and had in honour, and among the multitude :

his righteousness endureth for 30 For he shall stand at ever.


EVENING PRAYER. I walk not; neither speak they Psalm 114. In exitu Israel. through their throat. WHEN Israel came out of 1.

of! 8 They that make them are Egypt, and the house of Jacob

on like unto them; and so are all from among the strange people,

such as put their trust in them. 2 Judah was his sanctuary,

9 But thou, house of Israel, and Israel his dominion.

Yo trust thou in the LORD ; he is 3 The sea saw that, and fled: their succour and defence.

' 10 Ye house of Aaron, put Jordan was driven back. 4 The mountains skipped:

your trust in the LORD; he is like rams, and the little hills

mine their helper and defender... like young sheep. .

11. Ye that fear the LORD, 5 What aileth thee, O thou put your

thee. O thou put your trust in the LORD; he sea, that thou fleddest ? and "S

and is their helper and defender, thou Jordan, that thou wast|

12 The LORD hath been driven back?

mindful of us, and he shall bless 6 Ye mountains, that ye

us ; even he shall bless the skipped like rams ? and ye little

house of Israel, he shall bless hills, like young sheep?

the house of Aaron. . 7 Tremble thou earth at the

13 He shall bless them that presence of the LORD; at the rear

fear the LORD, both small and presence of the God of Jacob: I great. 8 Who turned the hard rock 14 T

14 The LORD shall increase into a standing water, and the yo

he you more and more, you and flint stone into a springing well.

well your children.

"T 15 Ye are the blessed of the Psalm 115. Non nobis, Dominé. LORD, who made heaven and

NOT unto us, O LORD, not earth. unto us, but unto thy name give 16 All the whole heavens are the praise ; for thy loving the LORD's ; the earth hath he mercy, and for thy truth's sake. given to the children of men.

2 Wherefore shall the hea- 17 The dead praise not thee, then say, Where is now their O LORD, neither all they that God?

go down into silence; 3 As for our God, he is in 18 But we will praise the heaven : he hath done whatso- LORD, from this time forth for ever pleased him.

evermore. Praise the LORD. : 4 Their idols are silver and gold, even the work of men's hands.

TWENTY-FOURTH DAY. 5 They have mouths, and/ speak not; eyes have they, and


Psalm 116. Dilexi, quoniam, . 6 They have ears, and hear I AM well pleased that the not; noses have they, and smell LORD hath heard the voice of

my prayer ; .png They have hands, and 2 That he hath inclined his handle not; feet have they, and lear unto me; therefore will I



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10 All nations compassed me 24 This is the day which round about ; but in the name the Lord hath made; we will of the LORD will I destroy them. rejoice and be glad in it.

11 They kept me in on every 25 Help me now, O LORD: side, they kept me in, I say, on 0 LORD, send us now prosevery side ; but in the name of perity. the LORD will I destroy them. 26 Blessed be he that cometh

12 They came about me like in the name of the LORD: we bees, and are extinct even as have wished you good luck, ye the fire among the thorns ; for that are of the house of the in the name of the LORD will I LORD. destroy them.., ... | 27 God is the LORD, who

13 Thou hast thrust sore at hath showed us light: bind the me, that I might fall ; but the sacrifice with cords, yea, even LORD was my help.

unto the horns of the altar. 14 The Lord is my strength 28 Thou art my God, and I and my song ; and is become will thank thee; thou art my my salvation. ,

God, and I will praise thee. 15 The voice of joy and 29, 0 give thanks unto the health is in the dwellings of LORD; for he is gracious, and the righteous; the right hand his mercy endureth for ever. of the LORD bringeth mighty things to pass.

• EVENING PRAYER. 16 The right hand of the

Psalm 119. Beati immaculati. LORD hath the pre-eminence; the right hand of the LORD BLESSED are those that are bringeth mighty things to pass. undefiled in the way, and walk

17 I shall not die, but live, in the law of the LORD. and declare the works of the 2 Blessed are they that keep LORD.

? his testimonies, and seek him 18 The LORD hath chastened with their whole heart. and corrected me; but he hath 3 For they who do no wicknot given me over unto death. ledness, walk in his ways. .

19 Open me the gates of 4 Thou hast charged, that righteousness, that I may go we shall diligently keep thy into them, and give thanks unto commandments.' the LORD.

15 O that my ways were made 20 This is the gate of the so direct, that I might keep thy LORD, the righteous shall enter statutes! into it. :

. | 6 So shall I not be con21 I will thank thee; for thou founded, while I have respect hast heard me, and art become unto all thy commandments.. my salvation. .


I will thank thee with an 22 The same stone which the unfeigned heart, when I shall huilders refused, is become the have learned the judgments of head-stone in the corner. thy righteousness. "

23 This is the LORD's doing, 8 I will keep thy ceremonies; and it is marvellous in our eyes. O forsake me not utterly.

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