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1 TO bless thy chosen race,

In mercy, LORD, incline;
And cause the brightness of thy face

On all thy saints to shine: 2 That so thy wondrous way

May through the world be known;
While distant lands their tribute pay,

And thy salvation own. 3 Let diff’ring nations join

To celebrate thy fame;
Let all the world, O LORD, combine

To'praise thy glorious Name. 4 O let them shout and sing,

With joy and pious mirth;
For thou, the righteous Judge and King

Shalt govern all the earth. 5 Let diff'ring nations join

To celebrate thy fame;
Let all the world, O LORD, combine

To praise thy glorious Name. 6 Then God upon our land

Shall constant blessings shower;
And all the world in awe shall stand

Of his resistless power.

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1 THE servants of Jehovah's will

His favor's gentle beams enjoy ;
Their upright hearts let gladness fill,

And cheerful songs their tongues employ. 2 To him your voice in anthems raise,

Jehovah's awful name he bears; In him rejoice, extol his praise,

Who rides upon high-rolling spheres. 3 His chariots numberless, his powers

Are heavenly hosts, that wait his will; His presence now fills Sion's towers,

As once it honor'd Sinai's hill, 4 Ascending high, in triumph thou

Captivity hast captive led, And on thy people didst bestow

Thy gifts and graces freely shed. 5 Even rebels shall partake thy grace,

And humble proselytes repair
To worship at thy dwelling-place,
And all the world pay homage there


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1 SAVE me, O God, from waves that roll

And press to overwhelm my soul;
With painful steps in mire I tread,

And deluges o'erflow my head, 2 O Lord, to thee I will repair

For help, with humble, timely prayer;
Relieve me from thy mercy's store,

Display thy truth's preserving power. 3 From threat'ning dangers me relieve,

And from the mire my feet retrieve;
From all my foes in safety keep,

And snatch me from the raging deep. 4 LORD, hear the humble prayer I make,

For thy transcending goodness' sake;
Relieve thy supplicant once more

From thy abounding mercy's store.
5 Reproach and grief have broke my heart,

I look'd for some to take my part,
To pity, or relieve my pain;

But look’d, alas! for both in vain. 6 With hunger pined, for food I call,

Instead of food they give ine gall;
And when with thirst my spirits sink,

They give me vinegar to drink.
7 For new afflictions they procured

For him who had thy stripes endured ;
And made the wounds thy scourge had torn
To bleed afresh with sharper scorn.

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1 My soul, howe'er distress'd and poor,

Thy strong salvation shall restore;
Thy power with songs I 'll then proclaim,

And celebrate with thanks thy Name. 2 Our God shall this more highly prize

Than herds or flocks in sacrifice;
Which humble saints with joy shall see,

And hope for like redress with me.
3 For God regards the poor's complaint,

And frees the captive from restraint;
Let heaven, earth, sea, their voices raise,
And all the world resound his praise,

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1 IN thee I put my steadfast trust,

Defend me, LORD, from shame:
Incline thine ear, and save my soul,

For righteous is thy Name.
2 Be thou my strong abiding-place,

To which I may resort :
Thy promise, LORD, is my defence,

Thou art my rock and fort.
3 My steadfast and unchanging hope

Shall on thy power depend ;
And I in grateful songs of praise

My time to come will spend.
4 Thy righteous acts and saving health

My mouth shall still declare;
Unable yet to count them all,

Though summ’d with utmost care.
5 While God vouchsafes me his support,

I'll in his strength go on;
All other righteousness disclaim,

And mention his alone. 6 Thou, LORD, hast taught me from my youth

To praise thy glorious Name;
And ever since, thy wondrous works

Have been my constant theme.
7 Therefore, with psaltery and harp,

Thy truth, O LORD, I'll praise ; To thee the God of Jacob's race,

My voice in anthems raise.
8 Then joy shall fill my mouth, and songs

Employ my cheerful voice;
My grateful soul, by thee redeem'd,

Shall in thy strength rejoice.

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I LO! bills and mountains shall bring forth

The happy fruits of peace ; Which all the land shall own to be

The work of righteousness :
2 While David's Son our needy race

Shall rule with gentle sway;
And from their humble neck shall take

Oppressive yokes away.
3 In every heart thy awful fear

Shall then be rooted fast,
As long as sun and moon endure,

Or time itself shall last.

4 He shall descend like rain, that cheers

The meadow's second birth;
Or like warm showers whose gentle drops

Refresh the thirsty earth.
5 In his blest days the just and good

Shall spring up all around;
The happy land shall every where

With endless peace abound.
6 His uncontroll'd dominion shall

From sea to sea extend;
Begin at proud Euphrates stream,

At nature's limits end.
7 To him the savage nations round

Shall bow their servile heads;
His vanquish'd foes shall lick the dust,

Where he his conquest spreads.
8 The kings of Tarshish and the isles

Shall costly presents bring;
From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,

And wealthy Saba's king.
9 To him shall every king on earth

His humble homage pay;
And diff’ring nations gladly join

To own his righteous sway. 10 For he shall set the needy free,

When they for succor cry;
Shall save the helpless and the poor,

And all their wants supply.
11 For him shall constant prayer be made

Through all his prosp'rous days:
His just dominion shall afford

A lasting theme of praise.
12 The mem’ry of his glorious Name

Through endless years shall run;
His spotless fame shall shine as bright

And lasting as the sun.
13 In him the nations of the world

Shall be completely bless'd,
And his unbounded happiness

By every tongue confess'd. 14 Then bless'd be God, the mighty LORD,

The God whom Israel fears ;
Who only wondrous in his works

Beyond compare, appears.
15 Let earth be with his glory fillid,

For ever bless his Name;
Whilst to his praise the listning world

Their glad assent proclaim.

PSALM 57. L. M.

From the lxxiii. Psalm of Davide 1 THY presence, LORD, hath me supplied,

Thou my right hand support dost give: Thou first shalt with thy counsel guide,

And then to glory me receive. 2 Whom then in heaven, but thee alone,

Have I, whose favor I require ? Throughout the spacious earth there's none,

Compared with thee, that I desire. 3 My trembling flesh and aching heart

May often fail to succor me;
But God shall inward strength impart,

And my eternal portion be.
4 For they that far from thee remove

Shall into sudden ruin fall; If after other gods they rove,

Thy vengeance shall destroy them all. 5 But as for me, 't is good and just

That I should still to God repair ; In him I always put my trust,

And will his wondrous works declare.

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