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PART III. 11. 2. 1 The wicked I in power have seen, And like a bay-tree fresh and green

That spreads its pleasant branches round: But he was gone as swist as thought; And, though in every place I sought,

No sign or track of him I found. 2 Observe the perfect man with care, And mark all such as upright are;

Their roughest days in peace shall end: While on the latter end of those Who dare God's sacred will oppose,

A common ruin shall attend.
3 God to the just will aid afford,
Their only safeguard is the LORD,

Their strength in time of need is he:
Because on him they still depend,
The LORD will timely succor send,
And from the wicked set them free.
· PSALM 32. C. M.

From the xxxviii. Psalm of David. 1 THY chastning wrath, O LORD, restrain,

Though I deserve it all; Nor let on me the heavy storm

Of thy displeasure fall.
2 My sins, which to a deluge swell,

My sinking head o’erflow,
And, for my feeble strength to bear,

Too vast a burden grow.
3 But, LORD, before thy searching eyes

All my desires appear;
The groanings of my burden'd soul

Have reach'd thine open ear.
4 Forsake me not, O LORD, my God,

Nor far from me depart; Make haste to my relief, O thou Who my salvation art.

PSALM 33. C. M.

From the XIXİL. Psalm of David.
1 LORD, let me know my term of days,

How soon my life will end:
The num'rous train of ills disclose,

Which this frail state attend.
2 My life, thou know'st, is but a span,

A cipher sums my years; And every man, in best estate,

But vanity appears. 3 Man, like a shadow, vainly walks,

With fruitless cares oppress'd; He heaps up wealth, but cannot tell

By whom 't will be possess’d.

4 Why then should I on worthless toys

With anxious cares attend ? On thee alone my steadfast hope

Shall ever, LORD, depend.
5 LORD, hear my cry, accept my tears,

And listen to my prayer,
Who sojourn like a stranger here,

As all my fathers were.
6 O spare me yet a little time;

My wasted strength restore, Before I vanish quite from hence,

And shall be seen no more.

PSALM 34. L. M.

From the xl. Psalm of David. 1 I WAITED meekly for the LORD,

Till he vouchsafed a kind reply; Who did his gracious ear afford,

And heard from heaven my humble cry. 2 The wonders he for me has wrought

Shall fill my mouth with songs of praise; And others, to his worship brought,

To hopes of like deliv'rance raise. 3 For blessings shall that man reward,

Who on th' Almighty Lord relies; Who treats the proud with disregard,

And hates the hypocrite's disguise. 4 Who can the wondrous works recount

Which thou, O GOD, for us hast wrought? The treasures of thy love surmount

The power of numbers, speech, and thought. 5 I've learnt that thou hast not desired

Offerings and sacrifice alone;
Nor blood of guiltless beasts required

For man's transgression to atone. 6 I therefore come—come to fulfil

The oracles thy books impart; 'Tis my delight to do thy will,

Thy law is written in my heart. ✓ In full assemblies I have told

Thy truth and righteousness at large: Nor did, thou know'st, my lips withhold

From uttering what thou gav'st in charge: 8 Nor kept within my breast confined

Thy faithfulness and saving grace; But preach'd thy love, for all design'd,

That all might that and truth embrace. 9 Then let those mercies I declared

To others, LORD, extend to me; Thy loving-kindness my reward,

Thy truth my safe protection be.

PSALM 35. C. M.

From the xli. Psalm of David.
1 HAPPY the man whose tender care

Relieves the poor distress'd!
When troubles compass him around,

The LORD shall give him rest. 2 The Lord his life, with blessings crown'd,

In safety shall prolong;
And disappoint the will of those

That seek to do him wrong. 3 If he, in languishing estate,

Oppress'd with sickness lie;
The LORD will easy make his bed,

And inward strength supply. 4 Secure of this, to thee, my God,

I thus my prayer address'd; “ LORD, for thy mercy, heal my soul,

Though I have much transgress'd.” 5 Thy tender care secures my life

From danger and disgrace;
And thou vouchsaf'st to set me still

Before thy glorious face.
6 Let therefore Israel's LORD and God

From age to age be bless'd;
And all the people's glad applause

With loud Amens express'd.

PSALM 36. C. M.

From the xlii. Psalm of David.
1 AS pants the hart for cooling streams,

When heated in the chase;
So longs my soul, O God, for thee,

And thy refreshing grace.
2 For thee, my God, the living God,

My thirsty soul doth pine;
O! when shall I behold thy face,

Thou Majesty divine ? 3 Why restless, why cast down, my soul ?

Trust God; who will employ
His aid for thee, and change these sighs

To thankful hymns of joy.
4 God of my strength, how long shall I,

Like one forgotten, mourn;
Forlorn, forsaken, and exposed

To my oppressor's scorn?
5 My heart is pierced, as with a sword,

While thus my fóes upbraid: « Vain boaster, where is now thy Gor?

And where his promised aid ?"

6 Why restless, why cast down, my soul ?

Hope still; and thou shalt sing The praise of Him who is thy God,

Thy health's eternal spring.

PSALM 37. II. 5.

From the xlii. Psalm of David. 1 AS pants the wearied hart for cooling springs,

That sinks exhausted in the summer's chase, So pants my soul for thee, great King of kings,

So thirsts to reach thy sacred dwelling place. 2 Why throb, my heart? why sink; my sadd’ning soul?

· Why droop to earth, with various woes oppress'd? My years shall yet in blissful circles roll,

And peace be yet an inmate of this breast. 3 LORD, thy sure mercies, ever in my sight,

My heart shall gladden through the tedious day; And 'midst the dark and gloomy shades of night,

To thee, my God, I 'll tune the grateful lay. 4 Why faint, my soul? why doubt JEHOVAH'S aid ?

Thy God the God of mercy still shall prove; Within his courts thy thanks shall yet be paid

Unquestion'd be his faithfulness and love!

PSALM 38. L. M.

From the xliii. Psalm of David. 1 LET me with light and truth be bless'd;

Be these my guides to lead the way, Till on Thy holy hill I rest,

And in thy sacred temple pray.
2 Then will I there fresh altars raise

To God, who is my only joy;
And well-tuned harps, with songs of praise,

Shall all my grateful hours employ.
3 Why then cast down, my soul ? and why

So much oppress'd with anxious care? On God, thy God, for aid rely,

Who will thy ruin'd state repair.

PSALM 39. C. M.

From the xlv, Psalm of David.
1 WHILE I the King's loud praise rehearse,

Indited by my heart,
My tongue is like the pen of him

That writes with ready art.
2 How matchless is thy form, O King!

Thy mouth with grace o'erflows; Because fresh blessings God on thee

Eternally bestows.

3 Gird on thy sword, most mighty prince;

And, clad in rich array,
With glorious ornaments of power,

Majestic pomp display.
4 Ride on in state, and still protect

The meek, the just, and true;
Whilst thy right hand, with swift revenge,

Does all thy foes pursue.
5 How sharp thy weapons are to them

That dare thy power despise! Down, down they fall, while through their heart

The piercing arrow flies.
6 But thy firm throne, O God, is fix'd,

For ever to endure;
Thy sceptre's sway shall always last,

By righteous laws secure.
7 Because thy heart, by justice led,

Did upright ways approve,
And hated still the crooked paths,

Where wand'ring sinners rove:
8 Therefore did God, thy God, on thee

The oil of gladness shed;
And has, above thy fellows round,

Advanced thy lofty head.

PSALM 40. II. 2.

From the xlvi. Psalm of David.
I GOD is our refuge in distress,
A present help when dangers press,

In him, undaunted, we ’ll confide;
Though earth were from her centre tost,
And mountains in the ocean lost,

Torn piece-meal by the roaring tide. 2 A gentler stream with gladness still The city of our LORD shall fill,

The royal seat of God most high :
God dwells in Sion, whose fair towers
Shall mock th' assaults of earthly powers,

While his almighty aid is nigh. 3 Submit to God's almighty sway, For him the Heathen shall obey,

And earth her sovereign LORD confess:
The God of hosts conducts our arms,
Our tower of refuge in alarms,
As to our fathers in distress.

PSALM 41. L. M.

From the xlvii. Psalm of David. 1 O ALL ye people, clap your hands,

And with triumphant voices sing: No force the mighty power withstands

Of God, the universal King.


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